Monday, November 1, 2010

Being a Sissy

What goes through your mind when you see this pictue?

She's freaking gorgeous, is she not?

Beautiful legs, round, firm breasts, red hot hair and a pretty face!

a hot, provacative, come-fuck-me pose . . .

So, what's on your mind?

Do you want to kiss her lips?

Would you like to nibble her nipples?

Maybe you want to lift her legs in the air and fuck her untill she screams . . .

Yeah, right -- what a joke!

You're not going to fuck her.

You're not going to do a fucking thing unless she commands that you do so!


You know why.

Because you're a submissve little sissy bitch!

You look at gorgeous, hot, sexy women . . .

and then you're reminded of the stiff little clitty inside your panties . . .

about the stockings stretched over your freshly shaved legs.

You don't want to fuck that hot, sensuous female.

You want to be her, so you can be fucked!

It's okay, slut, she'd just laugh at your little clitty anyway.

After all, women want men . . .

Men with real cocks!

They don't want feminine little bitches like you . . .

little sissies with tiny little clitties.

It's okay, sweetie . . .

She'd soon see what a little fairy you are anyway.

There's no sense in pretending.

She might let you wear her panties though . . .

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Maybe she's turned on by frilly little sissy gurls . . .

Maybe she wants a girlfriend with a little cockette . . .

Maybe she thinks wimpy little sissy bitches in heels and stockings are attractive?

Would you like that?

A beautiful woman who could be satisfied with a pretty little sissy . . .

a limp-wristed, swishing little prissy in panties, heels and stockings . . .

a slutty little sissy gurl in a short skirt and long hair . . .

a prissy little bitch with painted nails and crimson lips . . .

a submissive little sissy bitch with an eager tongue.

Maybe she wants you . . .

Come on bitch! Who are you kidding?

She's a hot, sexy female . . .

But maybe she can use a pathetic little cunt like you . .  .

She might want a frilly little sissy bitch for a slave . . .

Would you like that?

Maybe she wants a worthless little sissy cunt . . .

Maybe she wants you.

She may need a maid . . .

She may even like little sissy bitches . . .

She might understand how you love to wear panties . . .

and stockings, and heels.

She might think it sexy when you mince around . . .

with your clitty tucked between your legs . . .

with all signs of your previous manhood gone.

She might even think it precious when you dress in a short skirt . . .

and wear your nicely filled d-cup bra.

She might enjoy being with a little sissy twat . . .

a little satin and lace covered sissy with smooth shaven legs,
painted nails and a pretty face.

It's not likely Bitch!

But she may want to treat you like the submissive little cunt you are!

She may actually enjoy watching you swish around . . .

showing your inferiority, and your devotion.

She may get a kick out of watching you squirm . . .

out of putting you on our stocking covered knees.

She might like to have a submissive little pussy slave . . .

someone to kiss her feet and suck her heels . . .

someone to serve her pussy at her command.

Maybe complete control of a timid little sissy bitch makes her wet.

Probably not,

but she may want to fuck your sissy faggot ass anyway!

She just might respond to your begging to have your sissy pussy fucked
with her big, fat strapon cock . . .

She might understand that sissy bitches need to be dominated.

She might even understand what you really want . . .

She may know that all submissive little sissies are really just
feminine little cock-craved faggots.

She may understand that even though you luv to be her slave . . .

even though you beg to suck her plastic cock . . .

even though you can't help but cum when she fucks your sissy ass . . .

that what you really want is for a real man to make you his bitch . . .

that you need to treated like the sissy faggot you really are . . .

that you feel the most alive when that cock that's been pounding your ass
finally fills your sissy cunt with hot steamy jism.

Don't worry, bitch,

that hot, sexy woman isn't a dumb-assed sissy fuck like you.

She will understand that you need cock . . .

how could she not?

She'll be more than happy to help you find out what a worthless
little cock-craved cunt you really are.

She'll be glad to let you get her lover hard . . .

and to clean his cum from her freshly fucked pussy.

With a litte luck, she may even let you have true sissy bliss.

Total submission to you inner sissy slut . . .

pushing back against that hard cock fucking your sissy ass . . .

while you slavishly suck the hot cum from the fat prick in your hungry mouth.

It's what you're made for, BITCH!

You're a cocksucking sissy faggot!

You're a worthless little sissy cunt who craves big, hard cock! 

You're a pathetic little hair-trigger panty creamer.


So get down on your stocking covered knees where you belong . . .

and beg for the hard cock and steamy cum you need.

Cummy kisses


  1. That was very hot!

    Well Done :)

  2. ooooo, I just loved reading that, the pictures and words went so well together. And it was spot on. Thank you.
    Janine xxxx

  3. just perfect representation for all of us sissy

  4. bellissime!!!! i love this!!!! :D mmmmmm kiss

  5. yes so very true for a sissybitch like me! really dont fuck with my sissyclitty but love to be fucked and like to suck a cunt especially after a stud fucked her then i can lick his cock clean and lick her cum clean too!!!yes love to suck and fuck guys!!!
    mandie xxxxx

  6. So, so shamefully on the mark...
    Sissies only need one thing more than to serve and obey and you told everyone what that is!

  7. Those very questions rip thru my sissy head everytime i see a sexy woman only in about 20 seconds.

  8. the thing is the you are sooo right..

  9. Big, wet thank-you kisses to all you sissy bitches for your comments. It is all so very shameful but also so true. We are who we are gurls -- we don't dress like cock-teasing sluts because it's easy or comfortable . . .

    We know who we are, and we know what we want. I hope you all get your you prissy little asses fucked and filled and enjoy all the hard cock and steamy cum you desire.

    Kisses to all

  10. sissydoll, I feel you, honey. She's so, so fine, and you know she gets all the hard cock she could possibly want.

  11. i love it girl can i have some of your e-mail i give my too ok

  12. You fucking sissy faggots crack me up! I'd love to take any one of you cunts and make you beg for my cock. I'd fucking laugh! And then I'd fuck your faggot asses until you scream.

    You're nothing but cocksucking faggots in drag, and if I ever saw one of you bitches, you would be on your knees. I'd love to do it in public. I'd fuck your face and leave you painted in cum.

    Suck cock BITCHES!


  14. Mmmm, Mr. Anonymous, you sure know how to get a gurl all hot and wet. I'd luv for you to fuck me until I scream, and to be on my knees in public, sucking the cum from your hard cock . . . make me your bitch, Baby!

    But that's not going to happen, is it? Because you hide behind an anonymous comment. Maybe you're the bitch?

  15. I'm following you Kristina -- kisses.

  16. Thank u Crissi .... No turning back for me now,after years of denial you have shown me the way .... I Adore you for that :):):)

  17. I just adore this, lots more please. sissy jayne. xx

  18. My pleasure Natalie. Thanks sissy jayne. Kisses to you both

  19. Two things of enormous importance to an emerging sissy such as myself ....
    Question #1 ; Is there a chat room available where i can indulge my darkest desires regarding femming and submissive sissydom with novices such as myself???
    And Question #2; Will you, or can you,post another sample of "Being a Sissy" .. ? ... It was just sooo erotically correct for someone such as me and i desperately crave more of the same . Kisses to you Sissy Crissy xxx Yours Adoringly; Sissy Natalie

  20. Natalie, Darling, you need to go to Club Sissy. It's a great place for we gurls to connect and chat. And yes, you can definitely look forward to more samples of "Being a Sissy." I understand your craving, dear -- we submissive sissy sluts all have so much in common.

    Kisses to you sweetie,

  21. Dearest Crissi; i sometimes wish that i had never discovered your post because i am constantly drawn back to it time and time again to remind me of what i truly am. Now that i have finally accepted what i was born to be i am finding that i am sliding further down the rabbit hole and my constant craving to seek out men who will use this sissy sluts mouth and pussy to empty their rock hard cocks into and leave me lying in puddles of come is becoming an obsession .... Does this craving diminish after accepting the fact that i was born to be a sissy or does it only intensify as my femming continues ??
    Yours Adoringly as allways
    Natalie xxx

  22. Natalie my sweets, I'm sorry . . . but not really? As far as I know, the rabbit hole has no bottom. I'm not going to kid you -- I let my sluttiest side fly on this blog and focus on the thrill of being a little sissy cockslut. My experience tells me that your craving will likely both diminish and intensify as you live through the cycles of lust and shame that seem to be a part of the sissy lifestyle. For me, it's an addicting rollercoaster ride.

    And now I'm done being serious.


  23. Crissi, I loved the post. It's so true. You're response to Mr. Anonymous was great also. Damn he got me so hot!

    Mr. Anonymous, I would love for you to fuck me until I scream! Please, please fuck me, sir! Please choke me with your cock in public and paint me with your hot cum, sir. Please let me be your cock-sissy faggot, sir!

  24. Such a delightful article.
    I totally found myself in the description of the sissies
    I'm such a sissy now!


  25. Thank you stephany. I guess we sissies just have a lot in common, huh?


  26. Thank you so much SissyCrissi. I am creaming my panties over your exquisite prose and photos. My mistress expects me to have the floors mopped while in skirt and stockings when she gets home so I am off to get ready!

    1. Sorry I missed your comment, dear. I hope you still got your work done, although being naughty is sometimes very rewarding for a sissy . . .


  27. Oh my gosh i just love you all. Hugs and kisses *sissy lisa

  28. Thanks dear - it's so true - you nailed us sissy little bitches to a t.

    1. Of course I did, sweetie. There's no guess work when you are a whimpering little sissy bitch . . .

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