Monday, December 20, 2010

Only a Sissy

It had been a full week since I was allowed a cummie. Still being aroused every day, and being a femmy little sissy, this was very difficult for me. I got dressed everyday and went to work, of course wearing panties, stockings and bra under my business suit. And as soon as I'd get home, it was off with the suit and on with skirt, blouse and heels. Being alone all week, I would usually end each evening by creaming my panties, but as luck would have it, I had allowed myself to come under the control of Mistress Jessica.

Mistress had forbidden me another cummie after I had an accident while reading her sissy caps. She had given me an assignment to read 15 of her caps, obviously knowing that a little sissy bitch like me could never hold out that long, and . . . well, you know what happened.

I was reading about sissy faggots who try to hide how much they really just want to suck big, fat, manly cock, and being one of those pathetic little bitches myself . . . well, I find it so difficult to keep my hands off my little clitty, and the next thing I knew, I was writhing in my chair, filling my panties with gooey sissy cream. I confessed my lack of control to Mistress Jessica, and she was actually quite merciful in only punishing me for a few days.

By the time Friday came along, my little sissy nuts were aching for release, so I asked Mistress for permission to cum, but she had an assignment. As you all know, I posted the caps that she required in tribute to her superiority and asked again for permission. But rightfully so, Mistress did not allow this little sissy relief. I first had to beg my sissy sisters to plead with Mistress on my behalf.

I actually went to bed Friday night still hoping that my sissy sisters would come through for me, and the response was wonderful! Thank you my sisters. I awoke to find that my gurls had indeed gone to Mistress Jessica's blog and pleaded for Mistress to allow me to cream my panties. And wonderful Mistress Jessica granted permission with specific instructions.

I was wearing one of my favorite outfits, a simple white knit Candies skirt and white blouse, with white thigh high stockings and 5" white heels that wrap around my ankles. As I read the pleas offered by my sissy sisters, I couldn't help but get more aroused with each entry. Before I knew it, my legs were spread slightly and I was slowing caressing my little clitty through my pink lace panties. I love the feeling of softly dragging my long painted nails over my little knob, little more than a bump when soft, certainly no more than one inch long.

Of course my clitty didn't stay soft for long. I got more and more aroused with each begging post. "Please find a bit of mercy, please make it a humiliating cum" said one entry, making me squeeze my thighs together. Another begged to allow me to cum but also asked for Mistress to make "her drink it all up like the sissybitch she is," and knowing that Mistress had so commanded, I knew I would do as I was told with glee. Still another plea took it a step further, begging that I not only be forced to "suck up all the nasty cum," but that I also be made to "write about what a cum addicted faggot she is and how it feels to have to get all us limp wristed fairies to beg for her."

Well, needless to say, once I was done reading the many posts begging that I be allowed to cum, my clitty was straining against my satin panties, and the wet spot that spread darkly across the delicate fabric made it look like I had already spurted.

Fortunately, I had not filled my panties, and although that was the plea of my sissy sisters, Mistress had other plans for me. I got up from my chair, feeling like I might explode in my panties as I walked to the bedroom. The divine click of heels on hardwood, the cool air breathing under my skirt, the sight of my shapely legs extending from a short skirt, all the wonderful sensation that only sissies really ever experience -- I wanted to cum then and there, but Mistress had given me other instructions.

Once in the bedroom, and already extremely excited, I quickly grabbed a nice fat 8 inch dildo and dropped to my knees in front of the full-length mirror. I looked at the sissy bitch in the reflection and thought for an instant about what a pathetic little cunt I am, but the thought was lost an instant later when I kissed the fat head of the plastic cock, leaving a bright red lip print that screamed "SISSY FAGGOT!"

I wrapped my lips around the dildo, as I had with so many cocks in the past, and I knew I wouldn't last long. With the plastic cock forced deep down my throat, I pulled my hard clitty through the leg of my panties and started to stroke it. In even more ridiculous hair-trigger sissy style than usual, I felt my little sissy nuts tighten and knew I'd be spurting my girly cream in a matter of seconds.

Per Mistress' instructions, I took the cock from my hungry mouth and held it under my fully erect clitty. Placing the head against my tight little nuts, the head of my clit still reached only half way down the shaft of the man-size dildo. I pushed the plastic cock hard against my nutties, grabbed my clitty with my other hand and immediately started to squirt little sissy ropes of creamy jiz all over the plastic shaft.

In a frenzy, I pulled the cock away from my clit, still spewing sissy cum on the floor and hungrily took the cock in my eager mouth. Still holding my spurting clitty with one hand, I tightly wrapped my crimson lips around the plastic shaft and sucked the steamy cum against my tongue while pulling the cock from my mouth. I then pushed the suction cup base against the mirror and continued to lick and suck the dangling cock while the last drops of sissy cream oozed from my clitty.

Finally pulling away from the object of my obsession, I looked down at the floor below to see generous puddles of cum splattered about. Once again, I contemplated my situation, only for a moment, but still I couldn't escape my shame. Humilated by an Internet Mistress, I was on my knees, dressed like a whore, sucking my cum from a dildo -- and enjoying every minute of it.

Without further hesitation, I lowered my head and began sucking up every drop of cum from the floor. With a mouth full of sissy cream, I opened wide and pushed the white liquid out on my lips. I stared briefly at the woman in the mirror, the gurl with a mouth full of cum, and I released my tongue and swallowed.

This has been a completely humiliating experience. I've allowed a Mistress who I don't even know to take control of me. I've had to beg a bunch of "limp wristed fairies" to plead on my account. I've had my "millionth" orgasm dressed like a slut with either a cock or dildo in my mouth, and I've added yet another time to those countless from the past where I was left with a limp clitty and the taste of cum in my mouth.

Only a sissy, a fucking cock-craved, cum-sucking submissive little sissy bitch would ever allow herself to have this experience. But of course, only a cocksucking little sissy faggot would enjoy it and want more.

Thank you again, Mistress Jessica. And thank you my sissy sisters. May you all have equally humiliating experiences, wonderful cummies and all the cock you want for the holidays.


Friday, December 17, 2010

I Beg Your Help!

I've got myself into a mess and need your help. Please, please, please help me!

As you probably already know, I posted a tribute to Mistress Jessica earlier today. I had hoped that she would allow me to cum once she saw it, but Mistress Jessica has chosen to torment me. I am now prevented from having a cummie until 10 of you gurls go to her blog and beg on my behalf.

My clitty is hard in my panties as I write this, and I'm ready to cum. Will you please help me to have release?

Please go to Mistress Jessica's blog and enter a comment under the newest cap begging that she allow poor sissy crissi to cum in her panties.

Please help!

It will be like you're giving me an orgasm.

Oh please, please help me to cum.

I need you.


Tribute to Mistress Jessica

I don't know how I get myself into these things, but . . . well . . . yes I do. It's all because I'm such a submissive little sissy bitch. Anyway, please allow me to explain.

I'll start by saying that I absolutely love browsing around on sissy sites, seeing pictures of other pretty sissies, reading what they have to say and always paying attention to see if the rest of you gurls are as sissified and slutty as I am. I also love the websites of dominant women, especially those who don't just dominate but also feminize the little bitches who serve them (no shit, huh?).

I love sites with pretty sissy things, with beautiful women wearing sexy clothing, with round firm asses in lacey panties and shapely legs in silk stockings. I get giddy over high heels and adore full lipstick lips. Of course I love cock and pictures of nasty girls sucking cock, especially if they're nasty little sissy gurls with stiff little clitties. I love pictures and stories of sissy bitches getting fucked, of their cuckholding and submission to men and women alike.

I just love pretty much everything sissy and every website that shows it. But as much of a mincing little bitch that I am, as much as I'm totally addicted to sissyhood, I don't spend much time reading sissy captions -- that is, with the exception of those that Mistress Jessica creates.

Mistress Jessica's captions cater to sissy sluts. Her work isn't about being a pretty little innocent sissy, and it doesn't include any of the magic transformation stuff. No, Mistress Jessica understands sissy sluts, and she writes her caps to get our little clitties stiff, knowing that we have no control and will fill our panties with gooey sissy cream.

So, I guess it's no surprise that being an especially slutty little sissy bitch, I can't get enough of Mistress Jessica's captions.

And that brings me to the reason for this post: while I know of no caps that compare with those of Mistress Jessica, I have been commanded by Mistress to seek and find 10 samples from the web to lay at her feet for approval. Mistress has forbidden me from cumming until she accepts my homage.

As a devotee of her wonderful work, I have no choice but to submit to her dominance. So, these are the caps that I found. I'm not sure where each one came from, so I apologize in advance for not giving attribution. If you see your work here, first off please accept my thanks, and should you want me to post credit, just let me know.

Mistress Jessica, I humbly offer these caps for your pleasure and review:

Mistress Jessica, I submit these for your approval. I know they're not yours, but I think they are rather good. I hope you agree.

May I cum now, Mistress?

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Tribute to Xavier Duvet

Sometime ago, I did a post in tribute to Prissy and her wonderful sissy art. Prissy's work is amazing because she captures, better than anyone, what limp wristed little pansies all sissies are. Her drawings show we sissies to be ridiculous, hair-triggered little bitches who love nothing more than feeling pretty, and really just want an excuse, a strong woman to put us in our place -- on our knees with a cock in our mouths or in whatever position it takes to get a good hard pounding of our sissy asses. This is Prissy's domain, and nobody's better.

But if you're looking for real life quality artwork of the journey into being a sissy, if you want images so real and the situation so slutty that you're likely to cream your panties, then the master supreme is Xavier Duvet. His full work is available at his website at:

Here I provide a clitty wetting preview comprised of work from one of his best series, Transfrancisco. I had originally posted modified examples of Xavier's originals here, but he asked that I remove them. Fortunately, Xavier also understands how special his works are, and that I am truely motivated by love of his work and just want to share. So gurls, enjoy Xavier's generosity -- he has agreed to allow me to swap the modified works with samples of the orginals. Please share with me in thanking Xavier and please visit his website and show your appreciation.

This then is a brief look at a longer story created by Xavier Duvet, the master of sissy slut art. I hope you enjoy.

What sissy hasn't either been caught or dreams of being caught? Note the startled look on our sissy's face -- the deer in the headlights, she looks so pretty in her heels and stockings, with her little clitty nicely tucked. Also notice the gorgeous curves of a real woman -- a superior in every way.

When wife/Mistress takes control, sissies obey, secretly thrilled that their lust to be used as feminine little bitches is in the open. Xavier captures perfectly the sissy's shame and leaves no confusion about who's in charge, yet we sissies know that shame or not, this little sissy bitch is trembling with excitement of what's to come.

Sissy's wife needs help dealing with the fact that she has a sissy for a husband, so she seeks out expert help. Faces aren't important in this scene, as they would just detract from the point that these are sexy women talking about our little sissy.

The results of discovery and submission couldn't be better. Sissy's wife becomes Misress and is soon fucking our little bitch like the weak little slut she is. If this pic doesn't get your clitty wet, I don't know what will. Look at the little bitch on the bed with her ass in the air begging her Mistress for a good fucking. Stop and contemplate yourself in this position and feast your eyes on the beautiful Mistress holding her big strap-on as she makes you beg to be fucked.

Unexpectedly, things take a turn and our little sissy find that a nice ass-fucking isn't all that in store for her. Xavier show clearly that our little sissy bitch, who's looking more like a sissy whore all the time, has been transported. She finds herself in a dungeon and under very stern control.

I absolutely LOVE this frame! I can't imagine a better way to show the transformation from looking male to looking oh so feminine and pretty. Don't you just want that to be you?

But being made pretty, wearing silky thigh highs and heels, having your hair curled and your makeup done to perfection are not the end-all in becoming a sissy slut. If you're going to be a cockwhore, you need to learn to take cock. Look at the unbelieveably beautiful and seductive Mistress Nikki. What sissy wouldn't do exactly as she commands? And look at our sissy's nice round ass, her manicured fingers spreading her cheeks as she prepares to ride a nicely shaped dildo. Panties wet yet, dear?

OMG! On her knees with her little clitty as hard as can be . . . collared and leashed by a perfectly gorgeous Mistress. Sissy has come a long way. She feels feminine and looks pretty, but Mistress still keeps her without panties in order to make it obvious how much our little bitch is enjoying the treatment. It doesn't get much better than this!

And the truth is revealed. Mistress Nikki is a shemale Domme with a big shemale cock. Mistress towers above our submissive little wannabe cockslut, her cock nearly in sucking distance. It looks like our little sissy is going to become a faggot cocksucker before she thought.

Mmmm, can you take it? After choking on hard cock and having her throat fucked, sissy lays passively while Mistress takes a superior position over her. With her mouth open wide, sissy takes all the hot, sticky cum Mistress Nikki has to feed her. "Yes Mistress, feed your slave, feed me your cum!" 

I know of no hotter drawing. This is my absolute favorite. Mistress stands, looking beautiful and dominant, her shapely legs in stockings and heels, still holding sissy's leash, cum still dripping from her spent cock. And sissy . . . so submissve, half sitting, half kneeling, looking so pretty, with cum on her lips and her still hard clitty leaking sissy cream. There's no doubt sissy will be performing clean-up chores, and there's even less question how much she enjoys being a cocksucking little sissy faggot.

Thank you Xavier Duvet


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sissies Love Cock

Big wet kisses again to all you gurls who took the time to share your opinions in my last poll. This is by far my best reponse on a poll yet, and I think I knowhy. I'm absolutely delighted that 438 of you sissy bitches and sissy lovers took the time to vote. You know I always want to hear from you gurls. I want to know what makes your mouths water, what makes you feel so divinely feminine, and especially what gets your little clitties wet. I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, but I am just thrilled to know that so many of you bitches are as slutty little sissies as I am.

So, again with the results . . .

The big "news," I suppose, is really no surprise at all: as the title of this posts states -- sissies love cock. The results are unmistakable; when given the choice, 83% of you little bitches want cock. As suspected, you fucking sissy cunts are all just as cum-crazed  as this little slut. We do all love a beautiful dominant woman, but again the verdict is inescapable -- sissies are really just a bunch of pretty little cocksucking faggots.

So, here's the bare results:

It's your night and you get to choose who you're going to spend some sweet sissy time with. Who's your first choice?

141 sissies, 32% -- A good looking, muscular guy with a fat 8" cock.
075 sissies, 17% -- A beautiful dominant Mistress with a sweet juicy pussy.
084 sissies, 19% -- A sexy sister sissy slut with a nice 6" clitty.
138 sissies, 31% -- A Domme wth 7 inches of hard shemale cock.

Even though I'm a self-admitted cum-crazed cunt, I was a little surprised at how few sissies chose a dominant Mistress as their top pick. I've not met a sissy who wouldn't just love to be put into the service of a beautiful Mistress. Most of us crave the humiliation of a gorgeous woman dressing us as the luttle sluts we are. We find arousal in being made to obey our female superiors, in being forced to our knees, in kissing their feet.

What sissy wouldn't gleefully worship a strong woman. After all, they represent what we wish we could be. Looking up from our stocking covered knees, submitting to our Mistress, servicing her pussy as only a sissy can . . . it's heaven. But still it seems that many of us would not make this our first choice. I can't help but wonder if just maybe, part of the problem is that being with a hot, sexy female makes us feel just a bit less feminine.

But that's not really the big issue. Is is gurls?

No, I think as the poll results show, the real issue is that you fucking sluts need cock . . .that's it, isn't it, bitches? Most of you all want big, hard pricks stuffing your mouths and fucking your tight little sissy holes. I wonder if the results would have been different if I would have given the option of a Mistress with nice fat dildo? Tell me, you bunch of submissive little bitches, would that have made a difference? Come on you limp-wristed, panty wearing little fairies, how many of you would have changed your vote?

I'm guessing quite a few would have chosen to spread for a gorgeous Mistress with a nice, fat black plastic cock.
Only slightly more popular with you little cock-cravers was the choice of having some fun with a sister sissy slut. With only 9 more votes than a Mistress, 84 of you bitches said you would prefer an evening with sexy sissy. While I absolutely love playing with other sissies, this wouldn't have been my option of choice either. So, I think I may have some insight into why it wasn't more popular.

There's likely two issues with the sister sissy choice. The first, and most important, is probably related to the desire of most sissy gurls to be dominated. Few of us could resist running our hands over another sissy's smooth shaven skin, or carressing her satin pantied ass. Equally few could restrain themselves from wrapping their painted lips around that sweet 6 inches of sissy clitty.

Put a sister sissy in front of us, and we'll be sure to be aroused. There is no doubt. Give us a chance at some hard sissy clit, and we'll have it in the warmth of our wet mouths in a flash. But given the option, most sissies still want to be "forced" to their knees and put in their place.

There truly are few things more sweet and yummy as a hard sissy clit. But then, there is the other problem. As wonderful as it is to rub together, stockings on stockings, as delicious as a shared lipstick kiss can be, no matter how stirring the beauty of a hard sissy clit, dripping with precum, in the end, it's still a clit and it's rarely more than a mouthful.

Don't get me wrong -- I love sissy stick play. I very much enjoy even tiny little clitties that spurt right into your mouth, even when burried balls-deep. But it is all just sissy play, and it's absent the thrill and humiliation of being the submissive little cunt I am.

The runner-up choice, with 138 sissies selecting it tops, was some wonderful subservient fun with a hot shemale Domme. This being my personal favorite, I'll just share with you why.

The allure is really rather obvious. First, I just love everything female, but I'm also addicted to cock. In what other setting do we little bitches get to be with a voluptuous "woman" and also get to worship her hard, cum-filled cock?

There's nothing so thrilling as being forced to your knees by a seductive Goddess, to kiss her feet and to take in her feminine scent, knowing all the while that she will soon be feeding you her hard cock.'

"On your knees," she would command.

"Do you like my breasts, sissy?"

"Don't you wish you had them?"

Which one of us wouldn't be wetting our panties as we meekly replied, "Yes Mistress."

You see, the thing with a shemale Domme is that they're not sissies; they're dominant. They're so divinely feminine, yet they don't have little clitties -- they still have cocks, and they love to use them on submissive little sluts like you and me.

I've had precious little experience with such a Domme, but what I have had was truly wonderful. I'm obviously a little bitch gurl, but if it's at all possible, I think I'm even more of a groveling little cunt when under the control of a Domme with a dick.

I think they may be who I wish I was: strong and in control, yet graceful and feminine but with a big cock worthy of submssion and worship.

What I know is that there's nothing so intoxicating as being on my knees, holding onto stocking covered thighs,devouring a Domme's hard cock while she taunts me for being the pathetic little cum-craved sissy bitch I am.

The knowledge that we both know that I am a slave to both her beauty and her cock makes me almost cream without touch.

The top choice amongst you sissy bitches was, as suspected, being with a real man. With 141 votes, the bottom line is that not only do sissies love to swish around like limp-wristed little fairies, but at heart they're really nothing more than little cocksucking faggots is panties.

Nearly a third (32%) of you sissy bitches picked a "muscular" stud with an 8-inch cock over all other options. Now, I've already stated that this wasn't my top choice, but still I must admit that I do swoon at the site of a large, manly cock.

I understand that, as a sissy,I'm no longer a man, and I'm always willing to take my place as a cowering little cockslut. I absolutely quiver, inside and out, every time I'm in the presence of a real cock.

I don't think I'm that much different from most of you bitches. Put us in front of a real man-cock, an 8 inch or larger masterpiece, and we don't even have to be commanded to drop to our stocking covered knees.

"Please sir, may I service your wonderful cock," is all you'd hear from our lips -- right up until they were wrapped around that fat monster.

If the man understands how to dominate a sissy bitch, so much the better. They all know they're our superiors, but in my experience, few really understand what makes us tick. I know that some of you gurls like the gentle loving treatment, and I respect that. But it's not my style. I need to serve. I need to be controlled.

I am a cockwhore, and I'll lovingly worship hard cock. But I like it best when my man knows that I need to be controlled. I like to be told what to do, and I like when there's no question who's the bitch.

I am a sissy cumslut, and most of you bitches are sissy cumsluts too. As much as we all love to feel pretty and feminine, there's nothing that makes us feel more girly than to service a nice hard cock.

Whether on our knees slurping the cum out of fat prick or on our backs getting our sissy pussies slammed, we are ALL cock-craved little sissy faggots.

So, whether you chose a manly man, a Domme, sissy or Mistress, it doesn't matter. We all love being sissies, and I'm just thrilled that we're all such slutty little bitches.