Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello Sissy

Hello Sissy,

You can call me Mistress Erica.

Do you like the way I look?

You wish you looked like me, don't you sweetie?

It's okay sweetheart -- I understand who you are

You can't help it that your little dicki is so small

It's okay, sweetie,

It's a sissy clitty, and it's supposed to get hard when you put on panties

I know what you want, dear

You just want to be pretty

And there's nothing wrong with that

You look lovely, dear

And I understand that you can't control your little clitty . . .

That's okay too

Sissies can never control their cummies

That's why all submissive little sissies need a strong Mistress or Master

I'll bet you'd like to be my little sissy bitch, wouldn't you?

Of course you would, dear

So, show your devotion to your superior

Get on your knees, my sweet little sissy bitch!

You feel like you belong on your knees, don't you?

Don't worry, that's natural for sissies

You're not a man . . . and you're not a woman

You're a pathetic little sissy . . . and we both know what you need . . .

Bend over now dear

Show Mistress your cute little sissy ass

Very nice!

So inviting!

But you feel empty, don't you sweetie?

All sissies need to be fucked

Do you want to be fucked, dear?

Does my little darling want a big fat cock in her tight little sissy pussy?

Of course you do, dear

Now, show Mistress how much you love her cock

Mmmm, suck that cock, bitch!

You are a nasty little slut, aren't you?


On the bed now . . . quickly slut!

Mmmm, you are quite the fuckable little cunt.

Turn over, Bitch . . .

Show Mistress your clitty

That's a good girl

So obedient

I think you want your reward . . .

Now, tell Mistress what you need

What's that? A big fat cock in your tight little pussy?

Beg for my cock, sissy

I want to hear you say it

Beg for cock, you pathetic fucking slut

That's a good girl

Mmmm, how's that feel now, sweetie

Do you like having your sissy pussy stuffed with cock?

Tell Mistress how her little sissy girl wants a nice fucking

Beg for it bitch!

Oh yeah, I can see how you like it

You love to be fucked

Don't you cunt?

Fill your fucking pussy ass with cock . . .

and you start screaming like a bitch!

Is sissy going to cum?

Not until I milk you, you faggot cunt!

Bend the fuck over!

That's it

Cum for Mistress

Spurt your little sissy clitty, bitch!

Cover my big black cock with your sticky sissy cream

Now lick me clean, you cum craved little faggot

Lick the cum from my hard cock

That's it . . . take it in your hungry fucking mouth

Lick it good

Mmm, yummy cummy

Such a good girl . . .

I just might let you have a real cock

You'd like that, wouldn't you sissy?


Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Sissy is her Mistress' Bitch

Once again, I rushed home on Friday, quickly girlified myself and set about dutifully tending to chores in preparation for Mistress' arrival. But I soon received a phone call -- Mistress would be late, and I was to change into a new outfit.

I had no idea what she was up to, nor did I have the courage to ask. So, I replaced the uniform I was wearing with a cute white skirt, one with a fringed hem and layers of delicate lace. Mistress had specified the skirt and a complimentary white satin top, with thin sleeves and a tight clingy fit. I dressed as instructed, slipped on the ankle wrapped 4 inch heels as I was told, took some time to paint my nails, freshen my makeup and continued with my chores as I waited for Mistress.

After considerable waiting, Mistress finally pulled into the driveway. I met her at the door and handed her a drink, which she took, but she then pushed past me and headed up the stairs carrying a bag.

"Wait here, sissy," was all she said.

After what seemed an eternity, Mistress finally called for me, "Sissy . . . oh sissy . . . get your sweet little panty-clad ass up here right now!"

I was already heading up the stairs before she finished her command. Still finding the carpeted steps a bit of a challenge in heels, I was slow to the top but then swished quickly into the master bedroom where Mistress Samantha was waiting.

As I entered, I was immediately taken by her seductive position facing away from me in front of her dresser. She was wearing a black merry widow attached with thick straps to seamed black thigh-high stockings. She was tall in her 5 inch stiletto heeled sandals, which made her finely shaped legs look even more beautiful. My mouth watered just thinking of her sweet nectar.

"Come in, sissy," Mistress purred.

"You've been such a good little girl this week, Mistress has a treat for you," and she turned around to reveal a thick, black cock hanging between her legs.

I stopped in my tracks at the site of the 9 inch monster. I must have had a ridiculous look on my face, as Mistress asked, "What's the matter sweetie -- surprised?" And then she proceeded to stroke "her cock."

"You do want some cock, don't you sweetie?"

I hung my head and answered shamefully, "Yes Mistress."

"Then stop fucking around and come and get it, Bitch!"

I scurried over to where Mistress was standing and without thinking dropped to my knees in front of her.

"That's it, slut. Take the nice fat cock in your sissy bitch mouth and show me what a good little cocksucker you are."

And being the pathetic little cunt that I am, I did exactly as she instructed. Mistress didn't need to coax or chide -- not at all. I eagerly took the huge latex cock in my hands, fed the large head past my lipstick coated lips, and my clitty was rock hard before the cock hit the back of my throat. I imagined it being a real cock and instinctively started licking it up and down its length, stopping to take the head in my mouth and sucking, and then licking its length once again.

"Hmm, my little sissy loves cock, doesn't she, bitch?"

"Look at you, dressed like a slut, on your knees slavishly worshipping a big black cock."
"Suck that cock, slut!" Mistress commanded loudly, as she grabbed my hair and forced the cock down my throat. She then held my head firm with both hands and started a rhythmic fucking of my face. Pushing my gag reflexes to the max, she repeatedly buried the large cock to the hilt and drew it back, only to ram it deep again.

"You like cock, bitch?" She yelled as she pounded my face.

"You like being a sissy cocksucker! You fucking worthless cunt! Gag on this you faggot cocksucker!"

I was slobbering and choking, and close to crying as the early excitement and enjoyment were replaced by growing dread and disappointment. I was still turned on by the whole scene and loved the fact that I was indeed on my knees, dressed as a slut and being face fucked with an 9 inch cock. But the eroticism was also getting lost as Mistress seemed to grow more angry than aroused.

I was caught between my carnal desires and the dismay of having let my wife down. She was angry and rightfully so. I was her husband, but I was no longer a man. I felt so sad that I had become such a ridiculous sissy cunt, but at the same time my pathetic little sissy clit strained hard in my panties. Submissive and broken, I held on to Mistress' thighs as she raped my face, all the while yelling out the truths that we both had to admit.

Suddenly, Mistress stopped her onslaught, buried the plastic cock down my throat and held it there while she moaned and writhed. I never did ask, but based on other encounters after that night, I believe that Mistress had had an orgasm. She came just by fucking her sissy's mouth. Oddly, it was the first time I had sucked a cock and made the recipient cum.

Mistress pulled her cock quickly from my mouth, "Lay on the bed, bitch," she yelled. "You're going to be fucked like the little cunt you are!"

"You do want Mistress to fuck you, don't you bitch?" she asked as she grasped my clitty. "You won't be needing this, will you Bitch?"

"I'll be doing the fucking. That's what you want, isn't it?"

"You want a nice hard cock to fuck your sissy ass?"

"Beg for it, Bitch! Tell Mistress what you want. "

"You know you wanna be fucked -- don't you slut?"

I couldn't resist. I was driven by desire, "Yes, Mistress, sissy wants to be fucked."

"Then beg for it, bitch!"

"Please Mistress . . . please fuck your sissy."

"Tell me exactly what you want, you fucking sissy faggot!"

"Do it now, cunt!"

"Please Mistress; please fuck your sissy with your big hard cock."

Mistress lifted my legs and pulled my panties aside to expose my virgin hole. "Please Mistress, I'll do anything you say, just please fuck me. Sissy needs hard cock. Please fuck my sissy ass."

I had totally given in to being a fucking cock hungry sissy. Even as I begged like a bitch in heat for my wife to fuck me like a sissy faggot whore, I knew I was falling deeper into a world of complete submission, of humiliating cock craved femdom. But I couldn't stop myself. I wanted to be fucked, and I wanted it bad. My sissy clit grew harder and harder as I pleaded for Mistress to rape my virgin ass.

Looking up, I saw Mistress take the lube from her dresser and generously coat her big black cock. My excitement grew and I anticipated what was about to happen.

"Spread wide, bitch!" Mistress commanded as she forced my stocking covered legs apart.

With one hand holding my leg and the other guiding her cock, Mistress Samantha pressed the large head against my tight rosebud. She wiped the cock along my smooth shaven thighs, "You ready to be fucked, bitch?"

"Yes Mistress. Please fuck me," I cried.

Mistress wasted no more time. She quickly pushed the large cock past my opening and shoved it deep into my sissy pussy, all in one continuous stroke. With both legs in the air, I screamed in pain, and Mistress grabbed my thighs with both hands and just held the fat prick buried deep inside me.

"Shut the fuck up, Bitch!" Mistress yelled as she pressed hard against my ass.

You wanted to be fucked like a bitch, so you're getting what you wanted."

Still holding her cock deep in my ass-pussy, Mistress Samantha leaned forward, grabbed my d-cup breasts and pressed me against the bed. She then took my chin in one hand, squeezed hard, and looked me straight in the eyes as she laid down the law, "You listen to me, little Miss Sissy Faggot -- you've shown us both what a pathetic little cunt you are. Now you're dressed like a slut, with a fat cock in your fucking sissy ass. Unless you want me to stop right now, the only thing I'm going to hear from you is begging to be fucked."

"Do you understand me, Bitch?" Mistress slapped me hard across the face, and then took hold, squeezing my cheeks, and looked into my eyes and glared. She towered over me, her Amazon beauty commanding full control. We both knew she was my superior, and we both knew how badly I wanted to be fucked. I dared not cross her.

I was temporarily deflated as Mistress pulled her cock from my hungry snatch.

"Turn around, bitch," she commanded. "I'm going to fuck you like the sissy faggot you are!"

"Yes Mistress," I said with a whimper, as I turned onto my knees and offered my ass up for my Mistress to fuck.

Without hesitation, Mistress rammed her cock deep into my ass. Again I was seared with pain, but it soon began to subside as we paused, motionless.

"Beg for it, bitch!"

"Please fuck me, Mistress."

"That's better," Mistress said encouragingly. She then pulled the massive prick completely out of my tight sissy ass, hesitated a moment, and then rammed it balls-deep again and held it. The pain shocked through me, and I started to scream but caught myself and turned the outburst into a cry for cock,

“Ahhhh . . . YES! Fuck YES! Fuck me -- fuck my sissy ass," I turned the pain into a stream of "fuck me" screams, and my clitty grew hard again as pain turned into arousal.
"Oh, you like that, don't you, Bitch?"

"You like having your cunt filled with cock!"

"Yes Mistress . . . oh yes," I panted as Mistress started a slow in and out motion.

For the first time in my life, I was on my knees being fucked like a whore . . . and I was enjoying every minute of it. Mistress held tightly to my hips as she pistoned her cock back and forth, raping my virgin ass.

"Take that cock, slut!" Mistress yelled, as I pushed back to feel the penetration.

"You fucking cunt . . . you fucking sissy bitch . . . you cock loving faggot," her humiliating string of obscenities, kept time with her pounding fuck.

"Who's my bitch?" she asked.

"Who's my fucking sissy bitch?" Mistress was demanding an answer.

"I'm your bitch, Mistress. I'm your bitch."

"And don't you forget it!"

Mistress then drove her cock deep into my sissy pussy, the pressure wild on my prostate, as she reached around and pulled my hard clit from my panties. Grasping my clitty firmly around the base, she pulled back against my balls. She pumped her prick into my ass and met the force each time with a stroke of my engorged clit.

"Cum you fucking whore!" she screamed, and with her cock buried deep in my sissy ass, and her hand wrapped around my sissy clit, I could not hold back any longer. My sissy nuts tightened, and I exploded in the most mind shattering orgasm of my entire life. I screamed like a bitch for what seemed like an eternity. Stream after stream of hot sticky jism erupted from my clit, and Mistress held me in place between her hand and cock.

With creamy cum spurting from my clitty and my sissy cunt filled with my Mistress' cock, there was no doubt, no escape -- I belonged to my Mistress, and I was her BITCH.


Monday, May 3, 2010

It's May, Mistress is Away, so Sissy Plays

Okay, so Mistress was away on business, and as you know, I now have a little video camera. So, what does a sissy do when she's left all alone? Of course -- she dresses up like a little slut and prances around the house, looking at herself in mirrors, while trying to occupy herself and keep her hands off her little clitty.

But then what happens if she has a video camera?

You guessed it . . . of course, she's a sissy. Have webcam, will spurt on video. There's no way she can keep her hands off anything that resembles a cock, even if it's a little sissy clitty.

I am so embarrassed that I'm sharing this with you, but you know how that goes for we sissies. The more humiliating, the harder our clitties. And I'm such the pathetic little sissy cunt. I wish I could say that I didn't squirt my sissy cream in under 2 minutes, but I'd just be lying. You see the proof. What a ridiculous little bitch I am.

In my defense, laying on my back, every time I lift my heels in the air, I get an overwhelming feeling of vulnerability. It reminds me of Mistress holding my legs up by the ankles while she fucks my sissy pussy with a fat plastic cock, or of one of her lovers making me lift my legs over their shoulders so they can pound my faggot ass. Touching myself while dreaming of my next good fucking . . . well, how long would you last?

Mistress viewed the long version of this video when she got home, and she was happy to see that I eagerly licked up my mess. Fuck! I'm such a pathetic cumslut. Sometimes it makes me feel like crying. But then I think of how I feel when I'm on my knees hungrily sucking the cum from a big hard cock, or when I'm on my back, legs in the air getting slammed . . .

This blog is mine because I am a Cum Craved Sissy. There's nothing that makes me feel so alive as dressing like a slut, begging out loud for cock and sucking all the hot sticky jiz I can get!

Sorry again for the video quality, but I'm trying . . .