Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Troubles Begin

As you may have noticed, I've not posted anything here in months. Please believe me that it's not been because of lack of desire but rather from lack of permission. You see, back in April of last year (wow, last year!) I was a naughty gurl, or as Mistress is so fond of saying, "a selfish little cunt!" I did something that I knew was wrong, and then instead of fully correcting my bad behavior, I doubled down. I've been punished and under strict training and restrictions ever since.

Mistress has allowed me to write this post but says that this is it unless I can figure out some way to make money with my blogging. She says that "I'm her bitch," and my "writing for a bunch of sissy faggots" doesn't do her a damn bit of good. So, any ideas will be appreciated, but for now, I can at least tell you how my troubles began.

It was spring, and I had been working hard getting the house all nice and tidy for Mistress. Everything was as it should be -- I was Mistress Staci's obedient servant, doing everything and anything she asked or desired, and she rewarded my devotion by allowing me to remain in her service, even though I am a limp-wristed little cocksucking sissy. But that was all about to change.

The day started like any other day. I was working mostly from home, so I got up in the morning and prepared Mistress coffee, helped her get ready and saw her off to work. I then got myself dressed, put on a wonderfully bright yellow peasant top, with my favorite Silver skinny stretch jeans and matching neon yellow pumps. It was essentially my idea of wearing "work clothes." I had to clean out from under Mistress' bed in preparation for a mattress that was to be delivered in the afternoon.

I had long finished my chores and was enjoying a lemonade while painting my nails and watching Young and the Restless when the phone rang. It was the mattress delivery man letting me know that he would arrive within the next 30 minutes. My show had ended and I was cleaning up my mess when the doorbell rang.

I looked through the peephole and verified that it was the delivery. Then I quickly made sure my little clitty was safely tucked away and not showning, and I opened the door to let him in.

"Hi, I'm Crissi," I said, and reached out my hand to shake. I thought briefly that the yellow nail polish might actually be too much but was quickly lost swimming in the friendly eyes of the young man standing on the porch.

"Good afternoon, mam," he said politely. "My name's Ken, and I believe I have a mattress for you." He then returned my gesture, reached out his hand and shook mine. "If you don't mind me saying so, you look real fine in yellow, mam."

Needless to say, I was swooning. I could barely contain myself. I'm marginally passable at best, but this handsome guy, who couldn't possibly be a day over 25, was treating me like a lady. If he had any clue that I was actually a sissy . . . a sissy who was already drooling over the fantasy of draining his hard cock -- he showed no hint of it. He was just so cute! He was driving me crazy and didn't even know it. I could think of nothing but getting my hands on the yummy cock tucked away in his trousers.

"Well, thank you, Ken," I muttered out in the most feminine voice I could muster. I was surprised at the pleasantness of the exchange but even more pleased. I couldn't just let it drop, "You're too kind. I'll bet you always make the girls smile."

"I don't know about that," he responded in earnest. "But your new mattress sure might help make you happy. Where do you want it?"

I opened the door all the way and pointed up the staircase. "I'm really sorry, but it needs to go to the master upstairs."

"Not a problem at all, mam. We'll get you all setup right quick." Ken yelled for his partner, a Hispanic guy named Louie, and entered the doorway, brushing lightly against me as I stood holding the door open. Louie entered behind him, gave me a silent smile and showed Ken some paper on a clipboard.

"If you don't mind, we'd like to haul the old mattress out before bringing the new one up," Ken suggested.

"No problem, at the top of the stairs, first door on the right," I replied. "It's all ready for you."

The two men then headed up the stairs, and I stood watching Ken's muscular buttocks negotiate the steps before turning to close the door. I closed my eyes and imagined what virle young cock he had tucked in his pants. Enjoying my daydream, I decided to wait at the bottom (my natural position) and "man" the front door. After trips to remove the old and deliver the new foundation, I closed the door behind the men one more time as they carried the large Cal-King mattress up the winding stair.

I decided to follow them up the steps this time, watching Ken's strong forearms flex as he handled the heavy mattress. We reached the landing at the top, and I continued to walk along behind them as they made their way into the bedroom and set the mattress down in place.

"You might want to try the mattress out, Crissi," Ken suggested with a smile. "Everyone does."

Delighted at the idea, I minced over to the bed, carefully putting one foot in front of the other and moving my best "ass-et" gracefully from side to side. I could feel their eyes on me as I bent low, my round ass accentuated in my skin-tight jeans, and I gently ran my hands over the fabric topping the mattress. I pushed down and turned to look at Ken. "It's so firm," I said slowly, moving my lips to deliberately draw attention.

I crawled onto the bed, moving like a cat and making a show of each seductive pose. I watched Ken as I moved, eager to judge his reaction, and it seemed that my good fortune was continuing. He was as intent on watching me as I was him.

I spun around on the bed, crossing my legs over the edge, my hands back on the mattress, holding my breasts up as high as possible, "It's just divine," I purred as I licked my lips.

Ken immediately pulled his eyes away from mine. "Well then, I guess we better get moving," he stammered. Louie left the room and started down the stairs, and Ken stood waiting for my reply.

"Okay, well thank you," was all I said, as I slid myself off the bed.

I walked over to where Ken was standing, and he reached out his hand once again. "It was nice meeting you," he said in a cordial tone.

I took his hand, squeezed it, and stepped close, to where our bodies almost touched. I had never done anything like this before, but I was desperately aroused just by the thought of holding this young Adonis' hard cock. 

It was obvious that the moment of truth had arrived, and without thinking I drew Ken's hand in mine toward the growing bulge in his trousers. I gently brushed the back side of my hand against his crotch and whispered, "I'd sure like to thank you proper for a job well done."

Ken immediately yelled down the stairs to Louie, "Go ahead and secure the load. I'll be out when I finished the paperwork."

That was all the cue I needed. I let go of Ken's hand and went straight for his belt, which I had unfastened a moment later. I squatted down with my knees in the air and fumbled over his top button but quickly got the others loose and dropped his pants to the carpet. To my delight, he was wearing a tight satin thong that already showed that little wet spot I knew I had created.

I ran my long nails upward across the satin, gently teasing his fully loaded nut sack, and then tugged his waist band down, releasing his growing prick. "Mmm, I purred," as I held his manhood in my small feminine hand. I do so love the sight of long manicured nails on hard manflesh. I gently licked Ken's swelling cockhead and then looked up at him as I licked my lips.

Ken moaned his approval, and I opened my painted lips to fill my hungry mouth with his now nicely hard cock. A fat head with a slightly smaller shaft that was nicely veined, he had the perfect cock. It was only around 7 inches, but thick and already hard as rock.

I ran my tongue up and down it's length, thinking of nothing other than the gorgeous cock I was servicing. I took him in my mouth and then released him again to kiss the head, Ken moaning the entire time. I felt my little sissy clitty come to life in my panties and knew that I'd be creaming soon.

Holding his thick cock in one hand and his muscular ass in the other, I guided his purple head between my lips and to the back of my throat. I moved my mouth up and down along his strong shaft, grasping one cheek of his fine ass in each hand and slowly began to increase the pace.

It wasn't long before Ken grabbed hold of my hair and started fucking my face, thrusting his hips and forcing his turgid cockhead down my throat with each thrust. I just held on for dear life as the young stud made me the happiest sissy on the planet.

Ken pounded my hungry face steady, grunting the whole time. He then pulled my hair hard, forcing his cock deep down my throat, my face buried in his untrimmed pubic hair. I knew what was coming, and I delighted in the thought. I felt my own little clitty release, filling  my panties with warm sissy goo, as the stud whose cock filled my mouth pulled back and then pumped twice more before holding by head firmly in place and forcing every inch of cum filled man cock down my throat.

He held me there as he erupted inside me. He fed me so much hot jism on the first burst alone that I nearly choked. But managed to just enjoy the feeding. Ken pulled back once and then forced his cock deep again, leaving a trail of his hot cum for me to savor as my tongue massaged his rigid shaft. Load after hot steamy load shot from his manly cum cannon, and I swallowed every last drop.

As his orgasm subsided, Ken slowly began to draw his prick from my mouth, my lips wrapped tightly around the shaft to make sure I got every last drop of his yummy load. I released his buttocks, gently held his cock one more time and licked his cockhead clean. The warm mess in my panties was wet on my thighs, and I just hoped that it didn't show on my jeans but feared looking.

Ken slowly pulled his cock from my mouth, and I reluctantly relaxed my lips and let it slip away. He took a half-step backwards and bent to pull up his pants, as I dropped to my knees, afraid to stand up for fear of showing cum-stained jeans. Instead I placed my hands over my denim crotch and just looked up at Ken, the mattress delivery man.

Obviously embarrassed at what had happened, Ken fumbled with his pants and stuttered as he spoke. "Well, ah, well, thank you, mam," was all he said before turning to leave the room.

I licked my lips and replied, "The thanks are all mine, sweetie," but he was out the door before I finished the sentence. He never did the "paperwork," if indeed there was any such thing, and I've never heard or seen from him since. I heard the front door close, got up, pranced down the stairs and looked out the front window in time to see the truck drive away.

Looking down between my legs, I found that I was smart not to stand. The large wet spot down my right pant leg could easily have tipped Ken off that he had just been sucked dry by a cum-craved sissy cockslut. I wonder what he would have thought about that.

So, that is how my troubles began. Of course, the shit didn't fly until Mistress found out about my indiscretion, but then that's another story . . . the next story -- if I can figure a way to meet Mistress' demands . . .