Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh you Nasty Gurls!

Big hugs and kisses for all you gurls who took the time to voice your preferences in my first ever poll. It's far below the number of visits on my blog, but I'm still deliciously happy to receive 239 votes. I'm just giddy to know what turns you sissies on, and I'm also happy to know that so many of you are just as slutty little sissies as I am.

So, what did the results say?

Well in strictly statistical terms, there are three options that finished very close, and one other with less than half the votes as the lowest of the three favorites.

Here's the bare results:

Which makes you feel the sissiest?

72 sissies, 30% -- He holds your head and pumps his cum down your throat.
65 sissies, 27% -- He fills your mouth letting you taste his whole load.
32 sissies, 13% -- He pulls out and shoots rope after rope on your face and hair.
70 sissies, 29% -- He starts down your throat and ends with a facial.

Obviously, the central theme here is that we sissies may have preferences on how a man fucks our pretty faces, and we may differ on how he treats us to his steamy load, but we have one thing in common -- we all love cock.

Sissies were made to suck cock! There's nothing more femininely sissy than servicing hard man-flesh. We love to be on our stocking covered knees, with our little clitties straining in our panties as we slavishly worship the hard cocks of real men.

So, why do you suppose that the fewest number of you sissy sluts prefer to have your man pull out and blast his hot load all over your painted faces? Could it be that you just don't like getting your makeup all mussed up? Are you afraid your pretty hair will get all sticky and icky?

Hmm, that seems doubtful, since the preference with the second highest vote count also ended with a nice cummy facial.

I would like to hear from some of you gurls who prefer the facial-only finale, since it's not my favorite. But in the meantime, I'll just share what I think. There are certainly aspects of this option that appeal to my submissive sissy nature.

I have to admit that I absolutely love the feeling of hot cum dripping down my face, catching it with my tongue and sucking it into my mouth. And the sense of sissy shame that goes along with a man holding my head away as I desperately try to get his hard cock back in my mouth is divinely humiliating. Being marked and wearing the proof that I am a cum-craved sissy is a powerful aphrodisiac too. But I’m sorry, I want that hot steamy jism, and to have his cock pulled out before I’m fed is just anti-climatic.

The numero uno choice amongst you sissy bitches is also a bit puzzling to me. I’ve had many men just hold my head firmly in place while they force their hard cocks deep, burying them down my throat and pumping a heavy load of man-cum. I do love the sense of powerlessness and the total feeling of submission as I become little more than a place for him to dump his load.

I’m not complaining, and I know that this is why I exist. I am a sissy cumslut, and if my man wants to just pump cum down my throat, that’s his decision. I am his bitch. But that said, I love cum. I don’t want it just forced down my throat, hoping for a taste, with my tongue pressed against his shaft and my lips wrapped tightly as he removes his cock from my hungry mouth.

The number three choice, with a respectable 27% of the vote, takes care of this problem. I know you bitches who made this choice are fucking little cum-guzzlers like me. You love the feeling of having a big bloated cockhead filling your mouth. Your little sissy clit twitches as you feel your man tense, and when he erupts you madly start swallowing. You’re hungry for cum, and you pride yourself in how you can bring a man to orgasm.

I too enjoy having a cock fill my mouth with hot cum. The truth is that I just love cum. I love to suck it from Mistress’ pussy in a nice creampie; I love to have it fed to me, especially through a nice cummy kiss. But best of all is fresh and hot and mixed with hard cock.

But you know what gurls, I’m in that 29% who love all of the above. As much as I love to taste and swallow, I want him to start balls deep. I want my man to hold my head and show me how turned on he is by forcing his cock deep down my throat. I am his bitch and need to take all he wants to give me. But I have to taste his cum.

Once I feel him start to blast, I want his load in my mouth. There’s nothing that compares with the sensation of a fat cock shooting streams of hot jiz in your mouth. “Swallow bitch,” he commands, and I greedily take all the cummy load I can.

The finish should always be a marking (conditions permitting). There is nothing that says sissy louder than a bitch on her knees with her face covered with cum.

I am a cumslut, and I will gladly take any and all loads offered. When he pulls his cock from my mouth, all I want is to take it back. But as he pushes my head away, I will instinctively open my mouth and extend my tongue, waiting for his next blast, trying to catch all that I can.

Left sitting back on my heels, savoring the taste of cum, slurping what drips down my face and makes its way to my mouth. Filled and covered, the cock I just sucked to orgasm inches from my face, waiting and hoping my man will allow me to clean his softening cock.

There is no better feeling. This is when I feel the very sissiest.


Friday, September 10, 2010

More than one way to Fuck a Sissy

Okay girls, so, all sissies love to feel feminine, right? We love to be shaved smooth, to dress in satin and lace and to look and feel as pretty as we can. Being a sissy is a continuing act of seeking femininity.

We pull silk stockings up our smooth shaven legs and feel a rush of being feminine. We slip our stocking covered feet into a pair of high heels, buckle them around our ankles, and enjoy the increasing intoxication of femininity. We look at our smooth legs ending in pair of cum-fuck-me strappy sandals and the fine sexy woman inside of us stirs to life.

We apply our makeup, toss our hair and swoon to the feminine allure of the creature who looks back at us in the mirror. We spray on our perfume, purse our lips and paint them crimson red -- a sign of the heat building between our thighs -- an expression of who we really are, passionate and sensual, but so very feminine.

We tuck our little clitties, pull our panties up around our waists and our hands shake as we draw our painted nails across the feminine vee set between the stocking tops on our thighs. We fasten our most lacey bra around our chests and extend the illusion with suddenly feminine breasts. We slip into a short skirt or aparty dress and we can hardly contain ourselves. Who we are on the inside is then fully evident on the outside.

We dance and prance and mince, and unable to leave the mirror, we fawn over the delicate beauty we have become. A spin to furl our skirts, a pose . . . oh so feminine. A lift of the skirt, a peek at that feminine vee . . . yes, "I am a foxy bitch." Limp wristed, we strut our stuff, swaying our sissy asses, feeling oh-so divinely girlie.

But no matter how well we do our makeup, no matter how smooth our bodies, no matter how shapely our legs or curvy our figures, if we're truly to feel feminine, we need to be treated like girls. We are submissive and feminine and there's no better way for us to fulfill our need to be feminine than to have a Mistress or Master who fully take control.

I love to be controlled, to be dominated. I love to be on my knees sucking cock, and I love to have my face buried in my Mistress' pussy. But as much as I feel naturally slutty and wonderfully girlie on my knees, there's nothing that makes me feel more feminine than to be on my back with my heels in the air, with my sissy pussy being fucked as I moan like a whore. Nothing else compares to the feeling of total vulnerability, legs spread, heels bouncing up and down, my lover towering over me and my clitty being stroked. It's fucking heavenly!

Which is probably why I love this video:

Sorry gurls, but they removed this wonderful video. It was of Strapon Jane fucking this gorgeous sissy bitch. As you can see from the pic, she fucked her doggy style, but she also did it Mistress on top and heavenly sissy surrender style: on her back heels in the air . . . mmmm.

She did finally let the slut cum, with sissy on top, sitting on her Mistress' big cock while Mistress jacked sissy's little clitty. Sissy creamed all over Mistress, but she wasn't made to clean up her mess. I really think she should have made the bitch lick up all her sissy cream, don't you agree?

So, am I so different from you other sissies? Do you love to be fucked? What position do you most enjoy?


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Sissy's Story

I was so surprised this weekend to hear from a couple gurls that they didn't realize my blog contained a continuing story. Thanks so much to sissytami and CyndiLuvCox for cluing this sissy in. I'm so sorry that I failed to make it clear that in between my different posts, there really is a longer story.

So, just in case anyone besides tami and Cyndi give a care, here's an index to the posts that make up the story.

1. Born a Sissy
2. Accepting My Inner Sissy
3. Down the Rabbit Hole
4. What do Sissies Want?
5. The Edge and Discovery
6. Time for Reflection
7. The Morning After
8. Sami's Turn
9. Mistress Samantha

10. A Sissy is Her Mistress' Bitch
11. Thank You Mistress
12. Sissy is Maid to Pay
13. Sissies are Maid to Serve
14. This Sissy Loves to Serve

I'll try and keep this up to date.

P.S. Please don't forget to go read my longer stories at Literotica . . . I still need more votes and more 5-star ratings.

Thanks so much!