Friday, December 17, 2010

Tribute to Mistress Jessica

I don't know how I get myself into these things, but . . . well . . . yes I do. It's all because I'm such a submissive little sissy bitch. Anyway, please allow me to explain.

I'll start by saying that I absolutely love browsing around on sissy sites, seeing pictures of other pretty sissies, reading what they have to say and always paying attention to see if the rest of you gurls are as sissified and slutty as I am. I also love the websites of dominant women, especially those who don't just dominate but also feminize the little bitches who serve them (no shit, huh?).

I love sites with pretty sissy things, with beautiful women wearing sexy clothing, with round firm asses in lacey panties and shapely legs in silk stockings. I get giddy over high heels and adore full lipstick lips. Of course I love cock and pictures of nasty girls sucking cock, especially if they're nasty little sissy gurls with stiff little clitties. I love pictures and stories of sissy bitches getting fucked, of their cuckholding and submission to men and women alike.

I just love pretty much everything sissy and every website that shows it. But as much of a mincing little bitch that I am, as much as I'm totally addicted to sissyhood, I don't spend much time reading sissy captions -- that is, with the exception of those that Mistress Jessica creates.

Mistress Jessica's captions cater to sissy sluts. Her work isn't about being a pretty little innocent sissy, and it doesn't include any of the magic transformation stuff. No, Mistress Jessica understands sissy sluts, and she writes her caps to get our little clitties stiff, knowing that we have no control and will fill our panties with gooey sissy cream.

So, I guess it's no surprise that being an especially slutty little sissy bitch, I can't get enough of Mistress Jessica's captions.

And that brings me to the reason for this post: while I know of no caps that compare with those of Mistress Jessica, I have been commanded by Mistress to seek and find 10 samples from the web to lay at her feet for approval. Mistress has forbidden me from cumming until she accepts my homage.

As a devotee of her wonderful work, I have no choice but to submit to her dominance. So, these are the caps that I found. I'm not sure where each one came from, so I apologize in advance for not giving attribution. If you see your work here, first off please accept my thanks, and should you want me to post credit, just let me know.

Mistress Jessica, I humbly offer these caps for your pleasure and review:

Mistress Jessica, I submit these for your approval. I know they're not yours, but I think they are rather good. I hope you agree.

May I cum now, Mistress?


  1. Darling crissi, I can see we have some work to do. You have wonderful potential and we must find a way to make you even more of a complete litte sissy whore. Dont you agree? I like your tribute, but would be remiss if I let you cum so easily. Now it is time for you to work harder for me. I want you to find 10 sissy fiends and have them beg me to let you cum. As you ask each friend for help, you must be hard in your panties, but you can not cum until give you permission. Have them beg me on my blog under the first new caption...Good luck crissi, I'm enjoying tormenting you...

  2. Yes Mistress, I agree. I'm sorry that I've not yet sufficiently pleased you. I've asked my readers to please, please do as you command, and I made sure that I was hard in my panties while doing so. I am still hard and won't cum without permission.

    Thank you, Mistress

  3. like the caps babe!could be a while to you get to cum doll!will beg your Mistress on your behalf babe!!


  4. oooo crissi i hope this makes you feel properly shamed and humble like a good sissislut should be!

  5. Thanks gurls. Mandie and Tommi, I knew I could count on you. And "yes" Tommi, I feel properly shamed and humiliated -- who else but a submissive little sissy bitch would let somebody take control the way we do?

    But then, who else understands the thrill of dressing like a sexy whore while you lick cum from an big black dildo? Thrilling!

    Thanks again dolls!

    Cummy kisses,

    1. There's no way a broad is going too dat to me! I don't wear panties! That's for the broadz to wear got dat! Joe Blou

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