Friday, December 17, 2010

I Beg Your Help!

I've got myself into a mess and need your help. Please, please, please help me!

As you probably already know, I posted a tribute to Mistress Jessica earlier today. I had hoped that she would allow me to cum once she saw it, but Mistress Jessica has chosen to torment me. I am now prevented from having a cummie until 10 of you gurls go to her blog and beg on my behalf.

My clitty is hard in my panties as I write this, and I'm ready to cum. Will you please help me to have release?

Please go to Mistress Jessica's blog and enter a comment under the newest cap begging that she allow poor sissy crissi to cum in her panties.

Please help!

It will be like you're giving me an orgasm.

Oh please, please help me to cum.

I need you.



  1. I have asked the Mistress to have mercy on you. Try and hold off a little longer slutty sissy sister.


  2. Thank you, Jamie, thank you!

    So far I have 3 merciful sissy sisters who've pleaded for me.

    Where are you gurls?

    Kisses to you Jamie dear,

  3. Sorry sissy, but because I hae not cum for well over 21 days this time, I cannot in good conscience enable you in this way. \i will not beg your Mistress for you to have a cummie, even if it is humiliating.

    It does seem however that you have popular support from most of the other gurls and this is a democratic vote.

    With the final decision left to your Mistress it is not a true democracy though ;-)

  4. I've pleaded for you. Hope you get your 10 pleads ...
    Kisses, tanja

  5. sissy crissi, you sissy sisters have cum through for you. They all were passionate in their requests. Here is one I especially enjoyed..Mistress Jessica could you please let your sissi crissi cum and get her to drink it all up like the sissybitch she is!being a sissybitch myself i love cum and always lick up my cum,could you please let sissi crissi cum and lick her cum up?
    thankyou Mistress Jessica
    How could I deny such a request..So crissi, you may cum on your favorite dildo and then swallow every bit of cum. YOu will then post a thank you on your sissy page thanking your sissy friends and telling them how good it was. Then you will be ready for my next task wont you sissy crissi...LOL

  6. i counted enough crissi, you must have made a mess by now !!

  7. Thank you Mistress Jessica, and thank you my sissy sisters. My little sissy nuts ache no more.

    I did just as you commanded, Mistress. I pulled my clitty from my panties and covered my favorite dildo with my steamy hot sissy cream. I then licked and slurped up every last drop, swallowing every bit of cum.

    Thank you so much, Mistress, for even wasting your time with such a pathetic little sissy bitch as me. I apologize, but I won't have access to a computer the rest of this weekend, but I will complete your instructions on Monday.