Monday, October 25, 2010

So Many Slutty Sissies

Hugs and kisses again to all you gurls who took the time to voice your preferences in my last poll. It's again far below the number of visits on my blog, but I'm still sissi-liciously happy to receive 279 votes. I'm always interested to know what turns you sissies on, and I'm thrilled to know that so many of you really are just as slutty little sissies as I am.

So, what did the results say this time?

Well, as I suspected, 84% of you little bitches liked the same top two choces as this little slut. One other choice did get a fair number of votes, but the verdict is inescapable -- you sissies really are prone to being sluts.

Here's the bare results:

Which sissy atire do you prefer?

008 sissies, 02% -- Poodle skirt, saddle shoes and knee-highs.
097 sissies, 34% -- Pencil skirt, pumps and pantyhose.
140 sissies, 50% -- Micro-mini, 5" sandals, and thigh-highs.
034 sissies, 12% -- Ruffle butt dress, Mary Janes and ankle socks.

Obviously, the central theme this time is that most of you sissies are sluts. We all love to feel feminine -- there's no doubt there. But it seems that some of us have a bit different idea of what that means, or at least the best way to make it happen. And the erotic truth that there are far more sexy sissy whores than innocent little girls amongst you is, well . . . arousing.

But regardless of our preferred attire, we all know we're a bunch of submissive little bitches. Whether it's mummy spanking our bottoms, Mistress leading us on a leash or daddy feeding us his hard cock, we're the same limp-wristed little fairies who love to wear panties and swish around. Were sissies!

So, the attire with the fewest sissy supporters was the classic poodle skirt and saddle shoe look. I do have to admit that I find the ensemble to be just darling, but I'm guessing that for most of you sissies, it just doesn't embrace your inner slut enough.

That's certainly why I wouldn't pick this classic 1950s look. Now, for you older gurls, it may be a little nostalgic. I mean, if I had first dropped to my knees and sucked cock while dressed in bobby socks and a poodle skirt, I may appreciate the drive. But that's not the case, so for me, I just see the outfit to be cute, definitely feminine, but not really my thing.

Now, a fair number of you sissies did pick the ruffle butt dress and Mary Janes, and while it still wouldn't be my first choice, I definitely feel your desire. Personally, I don't even own a "sissy dress," but then I'm a wanton sissy whore. But I think I do understand the bliss of being a helpless little sissy girl.

After all, what could be more precious than a sissy all dressed in ruffles? Talk about swish . . . it's why I love my French maid outfits, with a full petticoat -- it's just so sissified!

And I have to admit that, while I don't own a true ruffle bottom dress, I do have my share of Rhumba panties. I do so love the ruffles. There are certainly aspects of this option that appeal to my submissive sissy nature.

Who knows, if I had given an option where the sissy dress was coupled with stockings or higher heels, it may have gained more votes. Perhaps my description was not sexy enough . . .

I would like to hear more about what you bitches think about the "traditional" sissy look, especially as compared to the sissy slut.

The choice of sissy attire finishing number two was far ahead of the ruffle butt. With 97 votes and 34% of you sissy bitches picking it, the sexy secretary outfit shows some serious support.

I have to admit that I absolutely love the feeling of walking in a tight pencil skirt. There's nothing to get you throwing your hips with your strut like wearing a slim skirt wrapped tightly around your thighs. So, this choice runs a very close second for me as well.

Although, I have to say that, while I own many pairs of pumps, I really do prefer high-heeled sandals. And pantyhose . . . well, I know they're infinitely more practical, and I love the way they smooth my thighs while also adding that sensuous silkiness, but even if a secretary or business woman, I'd much prefer my thigh-highs, with garter straps whenever possible.

You know gurls, there nothing that gets a man more interested than a little reveal.

What guy can resist a nice round ass, shaped in a tight fitting skit, with stocking tops showing . . . there's no better way to say, "I may look like business, but I'm really a fucking cock-hungry whore underneath."

Who knows, the right boss, a nice ass and some great legs, and you just might score! 

The numero uno choice amongst you sissy bitches is also my number one. I just love the fact you cunts are as shamelessly slutty as I am. Taking a full 50% of the vote, 140 of you cock-craved little bitches picked the micro-mini with thigh-high stockings and 5" strappy sandals -- my, my, you sexy little sissy cocksuckers!

You don't wear tall, strappy heels with thigh high stockings and a skirt that shows their tops unless you want what men give sluts who dress that way. The two are inseperable. Good girls dress like good girls, and sluts dress like sluts, whether their GG or TG.

So, come on bitches, tell me the truth -- you may not pick exactly the mini, stockings high heeled sandals outfit, at least not every time, but you know that you dress like whores because you're cum-craved little cocksluts just like me, right?

If you have really great legs, you might omit the stockings, once in awhile. I know that I have, and I do. Although, I do love stockings, so I don't shed them very often.

One thing you have to admit though -- at least you don't have to worry about running your stockings while you're on your knees providing cock service.

Heck, some gurls have a look that just says SLUT so loudly that it doesn't really matter what they wear. A tight fitting skirt, some nice cum-fuck-me heels, and they’re sure to wind up on their knees getting their fill of hard cock and steamy cum.

I'm a bit jealous of those gurls, because I do have to work at getting that true slut look. But I have to admire them too. Those sexy, slutty sissies who just look and move like they were born to please cock. Nice rounded asses, geat shapely legs, and big, puffy cocksucker lips . . . but then they have nothing on me once I'm dolled and ready, and once I suck his cock, there's no doubt he'll be cumming back for more.

For me, it's about getting his cock hard before we ever touch. I want him to see my stocking tops, and I want him to know that I'm going to suck the cum from his cock like never before.

I’ve had many men who just couldn't help themselves. I curl up on the couch and share my feminine allure until it's them who can't keep their hands off. They know, just by looking at me that I want them to hold my head firmly in place while they force their hard cocks down my throat. That I want them pumping a heavy load of man-cum into me.

There's no mistaking a cum-craved sissy bitch, unless she doesn't want to be discovered . . . and I always want to be discovered.

When you dress the part, you'll soon have the men you want treating you like the slut you are. I do love the sense of powerlessness and the total feeling of submission as they take control. After all, I’m here to serve. I know that this is why I exist.

I am a sissy cumslut, and thats the way I like to dress. My men will know I'm theirs to do with what they please. If he wants to just pump cum down my throat, that’s his decision. I am his bitch. But I'm going to feel like a fucking hot little sissy cunt from the time I wrap my slutty red lips around his hard cock until he's fed me his sticky load and I've cleaned his rigid manhood.

And whether he's looking down at me before I suck his cock or stripping off my skirt or dress to fuck my sissy ass, I want to still look like the hot bitch who made his cock stiff.

The way I see it is that we're all faggot bitches, and there's no sense in trying to hide it. I know that you bitches who made this choice are fucking little cum-guzzlers like me. You too love the feeling of having a big bloated cockhead filling your mouth. Your little sissy clit twitches as you feel your man tense, and when he erupts you madly start swallowing. You’re hungry for cum, otherwise you wouldn't want to dress like a cocksucking whore.

Make no mistake, I thoroughly enjoy having a cock fill my mouth with hot cum. The truth is that I just love cum. I love to suck it from Mistress’ pussy in a nice creampie; I love to have it fed to me, especially through a nice cummy kiss. But best of all is fresh and hot and mixed with hard cock.

Once I'm stripped down to my undies, my little clitty will be hard until I cream. But stripped to my lngerie or not, I want my man to have my sexy image etched into his brain. He will remember that short skirt showing of my fine ass, he'll be hard just from watching me strut my stuff. He won't be able to get enough of my shapely legs, and if I wasn't so much of a submissive little twat I have no doubt I could have him kissing my high-heeled feet or even sucking my sissy clit.

I am a sissy cumslut, and I dress like a sissy cumslut. I'm just happy that so many of you love to be slutty little bitches too.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sissy Bitches Have No Control

There I was, on my knees with my pantied ass sitting back on my my heels, my stocking covered thighs completely hidden by my petticoat and maid skirt, with my best friends cum dripping down my painted face. I had fulfilled my dream to suck a real cock, a beautifully strong and hard cock. I had become a sissy cocksucker, and I was damn good at it!

I couldn't really believe that it had finally happened, that I had at long last tasted hot jism, that I had experienced the thrill of a cock exploding in my mouth. There really is nothing else like it, so erotic, so hot, so sexy, so perfectly sissy. I opened my eyes to see Nick's still hard cock inches from my face, and I couldn't resist. I leaned forward and quickly took his manly rod into my mouth one more time.

"You cock hungry cunt!" Mistress Sami exclaimed, holding my head with a fist full of hair.

"Check this bitch out, Nick. She can't get enough of your cock."

I felt a sudden tinge of shame as Mistress stated what we could all see was true, but any negative feeling was quickly replaced with my burning desire for cock. My clitty was fat between my legs and getting still wetter by the minute, but Nick was not sharing my excitement. In spite of my mouth worship, his man meat was not responding.

"Give it up, Bitch!" Mistress commanded and pulled hard on my hair.

But I couldn't give up the cock in my mouth, hard or not. Like the cock-hungry cunt I am, I fought to keep the softening prick in my mouth. But Nick pulled back and Mistress yanked my head, and Nick's cockhead popped free from my sucking lips.

"You fucking disrespectful little cunt!" Mistress yelled loudly as she jerked me around to face her.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?"

"I've had it with you, Bitch. I arrange for Master Nick to come over and let you suck his cock, and this is the thanks I get?"

"You need to remember your place, Slut."

"Now get off your candy ass and prepare to take your punishment. Bend over the chair, Bitch!"

I didn't hesitate for a second and bounced up. Still dizzy from my widly intoxicating cock worship, I teetered over to the chair, bent over resting on my hands and waiting for Mistress. I thought, "What a miserable little twat I am," totally submissive, cum still splattered on my face, I was prepared for a spanking and still my little clitty was hard and wet.

Mistress pulled down my panties, "Does my little sissy need to be punished?" she asked.

"Yes Mistress," I quickly responded.

"Why does sissy need punishment, sissy?"

"Because sissy disobeyed her Mistress . . . I'm so sorry, Mistress," I whined.

Whack! came the paddle down on my bare ass. Whack! Whack! Three times Mistress hit my bare bottom, each seeming harder than the blow before.

"If you ever disobey me again, it will be far worse for you, Bitch!"

"Do you understand me?"

Mistress then pulled my panties back up, "Now, go apologize to Master Nick for being such a ridiculously cock-hungry bitch and sucking his cock without proper permission."

"Thank you, Mistress," I squeaked out before mincing over to Nick.

I delivered the message as instructed, "Sissy is sorry for disobeying, Master Nick,"

"Not a problem there, Crissi," Nick said with a chuckle.

"It's real obvious how much you love cock, and I think we can work with that. I don't want to deprive you," he said with a smile.

"Now turn around and let me see that freshly spanked ass of yours."

I did as I was told and turned around, bending over in front of Nick. He lifted my dress and found that not only was my ass red, but my clitty had become quite aroused.

Never missing a thing, Mistress was quick to comment, "Well, well, look at the little bitch's clit. It's as hard as I've seen it."

"It's obvious the little slut loves cock, but it looks like she likes a good spanking too."

"Isn't that right, little crissi? Does my little sissy bitch enjoy a firm spanking?"

"Answer me BITCH!" she yelled.

"Yes Mistress," was all I said.

"Stop fucking with me -- yes what, BITCH?"

"Yes, sissy likes to be spanked, Mistress. Sissy wants to always be put in her place and reminded that she serves Mistress."

"That's better slut."

Mistress then pulled down my panties to expose my naked little sissy nuts and hard clitty. She pulled back hard on my hair, until I was looking at her over my back. Reaching down with her free hand, she smeared some of Nick's cum that was still splattered on my face, wiping it over my lips. I eagerly accepted the treat and closed my lips around Mistress' finger, sucking every last drop into my hungry mouth.

"Mmmm, you cum sucking little slut," Mistress commented, through a hint of disgust.

"Hey Nick, check this bitch out. She can't get enough cum either," and they both laughed out loud.

Mistress then took another swipe across my face, but even though I reached out my tongue, I was not to receive any cummy treat. Instead, Mistress scooped up a load and brought it around and up between the smooth shaven cheeks of my ass. I next felt the cool sensation of Mistress pushing the fresh jism into my sissy pussy. First with two fingers against my entrance and then with a well-lubed penetrating finger, Mistress slowly began to play.

"Do you like that, Bitch? Do you like having man cum smeared in your sissy cunt?"

Mistress didn't need an answer, and apparently didn't really want one, as I was silent and she didn't push for a response. Instead she worked another finger in my pussy and then a third.

"Oh yeah, this bitch needs a good fucking," she said out loud what we both already knew.

I pushed back against Mistress fucking hand, enjoying both the physical and verbal stimulation.

"Hey Nicky, look at this slut's little clitty. I think she likes the idea of you fucking her. Are you ready, baby?"

Nick moved over behind me, and I became immediately more excited, thinking that I would soon feel his gorgeous cock pressing against my virgin ass. I pressed back, and Mistress' fingers pushed deeper, but then Mistress pulled back and removed her fingers.

Standing bent over, my skirt and petticoat lifted high on my back, my garter and stockings framing my exposed sissy cunt, I anxiously awaited Nick's cock in full anticipation of becoming his sissy bitch.

But his cock did not come. Instead I felt Mistress reach between my legs and wrap her hand around my hard clit.

"I don't think I've ever seen this bitch so hard. She must really wants that hard cock of yours Nick."

Mistress pulled my clitty back between my legs to show Nick my aroused state. She squeezed my shaft and pointed my little clithead down and back. I moaned with pleasure and then immedietely realized that my excitement had been allowed to go too far.

Standing behind me, with my sissy nuts and clitty pressed between her thumb and hand, I couldn't stop myself and without further hesitation started spurting my sissy cream.

All over Mistress' stockings and heels, I gushed sticky sissy cum.

Mistress yelled, "You fucking sissy cunt!" But she didn't release my clit. She actually took her free hand and shoved two fingers as far they could reach inside my still lubed sissy ass.

"Moan, you cock-craved little bitch!" Mistress squeezed with one hand while pushing deep with the other.

I pressed against Mistress' unexpected invaders and blew several more squirts of my steamy goo. Writhing wildly, I was dizzy with lust as my orgasm subsided and the spurting cream was reduced to an ooze.

Mistress squeezed my little nuts and clit hard, milking every last drop of sissy cream I had to give. She squatted to make sure I was done and then fnally released my still hard clitty and slowly removed her fingers.

Mistress stood tall once again and slapped my bare ass.

"Be thankful you have a giving Mistress, bitch," was all she said as she took a step backward.

"Now get on your fucking knees and clean up this mess before I beat your worthless ass!"

I immediately dropped to my knees to show my devotion. I kissed my Mistress' foot and thanked her profusely for her kindness.

"Thank you, Mistress. Thank you for allowing your sissy to experience such pleasure."

There on my knees, my sissy ass exposed between my garter straps, my dress still held high and away by my petticoat, I slurped the cum I had spattered from my Mistress' foot. I sucked it up from the hardwood floor, and with my best friend whose cock I had just sucked watching, I licked my sissy cream from Mistress stocking covered legs.

If there had been any doubt as to what a cum-craving little cunt I was, I'm sure it was removed as I crawled around in stockings and heels sucking and slurping every little drop I could find.