Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Sissy Loves to Serve

My heart was beating out of my smooth, bra-covered chest. But, not knowing what else to do, I slowly minced over to the entry. Looking through the peephole, I saw my best friend Nick standing on our porch.

My heart lept into my throat. "Oh my god," I thought. "What the fuck now?"

In a loud voice, Mistress Samantha called out, asking who it was. So, bent over, as if to hide, with choppy little steps, I scurried back toward the room where she waited. Holding my finger to my lips, I actually shushed Mistress, "shhhh shhhh."

"Shit," I started in a whispered voice.

"It's fucking Nick at the door. What are we going to do?"

"Well, go let him in," was all she said, and without batting an eye, she motioned for me to return to the door.

"I can't -- let him in," I pleaded, but she paid me no attention.

"Come on Samantha, this is going too far. I'm not going to open the door," I said with conviction, albeit sissy-conviction, and I folded my arms below my breasts.

"You're what?" Mistress questioned, rising from her chair.

Losing my resolve with her standing, I issued another plea, "Please Sami. Please don't make me do this."

"Very well -- fine, I'll let him in," and she started toward the door.

"Then I'm out of here," I cried, stamping my heel on the tile floor. I then turned to run from the room, but was suddenly jerked off my heels, nearly falling to the floor, as Mistress latched onto my hair and reeled me around to face her.

Holding my hair tightly in her hand, Mistress pulled me toward her, "You listen to me you little cunt. You gave up your right to argue with me the first time you filled a pair of my panties with your sissy cum. And you damn sure gave up any pretenses on being an equal partner when you begged me to fuck your faggot ass!"

Mistress then reached up under my skirt with her free hand and grabbed my sissy package, squeezing my little clitty and balls inside my panties, "You are my slave, my fucking pathetic little sissy slave. And I will not have some swishy, French maid, sissy bitch argue with me. Do you understand?"

"Answer me, BITCH -- do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," was all I said. She was right, I had totally submitted to both her and my most wanton desires. I had given up my right to protest.

"I'm sorry, Mistress," and I hung my head.

Mistress then released my little sissy nuts and loosened her grip on my hair. She brushed my tresses back with her hand and straightened and fluffed my skirt. She was so beautiful and feminine, everything I wanted to be. I tried to muster some courage, maybe just enough to walk away, but as I felt my little clitty begin to swell, I lost my nerve.

"It's alright, Crissi. Everything will be fine."

"Nick really does understand," she said kindly.

Mistress Samantha held out her hands in a vee and cradled my face. Looking me in the eyes, she revealed, "He even told me that he expected as much from you, the way you always look at his cock in the shower at the gym." She then turned and moved toward the door.

"Oh My God! FUCK!"

"Nick knows . . ." Thoughts raced through my mind. "What the fuck now?"

This had all gone way too far, but I didn't know how to stop, how to get out. "Fuck," I thought, if I was honest, I didn't know if I wanted to get out. My sissy clit now hard as rock, there was little doubt about what a ridiculous little cunt I had become.

The sound of the door opening broke me from my thoughtful trance.

"Hey, Nicky Baby," Samantha greeted our guest and ushered him through the entry.

No sooner was he through the doorway, and Nick pulled my wife to him, wrapped his arms around her and held her in a deep and sensual kiss. Sami met his embrace willfully, reaching up along his neck and running her fingers into his long dark curls. There I stood, like a deer in the headlights -- a dear dressed in a short satiny skirt with petticoats, thigh high stockings, and tall heels -- a dear whose body was shaved smooth, whose finger and toenails were painted, and who smelled like the French whore her outfit revealed her to be.

I said nothing as I watched my best friend caress and fondle my wife. His hands slowly moved from the small of her back, down they went, until they reached her stocking covered thighs. Then, drawing both hands upward, he slid them along her legs until her skirt was lifted and his hands were cupping the finely rounded cheeks of her ass. With a mild grunt he forced his hips into hers, parting her thighs with his muscular leg and squeezing her bottom with both hands.

Samantha responded in kind, lifting her leg and wrapping it around Nick's body. Her full breasts pushed tightly against his strong chest, they continued their passionate kiss as if I wasn't even there.

As if I even have to tell you, I just stood there watching, my clitty getting even harder -- a sissy -- a patheticly submissive, limp-wristed, feminine little sissy. At that moment, for the first time since this had started, I was actually so sickened at what a laughable excuse for a man I had become, that I didn't even feel sexy. I felt like a freak.

I think Sami was first to break it off. Putting both hands between their bodies, she pushed him away, "Oh Nicky, you do get carried away!" she exclaimed, almost giggling.

"Well, you look fucking hot, Sam," Nick replied and started to move in for another round.

"Oh no you don't," Sami told him, keeping him away.

At last they separated, and Nick took his eyes from Samantha. Looking around the room, he soon spotted me standing 15 feet away, just on the edge of the dining room tile.

"Woah! I mean, what the fuck? You look fucking hot too, Chris!"

"Jesus, I can't even believe it's you . . . shit!"

"Sam told me . . . but I . . . well, I didn't . . . ah . . . you do look fucking hot!"

I didn't say a word. I mean, what do you say when a guy you've known your entire life tells you that you look "hot?" How do you respond to your best friend who for the first time just saw you dressed up like a candy-ass sissy bitch? This was uncharted territory, and I was lost.

But never at a loss of words, Samantha was quick to chime in, "That was a compliment, bitch. What the fuck's the matter with you?"

"You need to thank Nick!"

Embarrassed and blushing, "Thank you, Nick," I uncomfortably replied.

"Now, show Nick what a sexy little bitch you are."

Go ahead, now's your chance, sissy. Don't disappoint me."

Thoroughly confused, lost between my desire to be a as hot and feminine as I possibly could and my natural tendency toward self-preservation, I just stood still. I knew that I was at another juncture, another decision point. I could just exit the room and refuse to cross this line. I could save some little shred, some pretense of manhood, of self-control, of self-respect -- or I could give in to the fucking little sissy cunt inside me.

Who the fuck was I trying to kid. Even as I thought about the situation, like there was a possibility of opting out, my clitty began to stir again.

Like the pathetic little wannabe slut I am, without even thinking, I pirouetted around on my heels, one hand on my hips. I stood with one knee bent, my painted nails spread covering my stocking tops. Immediately caught up in arousal, I completely stopped thinking of consequences and minced over to a nearby stool and posed, showing off my best assets for Nick's benefit.

"Oh yeah, you go girl," Sami chanted.

"You hot, sexy little cunt, you," she teased, egging me on.

The more I posed, the sexier I felt, and just like all sissies, before long I was lost in my slut delerium and completely oblivious to the fact that I was posing like a fucking whore in front of my wife and best friend.

I turned to sit on the stool, and pulled my skirt high to show my pantied crotch. Gently rubbing my swelling clit through the panties, I was getting more aroused by the minute.

"Okay, slut, pull your panties aside and show Nick what you keep tucked between you legs." If nothing else, Mistress seemed to be enjoying the teases and taunts.

"Show him your clit, Bitch!" she screamed.

So, like an obedient little twat, I turned and exposed my clitty between my legs.

"Hey Chris," Nick yelled out. "You call it a clitty, huh? You sexy little bitch!"

"That sure is a fine, fuckable ass you have there," he continued.

"Get over here, bitch. Master Nick wants to check out your ass," Mistress ordered.

And like the submissive little cunt I am, I did exactly what I was told. I trotted over to where Nick was sitting and turned for him to see my panty covered ass, up close and personal. Leaning forward, I dipped just enough for my petticoats to fully expose all of my panties.

"Like what you see, Nick?" I asked without even thinking.

Nick answered by reaching up between my legs and sliding his fingernails along the swelling clitty hidden in my panties. My heart suddenly raced at his touch, and I felt my breath nearly stop. He squeezed my ass and released, which was a relief as I felt I might cream if he continued.

"Yes, I do like what I see," Nick finally answered.

"You are quite the trampy little thing, aren't you, Chris?"

But before I could answer, Mistress chimed in, "You think this is something, just wait til you see the bitch with a cock in her mouth."

"Is that right," Nick replied, looking straight up at me.

I didn't know what to say, so I stood silent. I wasn't even sure that he wanted an answer, though he wouldn't release me from his gaze.

"Answer the man, you fucking bitch! Tell him how much you love cock!"

"Go ahead, tell him about how hard your little clit gets just from thinking about real man cock. About how you just love to wrap your lips around a hard shaft."

"Tell him, BITCH!"

I was completely humiliated, and also unbelieveably turned on. Mistress was, of course, 100% correct. But even a cock crazed sissy has some reserve; even a submissive bitch like me has some pride. But alas, neither reserve nor pride could simmer the lust between my legs. We all knew that I wanted cock anyway. It was no secret, and I wasn't going to let the opportunity slip away.

"Yes, Mistress is right," I finally admitted, and I pursed my crimson lips and blew Nick a kiss.

"Then stop fucking around. Get your cute little ass over here and make me cum," Nick commanded.

With that Nick stood up and unzipped his pants. A moment later his semi-hard cock was projecting from his fly. I stopped, mid-step, and just watched as he slowly stroked his hardening shaft.

His cock was gorgeous -- far bigger than my pathetic little clit -- with a large, beautiful head. I was entranced and licked my lips in anticipation.

"What the fuck are you waiting for, Bitch," Mistress cried out. "I want to see that cock in your mouth!"

"It's okay, Chris. We both want this," and he unfastened his pants.

Nick stood, his 8-inch cock now fully erect. He held his rigid monster in one hand as he patted the chair in front of him with the other.

"Come on, Crissi. You do want this, don't you?" he asked, glancing down and shaking his thick man meat.

I couldn't resist. I was drawn to his cock like moths to a porch light. Without thinking, I knelt in the chair. Curled up, my mouth at cock height, I took his rigid shaft in my hands. The soft skin of the helmet head felt wonderful as I kissed it. I licked the notch and slowly fed the large head past my painted lips. A moment later, my lips were wrapped tightly around his shaft, and I was, for the first time in my life, sucking a real cock.

I held on to the chair as Nick began to fuck my mouth. With every stroke, I felt my little clit strain harder against my panties. It's hard to explain the excitement I felt kneeling there, the scent of manhood filling my senses, my mouth stretching as Nick's large cock probed the back of my throat.

"Fuck that bitch," Mistress yelled. "Pound her fucking throat! Feed her your cock! Fill the slut with cum!"

Nick didn't miss a beat but slowly got up, holding my head to keep his cock buried in my hungry mouth. And like the cocksucking cunt I am, I kept my lips wrapped tightly around his rigid shaft.

I had tasted real cock, and I loved it. My mind briefly shot to what this might mean. I thought about the humiliation of being exposed as a sissy faggot, and I was afraid. I trembled but couldn't stop myself. I loved having my mouth stuffed with cock. I loved being a fucking submissive sissy bitch, and knew at that moment there was nothing I wanted more than to make Nick cum.

I dropped to my knees in front of Nick. And comfortably settled in again, Nick slowly pulled his cock from my throat. I looked up at the muscular man whose cock I now held in my hand, at my best friend, and I gently kissed his bulging cockhead.

I licked his heavily veined shaft and peppered it with kisses. Even though I had long dreamed of sucking a real man's cock, I could hardly believe how turned on I was. My clitty was madly leaking, my panties getting wetter by the minute. Taking Nick's cock back into my warm mouth, I started bobbing my head back and forth, taking all Nick had down my throat each time.

"Oh yeah, suck that cock, you fucking cunt," Mistress commanded, as if I needed to be told.

I looked over at Mistress and she may not have been as excited as I was, but with her knees up and her hand rubbing her clitty, I knew she was enjoying the scene.

Nick reached behind my head, grapsed my hair and pulled his cock from my sucking mouth. Wild with lust, I stretched my tongue out, trying to taste his man meat again.

"Oh my god, Chris," Nick started, partially out of breath. "I've never had my cock sucked like this before."

"You make one hot fucking bitch! Do you mind if I cum," Nick asked politely.

"Does she mind?" Mistress chimed in.

"What the fuck do you think the bitch wants?" Mistress continued. "Tell him, Crissi. Tell him what a fucking little cum craved cunt you are!"

"Is that right, Crissi," Nick asked, letting go of my hair.

"I'm sorry, Nick," I whined and then hesitated. "YES!" I finally exclaimed. "I want to make you cum, Nick"

"I told you the cunt was crazy for cock," Mistress added, still rubbing her clit.

I leaned forward to take Nick's beautiful cock into my mouth one last time. I licked the head and pulled away. Taking in all the manly glory of his thick hard flesh, I savored the moment. I gently pressed my lips against the large head and knew it wouldn't be long before Nick was feeding me his manly seed.

Before I could wrap my lips around his cock, Nick moved away and sat down. Already excited, I quickly crawled to where Nick sat and dropped to my knees. I looked into his eyes, which seemed soft, and Nick comforted me.

"It's okay, Crissi. We both want this. Now make me cum."

Without hesitation, I leaned forward and took my best friend's cock into my mouth again. Nick immediately grabbed my hair and started working my head up and down on his hard cock.

Kneeling there, dressed like a slut in my little maid's outfit, I felt so feminine. My breasts were pressed against Nick's legs, my stocking thighs exposed, my hands behind my back. For a brief moment, I wasn't a sissy. I was a beautiful woman, and I was about to make my man cum.

Nick was obviously as turned on as I was. Because it didn't take long before he picked up the pace.

Panting, Nick started sensually coaxing me on, "Oh yeah, suck my cock, bitch."

"You're going to make me cum, you fucking sissy cocksucker!"

"You fucking cunt," Nick grunted loudly. I felt him freeze for a second, and I knew he was about to make me his bitch.

I greedily swallowed all 8 inches of his precious prick and waited for his load.

"I'm cumming," Nick yelled, and I felt his sticky payload erupt deep in his manly nuts.

Nick held his cock buried deep in my throat as I felt the first blast of hot cum explode. He then released his grip a bit, and shot his second blast into my hungry mouth. I nearly came myself, as I got my first real taste of cum. It was beyond my wildest dreams.

There is nothing that compares with the feeling of having a living cock erupt inside you. Sucking the cum from Nick's gorgeous prick, I knew at that moment I would gladly suck every cock I could.

Nick spasmed again and try as I might, I couldn't swallow the massive volume of hot creamy cum fast enough. With my best friend's fresh jism squirting out around his cock, he pushed me away and held his cockhead at my lips.

I tried to take him back inside my mouth, but Mistress grabbed my hair and kept me pushed away.

"I want to see the bitch covered in cum," Mistress exclaimed.

Nick obliged, dumping the rest of his hot load on my pretty face. And to tell the truth, I think I enjoyed being marked as much as I loved being filled.

With the taste of fresh cum on my lips and the scent of man on my face, I slavishly licked Nick's cock. His sticky cum was dripping down my face, and I couldn't even open my eyes. But it didn't matter.

I had made a man cum. Dressed like a fucking slut, with panties, stockings, and heels, looking so pretty and feeling so feminine, I had sucked Nick's cock, and I had brought him to orgasm.

There was no going back now, no mistake about it. I was no longer just a sissy. I was a sissy cocksucker, a cumslut. As Nick's orgasm subsided, I delicately sucked his cum into my mouth and savored my reward.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sissies are Maid to Serve

Ready to serve, but quietly awaiting her instruction, I stood by while Mistress sipped her drink. Even after spending the entire day working as a maid to my Mistress, I still felt oh-so deliciously frilled and feminine. There really is nothing else quite like wearing a French maid uniform with thigh high stockings exposed under a full petticoat filled skirt and apron. With limp wrists and anticipation, this sissy dreamed of what Mistress had planned for the evening while patiently waiting for her next command.

When Mistress fininshed, she got up abruptly, handed me her empty glass, and moved toward the stairs.

"I'm going to freshen up, sissy. You will tidy up this mess," and with that she swayed out of the room, her fine round ass moving briskly from side to side as she strutted away. Turning at the foot of the stairs, Mistress added, "Oh sissy, when you're done make something to eat. You know, you're a far better sissy maid than you ever were a husband -- I just might keep you."

I just stood, thinking about Mistress' words.

"You're dismissed. Now run along," she commanded, her control emphasized with the sweeping gesture of her hand. Mistress then walked slowly up the stairs not looking back, and I trotted off to the kitchen with her empty glass in hand.

Making something to eat was defintely not in my comfort zone, but I knew I had but one chance to please Mistress, so I would do my best. After quickly putting away the liquor, I added Mistress' glass to the dishwasher but I didn't run it. Mistress was very particular about wasting water and energy.

Wanting to be the best sissy maid I could possibly be, I turned to go cook something . . .

I really had no talent in this area, but I was open to learning. I had watched Samantha in the kitchen before, usually paying much more attention to her fine round ass or high-heeled feet than whatever was on the cooktop, but I had also helped from time to time.

I decided to start with something in the oven, a dessert. It was something I knew I could do, so I doled out the cookie dough and put the sheet in the oven.

The main course would not be so easy. But, for better or for worse, I decided to make the one thing that I had cooked before, omlettes. I cut everything up and got it ready so that when Mistress came down I'd be ready. I also set the table, and then, midly pleased with myself, I returned to the bedroom to assist Mistress.

When I arrived in the bedroom, Mistress was just finishing her preparations. "Come here, Crissi," she said, gesturing for me to come near. "Is dinner ready?"

"It's minutes away, Mistress. I was just waiting to serve you."

"Oh, such a good girl. Go get things ready then; I'll be right down."

I rushed back down the stairs and quickly finished the meal. Swishing and swaying, I was filled with excitement as I served my first home prepared meal to my Mistress.

"Thank you, Sissy," was all Mistress said as she started to eat. She then looked up at me, as if to ask why I was still standing there. I responded by quietly turning and mincing back to the kitchen.

But I didn't eat. My tummy was nervous, no doubt from the tension of pleasing Mistress. Instead I lifted myself up and sat on the counter, my skirt pulling back to further expose my stockings and garter straps. I felt so feminine sitting there, so girlie. My heart immediately beat faster as I ran my soft hands along my silken thighs. My breath shortened and I felt the inevitable swelling of my clitty.

Of course, being a pathetic little sissy, I couldn't resist the temptation, and a moment later had my panties pulled to the side. I just sat there, one room away from Mistress, enthralled with the feeling of feminine satin, engaged by the site of my stocking tops and heels, and I slowly started stroking my little clitty.

"Sissy . . . come here, sissy," Mistress beckoned me back to the dining room.

I firmly squeezed the head of my hardening clit, as I attempted to conceal it again between my legs. I straightened my panties, smoothed my skirt and tried to regain my composure before I approached Mistress.

"You've done well today," Mistress began. She then sat back in her chair and gestured with both hands for me to clear her plate. I moved immediately to tend to her need.

Reaching out, Mistress clasped my hand and held it in both of hers, "You know, Crissi, where you completely fail as a male lover, you really are quite the efficient and attentive little sissy," and she kissed my hand.

To say I was surprised is a gross understatement. I just stood there for a moment, thinking about all her words meant. I was in heaven, feeling so sexy and feminine, a French maid in high heels and stockings. I also felt pride that she saw value in me, but as sexy as I felt, as much as I loved being a fucking frilly bitch -- I was also troubled that I was so pathetic as a man.

Caught up in my inner thoughts, I turned, still pondering my situation. As I walked toward the kitchen, I wondered what Mistress Samantha really thought. I tried to envision where our relationship was leading. Lost in contemplation, I was absent minded when suddenly the doorbell rang and woke me from my inner world.

"Oh my God," I thought, my heart already racing, my hands starting to shake.

"Get the door, Crissi," Mistress comanded from the other room.

In my first show of anything more than total submission, I briskly slid back into the dining room. "I can't get the door," I pleaded. It wasn't anything resembling strength, but I was speaking up -- even though it was out of pure fear.

"Please Mistress, don't make me do this," I begged.

But Mistress was not in a lenient mood. "Listen you little bitch," she started. "You're either here to please me or you're not. Now which is it?"

"You know I want to please you, Mistress."

"Then please me, BITCH!" she said plainly getting irritated.

Ring . . . ring -- the doorbell sounded again.

"Get the fucking door!" she commanded.