Friday, February 5, 2010

Tribute to Prissy

Sorry, I know I told you all that this blog was to tell you the story of how I got where I am today. But as I wrote about that night when Sami discovered my little secret, I really started thinking. What amazed me more than anything was how quickly things changed once I was out in the "open," and how completely I caved and became the begging, mincing, clit dripping little sissy bitch I am today.

From the moment Sami walked into our room, my life was changed forever. I had never been really "manly," in our relationship, but I had not been completely submissive either. But that night, caught in panties, stockings and heels, made up like only a sissy slut would be . . . after cumming on her lap and eagerly licking up the mess, I couldn't even look at Sami.

Needless to say, I was not allowed in our bed that night. Sami refused to let me change clothes, and commanded that I sleep on the floor, at the foot of the bed, "as was fitting for such a cum sucking sissy fag . . ." I didn't even have the balls to resist. I just pulled my babydolls down, as if they'd offer much cover or warmth, and curled up into a submissive little ball of sissified satin and lace.

It is about my complete and willful submission that I want to write today. I certainly cannot speak for all sissies, but I do know that many of you share my need to be dominated, even humiliated. Now I for one was not always like that, but some deep seated need was definitely released, starting the day I first pulled a pair of panties up over my adolescent cock. And once my desire to dress and act like a slutty cockwhore was out in the open, well -- that need completely took me over.

So, I want to dedicate this blog post to paying tribute to Prissy's Sissies. There are many wonderful TG artists out there, and many of them produce drawings that are far more realistic than does Prissy. But I do believe that nobody better captures what it's like to be a truly submissive, completely feminized, limp wristed, cocksucking, cum guzzling little sissy:

I mean, what could be more true about a fucking little sissy bitch (like me) than the way our little clitties are always leaking. Dress us up, let us prance around a little, wave some cock in our faces, and BAM! Our panties are so wet with precum, they look like we've already creamed. Allow us to touch our little sissy sticks, and there will definitely be a mess to clean up -- one we, of course, so love to tend to.

And who among us wouldn't just luv to have such cute little sissy play friends, and a mummy to make sure we play nicely together? Prissy knows how much we desire a strong woman who will keep us on our stocking knees, with our panty covered asses exposed. She understands how we can't control our little clitties, and how, so long as we're kept dressed in pretty femmy clothes, we'll do anything we're told.

Try as you may, but nobody knows us better. We are a bunch of panty-wearing wimps. Of course we luv pink: what other color says, "Tiny dicked fairy" so loud and clear? I probably do spurt further when dressed in pink. Do you? I'd like for Mistress to test me, but since I have no balls, only a dripping wet little clit, I'm afraid to ask. I do know, like Prissy's little sissy here, that I can't help it -- like I said, dress me up and I'm hard; touch my hard clitty and I'm going to cream. I am a pathetic little cunt, and Prissy knows it.

These drawings are about real women who take control of submissive little panty freaks like me -- and you. They know what we want, and Prissy tells the story like no other.

Tell me, have you had sissy cock before? Have you experienced the sheer delight of a silky smooth sissy embrace, rubbing your little clitties together, stockings on stockings? Have you clenched smooth sissy ass in your hands while your painted lips were wrapped around her hard sissy cock? Well, Prissy is the divine Mistress of sissy training, and she understands your desires. She knows that if you haven't sucked sissy cock, it's only because you haven't been properly trained, and she understands that once you've tasted sweet sissy cream, you'll not be able to get enough.

Admit it gurls. We are all just a bunch of cocksucking sissy faggots. We love to be dressed like sluts and treated the same. We know that our place is on our knees, or on our backs, and who among us can resist an assertive woman. Dress us up and command that we suck cock -- well, it's really no command at all. Insist that we not squirt, and we will try, but then we are pathetic little submissive cumsluts . . . we'll cream our panties every time and then relish the punishment and do it again.

Prissy knows what makes us tick, and she captures it perfectly. Oh, to have a strong Mistress with a stable of pretty little sissies, just like us. To be tied up and "forced" to bend over while a gorgeous gurl fucks your tight little sissy pussy . . . you know you'd love it, and you know you wouldn't be able to keep from squirting. That feel of smooth stockings brushing against your own, the scent of perfume, her hands clenching your breasts, her cock filling your sissy cunt -- oh yeah, you're just like me. It wouldn't take long. You be spurting your little load, wouldn't you?

And as much as Prissy knows our training needs, she also understands that, in the end, we're just pretty little cocksucking faggots. Our training has a purpose, doesn't it? And we all know that purpose is to please, not only our Mistress, but also real men. Men with real cocks, not little clits. We've lost all claim to masculinity, and with that went our right to resist. If a man wants his cock sucked, it's our duty to take care of him. If he wants to fuck your sweet ass, then bend over and spread. Prissy knows what we bitches want!

Put a cock anywhere near us, and we've got to have it, "Yes Daddy, may I please suck your big fat cock?" More than one man? Even better . . . "Oh please Daddy, fuck your sissy! Please Master, feed me your hard meat!" It's sissy heaven!

Yes indeed, thank you Prissy. Thank you for helping me to explore what a cock loving, cum guzzling little cunt I really am.

Cummy Kisses