Monday, December 6, 2010

A Tribute to Xavier Duvet

Sometime ago, I did a post in tribute to Prissy and her wonderful sissy art. Prissy's work is amazing because she captures, better than anyone, what limp wristed little pansies all sissies are. Her drawings show we sissies to be ridiculous, hair-triggered little bitches who love nothing more than feeling pretty, and really just want an excuse, a strong woman to put us in our place -- on our knees with a cock in our mouths or in whatever position it takes to get a good hard pounding of our sissy asses. This is Prissy's domain, and nobody's better.

But if you're looking for real life quality artwork of the journey into being a sissy, if you want images so real and the situation so slutty that you're likely to cream your panties, then the master supreme is Xavier Duvet. His full work is available at his website at:

Here I provide a clitty wetting preview comprised of work from one of his best series, Transfrancisco. I had originally posted modified examples of Xavier's originals here, but he asked that I remove them. Fortunately, Xavier also understands how special his works are, and that I am truely motivated by love of his work and just want to share. So gurls, enjoy Xavier's generosity -- he has agreed to allow me to swap the modified works with samples of the orginals. Please share with me in thanking Xavier and please visit his website and show your appreciation.

This then is a brief look at a longer story created by Xavier Duvet, the master of sissy slut art. I hope you enjoy.

What sissy hasn't either been caught or dreams of being caught? Note the startled look on our sissy's face -- the deer in the headlights, she looks so pretty in her heels and stockings, with her little clitty nicely tucked. Also notice the gorgeous curves of a real woman -- a superior in every way.

When wife/Mistress takes control, sissies obey, secretly thrilled that their lust to be used as feminine little bitches is in the open. Xavier captures perfectly the sissy's shame and leaves no confusion about who's in charge, yet we sissies know that shame or not, this little sissy bitch is trembling with excitement of what's to come.

Sissy's wife needs help dealing with the fact that she has a sissy for a husband, so she seeks out expert help. Faces aren't important in this scene, as they would just detract from the point that these are sexy women talking about our little sissy.

The results of discovery and submission couldn't be better. Sissy's wife becomes Misress and is soon fucking our little bitch like the weak little slut she is. If this pic doesn't get your clitty wet, I don't know what will. Look at the little bitch on the bed with her ass in the air begging her Mistress for a good fucking. Stop and contemplate yourself in this position and feast your eyes on the beautiful Mistress holding her big strap-on as she makes you beg to be fucked.

Unexpectedly, things take a turn and our little sissy find that a nice ass-fucking isn't all that in store for her. Xavier show clearly that our little sissy bitch, who's looking more like a sissy whore all the time, has been transported. She finds herself in a dungeon and under very stern control.

I absolutely LOVE this frame! I can't imagine a better way to show the transformation from looking male to looking oh so feminine and pretty. Don't you just want that to be you?

But being made pretty, wearing silky thigh highs and heels, having your hair curled and your makeup done to perfection are not the end-all in becoming a sissy slut. If you're going to be a cockwhore, you need to learn to take cock. Look at the unbelieveably beautiful and seductive Mistress Nikki. What sissy wouldn't do exactly as she commands? And look at our sissy's nice round ass, her manicured fingers spreading her cheeks as she prepares to ride a nicely shaped dildo. Panties wet yet, dear?

OMG! On her knees with her little clitty as hard as can be . . . collared and leashed by a perfectly gorgeous Mistress. Sissy has come a long way. She feels feminine and looks pretty, but Mistress still keeps her without panties in order to make it obvious how much our little bitch is enjoying the treatment. It doesn't get much better than this!

And the truth is revealed. Mistress Nikki is a shemale Domme with a big shemale cock. Mistress towers above our submissive little wannabe cockslut, her cock nearly in sucking distance. It looks like our little sissy is going to become a faggot cocksucker before she thought.

Mmmm, can you take it? After choking on hard cock and having her throat fucked, sissy lays passively while Mistress takes a superior position over her. With her mouth open wide, sissy takes all the hot, sticky cum Mistress Nikki has to feed her. "Yes Mistress, feed your slave, feed me your cum!" 

I know of no hotter drawing. This is my absolute favorite. Mistress stands, looking beautiful and dominant, her shapely legs in stockings and heels, still holding sissy's leash, cum still dripping from her spent cock. And sissy . . . so submissve, half sitting, half kneeling, looking so pretty, with cum on her lips and her still hard clitty leaking sissy cream. There's no doubt sissy will be performing clean-up chores, and there's even less question how much she enjoys being a cocksucking little sissy faggot.

Thank you Xavier Duvet



  1. Oh, this is such a yummy sequence of animated cells! I just love reading, and re-reading each one!

  2. yes so very hot and sexy story using Xavier Duvet drawings!!yes just had to cum in my panties just loved shemale Domme!!!!!

  3. Thank you gurls! And mandie, I had a feeling you'd be creaming your panties -- you dirty little slut!


  4. Looking back I can thank my ex for twisting my nipples every-time I was sticking the nasty thing inside of her.
    Now eighteen years later the only way I can cum is to play with my nipples.

  5. Sharon, that's interesting. I wonder if it was that first time my ex penetrated my ass with her fingers that made me need a good fucking to feel fully aroused . . .

  6. thank you for appreciating my work, but you don't have right to modified it at will (in fact this is illegal ). So please remove the images you modified and post this legal images on your website:

  7. You are SO right about Xavier Duvet crissi i remember the first time i found his work very well.
    And of course *blush* thank you for the loving panty-dampening selections!

  8. Great Job again Crissi,

    You know us very well.

  9. Thanks Michelle and Tommi, but it looks like Xavier is going to make me take thse down. It's too bad he doesn't seem to be able to appreciate a genuine tribute.


  10. Xavier,
    I'm glad you have at least some appreciation for how much I adore your work. I originally collected as much as I could find off the Internet but have since purchased a considerable amount. What I have here is a small handful presented in an honest tribute.

    I never contended that I had the "right" to modify and post these, but I had hoped that you could see that my efforts were actually advantageous for you and not detrimental.

    Since I still believe that this is true, that my 60,000-plus hits every month can only help your business, especially in view of my clear reverence for you work, I'll ask one more time that you reconder your hard position.

    I will take this post down if your response is that I must do so, but you need to understand that it will not be replaced with any links to your preview pages. It will also not include a single word of praise for your work but will instead become a post explaining how unappreciative you were toward my earnest tribute. Instead of a free advertisement from a dedicated fan, you will have a post urging that people not support your work from a former fan.

    The choice is yours. I await your response.


  11. crissi -- I like his work too.

    He does have to protect his copyright. I must agree with him on that. You may want to consider posting the original version.... or simply remove it. It's not worth having your site taken down for violating a copyright.

    I had posted one of his images that was altered by someone else. He asked me to replace it but instead I did remove the post. Quite frankly, it wasn't that he asked; it was the way he asked.

    You should post a disclaimer on your site.

    Kisses! Nikkij Madison

  12. Is there a larger version of the hypno-flash animation you have on your icon?

  13. Nikki, I hear what you're saying and I'm working with Xavier to address the issues.


  14. There may be a larger version of the animated gif, but I don't know where.

  15. Oh Crissi... Blushes and moans.... once again you made me squirt sissy cream in my pink lace panties with your post featuring Xavier .... That Man has an inate understanding of how a sissy mind works !!!!! Simply Gorgeous ...

    Hugs and cummy sissy kisses to you once again


  16. Natalie dear, you nasty little slut. You better not waste that cream, sweetie. If you can't be feeding it to me, then you damn well better be a good sissy and clean it up proper.

    Isn't Xavier just divine?

    Kisses, doll,

  17. I love all of Xavier's work ever sice I first came across them... literally. It captures every single sissy feeling of female sexuality, shame, embarrassment, and humiliation that runs through my veins...

    Great post.

  18. This was great series!
    I wish i meet a Lady like this! Someone starts only in old age. I started when i was 11. But never met the right girl!


    Still great!!


  19. Loved it - keep up the great work!

  20. I seen a lot of cartoons in my time, guyz don't dress up as broads got dat! What are you a bunch of feg fruits? Man up! There's no bra-ad going to me in dat gear! Got dat even in the world? Joe Blou got dat!

    1. Oh Joe,
      You sure seem to like my posts for a guy who doesn't seem to like fags like me. I'll bet I could change your mind. Could you resist me dropping to my stocking covered knees, and wrapping my deep red lips around your hard cock? You've never had your cock serviced until you've had a cock-craved, cum-loving sissy bitch like me worship your man meat!

      Cummy kisses,