Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello Sissy

Hello Sissy,

You can call me Mistress Erica.

Do you like the way I look?

You wish you looked like me, don't you sweetie?

It's okay sweetheart -- I understand who you are

You can't help it that your little dicki is so small

It's okay, sweetie,

It's a sissy clitty, and it's supposed to get hard when you put on panties

I know what you want, dear

You just want to be pretty

And there's nothing wrong with that

You look lovely, dear

And I understand that you can't control your little clitty . . .

That's okay too

Sissies can never control their cummies

That's why all submissive little sissies need a strong Mistress or Master

I'll bet you'd like to be my little sissy bitch, wouldn't you?

Of course you would, dear

So, show your devotion to your superior

Get on your knees, my sweet little sissy bitch!

You feel like you belong on your knees, don't you?

Don't worry, that's natural for sissies

You're not a man . . . and you're not a woman

You're a pathetic little sissy . . . and we both know what you need . . .

Bend over now dear

Show Mistress your cute little sissy ass

Very nice!

So inviting!

But you feel empty, don't you sweetie?

All sissies need to be fucked

Do you want to be fucked, dear?

Does my little darling want a big fat cock in her tight little sissy pussy?

Of course you do, dear

Now, show Mistress how much you love her cock

Mmmm, suck that cock, bitch!

You are a nasty little slut, aren't you?


On the bed now . . . quickly slut!

Mmmm, you are quite the fuckable little cunt.

Turn over, Bitch . . .

Show Mistress your clitty

That's a good girl

So obedient

I think you want your reward . . .

Now, tell Mistress what you need

What's that? A big fat cock in your tight little pussy?

Beg for my cock, sissy

I want to hear you say it

Beg for cock, you pathetic fucking slut

That's a good girl

Mmmm, how's that feel now, sweetie

Do you like having your sissy pussy stuffed with cock?

Tell Mistress how her little sissy girl wants a nice fucking

Beg for it bitch!

Oh yeah, I can see how you like it

You love to be fucked

Don't you cunt?

Fill your fucking pussy ass with cock . . .

and you start screaming like a bitch!

Is sissy going to cum?

Not until I milk you, you faggot cunt!

Bend the fuck over!

That's it

Cum for Mistress

Spurt your little sissy clitty, bitch!

Cover my big black cock with your sticky sissy cream

Now lick me clean, you cum craved little faggot

Lick the cum from my hard cock

That's it . . . take it in your hungry fucking mouth

Lick it good

Mmm, yummy cummy

Such a good girl . . .

I just might let you have a real cock

You'd like that, wouldn't you sissy?



  1. What a lucky sissy to have such a sexy dominant Mistress!just had to cum in my panties thinking your Mistress did all those things to you!!then licked my panties clean still looking at pictures in this post!!!

  2. oh yes Mistress this sissy would love it!
    and thank you for the wonderful story!

  3. Thank you sissies, mandie, Tommi and Rita. I'm glad you enjoyed my post. Sometimes I get a little worried that I might be more of a cum-craved little sissy cockslut than anyone else, so it's always good to hear from other submissive sluts.

    mandie, you are soooo deliciously nasty -- an absolutely pathetic little sissy cunt!

  4. Wow! Very, very nice, chrissi - all of it. i can tell you were worked up to a frenzy during this post. i know the feeling. ;o)

    sissy maid diane

  5. nicely laid out. love Nylon Jane's black dildo and would love to be manipulated by her!

  6. how do you get pass the saly taste of cum

  7. what a beautiful mouth sized cock sticking out of her pretty panties--it has me leaking very tasty cum and making my mouth water.

  8. Oh, sissyfoxy -- I don't have to get past it; I savor it! I relish it! I luv it! I can never get enough cum. Maybe if ou just try to focus on what it is -- manly seed shooting from wonderful hard cock!

    And sami, I'm sooo with you Sweets. An absolutely yummy little clitty!

  9. Very nice blog:)

  10. I would be your sissy and do as you ask. I know you will find real men to fuck me hard and fill me with cum.

  11. I'm so scared to tranform but this site is helping. Thank you Mistress Eric :)

  12. I dream of being my wife's sissy