Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sami's Turn

"Say thank you, Sweetie. You do love your treat, don't you?"

"Yes Sami. Thank you so much," I squeaked as I continued to lick her hand clean.

"Don't miss a drop," Sami teased, as she turned her palm down, offering me the cummy dribble that had spilled onto the back of her hand.

Still lost in the reverie of all that had happened and not wanting it to end, I hungrily licked her outstretched finger. She pushed it through my lips and pressed it to the back of my tongue. My lips automatically tightened around the base of her digit, and I sucked it clean as she pulled it free.

With the other hand still holding the dildo, Sami brought it to my mouth once again. She pressed it to my lips, but as I started to take it in, she slid it, first to my cheek and then under my chin. With a steady pressure, Sami then lifted my head with the plastic cock until I was looking at her. We looked into each other's eyes. She slowly shook her head, tightened her lips, and then, CRACK!

The force of her hand striking my face knocked me back off my heels and onto my butt.

"You fucking asshole!" she screamed.

"You make me fucking sick!"

"Get the fuck back up here," she yelled as she reached for me. Grabbing hold of my hair, she jerked me onto my knees. I was dumfounded by the sudden change and had no idea what was going on or what set her off.

She held my head up by my hair, so that we were again locked eye to eye, "What kind of man dresses like a whore and cums at the thought of sucking cock?"

Looking straight into my eyes, "What kind of man willingly laps up cum and then says thank you?"

I had no answer. "What kind of man?" The answer was simple -- no kind of "man." Only a submissive little sissy like me would behave this way. Only a ridiculous little panty wearing cocksucker.

"I don't know Sami. I'm so sorry . . . a man like me, I guess."

"A man like you?" she said with a laugh. Pulling even harder on my hair, "Who the fuck are you trying to kid?" she asked, not expecting an answer.

"You're not a man!"

"Men don't suck cock. They get sucked!"

"You're nothing but a little sissy faggot, a weak, feminine sissy cocksucker."

Sami let go of my hair, and I crumpled. She hadn't told me anything I didn't already know, but still the realization of all that had happened was beginning to sink in. Driven by my desire, I had allowed Sami to witness the real me. She had not only seen me wearing stockings and heels. But now, she not only knew that I liked to be made up like a whore but that I liked to suck cock like one too. She had watched as I eagerly sucked on a big plastic cock, even taken its entire length down my throat, and twice in as many days, my dear wife had watched as I sucked and savored my own cum.

What a pathetic misfit I was. I had a beautiful wife, one who any man would give his left nut to be with, and I had totally let her down.

With my eyes cast to the floor, I knelt in the shame only a sissy can know. Sitting back, my legs bent, heels tucked up under me, I looked down at myself. Even in this situation, just looking at my smooth shaven legs, all adorned in silk stockings, gave me such a twinge. As always, my little sissy clit was tucked between my legs, giving the appearance of total femininity. I drew my hands along my legs, drinking in the wonderful sensation of soft feminine thighs.

I awoke from my brief moment of being lost in my femininity and spotted Sami's pretty feet. Her toes were perfectly shaped, and the bright pink polish only accentuated their beauty. Without thinking, I bent forward and started kissing her toes.

"I'm so sorry Sami. You're right, I'm not a man," I apoligized as I pressed my lips to her foot and peppered it with kisses. "How can I ever make this up to you?" I asked, holding her delicate ankle in my hands and kissing it gently.

Sami didn't pull her foot away, which told me that she must approve, at least to some extent. So, I continued. Placing both hands on the floor, kneeling almost flat, I kissed first one foot and then the other, "I'll do anything Sami. Please forgive me."

"Lick my toes sissy," Sami ordered softly.

My kisses immediately turned to licking. I pressed my tongue between her toes and enjoyed the taste of her skin. As I mixed kisses and tongue, slavishly worshipping my wife's womanly feet, Sami pivoted around and sat on the bed. I turned to follow her, not missing a beat, and she lifted her foot.

"Suck sissy. You like to suck. Pretend it's a little cock, a little sissy cock like yours," she purred.

I took her big toe into my mouth, pressing my tongue against it as I sucked on it and then slowly released it again. I took two toes, three, into my mouth. I licked and kissed and sucked, intent on showing Sami my devotion, my total submission to her female superiority.

"Maybe there is some use for you after all," Sami cooed.

"You are an obedient bitch. I'll give you that."

"My legs sissy. Kiss my legs." And I gladly starting kissing her ankles, her calves.

"Higher sweetie. Higher now."

I could tell Sami was enjoying our scene as much as I was. She began to breath more heavily, and I took the cue to start to carress and massage her as I worked up her legs. I slid my tongue along her inner thigh and moved my hands to cup the firm cheeks of her fine ass.

"That's it bitch. You're going to make your Mistress cum. Yes."

"Burry your nose in my panties slut," she ordered.

"Do you still like pussy . . . or does only big hard cock turn you on?"

Her scent was intoxicating. It had been so long since I had tasted her juices. I wanted her pussy and I wanted it badly.

"I asked you a question, slut! Do you like pussy? Do you want to make your Mistress cum?"

"Oh yes, Sami. Yes I do. So much!"

"Hmmm, that's a good sissy," Sami said in reply. She then took a handful of my hair and pulled my face from between her legs. "But I don't want you calling me Sami anymore. I am your Mistress, and that's how you'll refer to me. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress," I replied, and she released my hair, allowing me to return my face to her lap.

"Remove my panties, sissy."

I reached up with my hand, and she slapped it down. "With your teeth bitch!" So, I did as I was told and bit down on her panties, first on one side and then on the other, slowly tugging them and pulling them down. As I got them to her knees, she lifted her leg up and slipped her foot out.

"Smell the crotch bitch. That's it. Now come and get the real thing!"

I didn't hesitate for a second. I dove straight in, spreading her lips with my fingers as I licked for her clit. She was already wet, which was a good sign, so I sucked her clitty into my mouth and gently applied my tongue to start. As Sami started writhing and moaning, I knew I was doing something right.

"That's it bitch. Suck my clitty. Make me cum, slut!"

Her gyrations increased as I frantically lashed at her most female parts. Using my tongue to lick and probe, I lavished her womanhood with all that I had.

"Your fingers, slut. Fill my pussy!" she demanded.

I placed first one finger, and then another, probing inside her moist cavity as I continued to lick and suck her swollen clit.

"Yes . . . yes . . . yes," Mistress cried, now writhing, clinching, moaning.

I knew she was close to cumming and picked up the pace to a full pussy lapping frenzy.

"Burry your face BITCH! Do it NOW!" she yelled, clamping her strong thighs around my head. She grabbed my head and forced my face into her wet pussy. I felt her shiver and squirm as she repeatedly clamped down on me. She raised her knees, pulling them toward her breast, and she squeezed, as hard as she could, at the same time pulling my face deeper with both hands.

I gladly drank her juices.

"Oh my god!" she screamed.

And she finally released me, falling back onto the bed.

"Yes, there just may be some use for you after all," she mused, her eyes closed, now lying comfortably on her back.

"Hmmm, my very own little sissy bitch slave . . ."

"Would you like that sweetie?"

"Will you be my obedient little bitch?"


Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Morning After

Sami wouldn’t allow me in “our” bed that night. She ordered me to stay dressed in my sissy frills and lay on the floor at the foot of the bed. So, like the pathetic little cunt that I am, I just did what I was told. I crawled on top of the small rug that was placed over the hardwood floor, curled my stocking covered legs up to my chest, pulled my nightie down and tried to sleep.

Of course, sleep never came. I laid, tossing and turning all night long, and when morning came, guess what? That’s right — I continued to just lay there in the fetal position, with my sorry excuse for a cock tucked between my legs. If I was any sort of man, which we all know I’m not, I would have done something. I could have gotten up. I could have taken a shower, changed . . . but no, this worthless little pantywaist sissy just laid there.

Finally, I heard Sami stir. I just continued to lie there, waiting, pretending I was asleep. After some time, Sami got out of bed and started in my direction. I closed my eyes and peeked at her through narrow slits as she rounded the corner of the bed. She turned, paused for a moment, looking at me, shook her head and headed into the bath and closed the door.

Once again I had the opportunity to take action, this time completely alone in the room. And once again I did nothing. What an utterly useless excuse for a man I had become. My wife comes home to find me dressed like a slut, my face made up like a whore, rummaging through her panty drawer. I eagerly obey her command and take my position, lying over her lap, so she can spank my sissy ass. I get so turned on that I actually start creaming, squirting all over her legs, and then without thinking I proceed to lick up my own cum. Now, still dressed like a slut, I was lying on the floor waiting to see what she would do with me. I make myself fucking sick!

I had a long wait, and plenty time to ponder where this would go. I heard water running and several indiscernible sounds, and then finally the toilet flushed, and the door opened. Sami walked straight over to me, placed her hands on her hips, “Sit the fuck up bitch,” she commanded, very matter of fact.

I did as she said and lifted myself, spinning around and tucking one heel under my butt, my other leg bent in front of me, leaning on one arm with my hand on the floor. I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing. After all, what was there to say, “I’m sorry I’m a pathetic little sissy faggot?” Again, I just waited for Sami to take the lead.

“So, what do you have to say for yourself, Chris?”

“or should I say Crissi? That’s probably more to your liking, isn’t it?”

“Er . . . a, Sami, I –“ she cut me off mid-sentence.

“Shut the fuck up bitch! There’s nothing you can say. Look at yourself. How in the fuck did I ever wind up married to a worthless piece of shit like you?”

I just hung my head.

“Cop a squat slut,” she ordered.

I guess I hesitated, which miffed her a bit. Losing patience, with authority I’d not heard from Sami before, “I said Cop a squat SLUT! Right here in front of me — like the pissing bitch we both know you are!”

I jumped this time and squatted down low, my 4 inch heels on the floor, my ass almost touching it, and my forearms resting on my stocking covered knees.

Sami made me pull the nightie back, so she could have a clear view of my “clitty,” and then just stood there staring at me, shaking her head.

“So, do you suck cock?”

I was taken back by the question, a little shocked, even though she had asked the same thing the night before.

But Sami wasn’t waiting for me to work out a response. She took two steps, stopping with her pussy inches from my face, reached out, grabbed a handful of my hair and jerked my head up to look at her. “I asked you a question, BITCH! Do you suck cock?”

“Aa, no Sami,” I responded in a whisper.

“Oh right, so you dress up like a fucking slut, wearing strappy heels, taller than most of mine — you paint your face like a prostitute, and you expect me to believe you don’t suck cock?”

“And you’re not a pansy-assed sissy either, right?”

Sami placed her fingers under my chin, lifting my face and looked straight into my eyes, “Come on Crissi, tell me the truth. I’ll bet your mouth waters at the thought of a big, fat, juicy cock . . . wouldn’t you just love to be dressed like a slut: garter, stockings, panties, with nice short skirt and high heels. Does it get you aroused to think of a real man forcing you to your knees, and feeding you his long hard cock?”

I couldn’t help myself. I knew what she was trying to do, but I was helpless to stop it. Sami let my face fall and stepped back to see my fully erect cock jutting between my smooth, silken thighs. “That’s what I thought . . . a little sissy faggot cocksucker.”

“Mmm, does that make you horny? Huh, does it sweetie? Ah, snookums, you want something to suck on, don’t you?”

Sami trotted over to the nightstand on her side of the bed and returned quickly with an 8 inch, very thick dildo. Holding it out, not far from her body, she placed it at my mouth and rubbed it on my lips.

I didn’t respond, keeping my mouth closed and the latex cock on my lips. But Sami didn’t seem to get excited, her demeanor had changed, and for lack of a better word, she was kind of being sweet to me.

“Come on sweetie, you know you want it. Kiss the nice hard cock. Show Mommy how good you are.”

And without thinking, I found myself slowly parting my lips and gently kissing the large plastic head.

“That’s it sweetie. Now lick it. Show me how you like to lick nice hard cock.”

“Now, open wide Crissi. That’s it. My little sissy loves cock, doesn’t she?”

I opened my mouth and eagerly took the make believe cock inside, just like I had so many times before. But this time, I wasn’t alone. My dear wife was feeding me cock, stuffing a huge dildo down my throat, fucking my face. And I was enjoying every minute of it.

“Oh, you are a hot little cocksucker, aren’t you,” Sami teased as she played the cock deeper and deeper down my throat. “I’m sensing some experience here slut. That’s it. That’s it. Just a little deeper . . .”

Sami grabbed the back of my head and started pumping the 8 inch shaft in and out, burying it to the hilt with each stroke.

“Jack your clit, bitch,” she commanded. “Jack that clit.”

I reached down with one hand and slowly started stroking my cock in time with Sami’s fucking my face. I was already hard, and just the touch nearly sent me over the edge. I knew I wouldn’t last long.

As my excitement grew, Sami pumped faster. “Suck that cock, bitch!” she yelled, as she stuffed it down my throat. “Oh yeah, you fucking dirty slut — suck that cock!”

"What a filthy cumsucking sissy!"

I furiously stroked my cock, gasping for air as Sami pounded "her" cock down my throat.

"That's it bitch! Stroke that clit!"

"My sissy bitch likes having her face fucked . . ."

“I'll bet you want some cum, don’t you bitch?”

“Oh yeah, suck that cock! SUCK IT BITCH!”

And suddenly, I felt Sami release the cock in my mouth and grab my throbbing prick. She stroked it twice and then pushed back hard again my balls. My nuts tightened, and I knew I was done. Sami brought up her free hand to catch my cream as it squirted from my clit. She pumped and held, pumped and held, each time filling her hand a bit more with my sticky jizz.

As my orgasm subsided, Sami released my still hard cock and pulled the dildo from my mouth. Dipping the cockhead into her hand, she stirred the cummy pool and raised the cum covered prick to my mouth.

“Here you go sweetie. Take your treat.”

I parted my lips, as Sami sensuously wiped the cum-covered cockhead from one side of my mouth to the other.

“Mmm, isn’t that good.”

All resistance was gone. I quickly opened wide and took the cock back into my mouth, tightening my lips around the shaft as it reached the back of my throat. Sami then slowly pulled the hard rod back out, as I sucked my sissy cum from the shaft.

"Sissy loves cock, doesn't she?"

"Nice cum filled cock," and my mouth was empty.

Sami replaced the dildo with her hand. “You don’t want any to go to waste . . .” she cooed, pressing her cum-filled hand to my lips. I gladly slurped up the last of my sissy cream.

“Now clean my fingers. That’s it . . . lick it all up”

"Look at you . . . mmmm . . . look at my little cumslut."