Monday, June 28, 2010

Fucking Bitches!

Okay, all you fucking little sissy bitches. I tried being nice-nice, but you fucking pink possessed, clitty tucking little sluts couldn't even do me a favor. Now, I'm in trouble with Mistress.

I asked that you check out my stories on Literotica and give me some votes and feedback. It's been 5 days and lots of traffic on my blog, and I've received 3 comments (thank you 3 sweethearts). Of course, being the pathetic little submissive slut that I am, I would just ask again, pwease go back to my last post and follow the links to my stories . . . pwetty pwease.

But Mistress has a different message:

Listen all you little sissy faggot cocksuckers. My bitch asked you for a favor, and I expect you to help her out.

Now, I want all you little bitches to tuck your fucking little sissy sticks inside your panties, cross your stocking covered legs and go read her stories.

You bitches don't want to fuck with me! I think you little sissy sluts are cute, and there's nothing I like more than to watch you drop to your knees and slobber all over my shemale cock, but when you disobey -- I get fucking pissed off!

So, get down on your pretty little knees and think of how it would be if you were here with me. You know you would do exactly as you were told, because you know if you didn't I'd cane your little panty covered ass . . . and even worse than that -- I might not let you suck my hard cum-filled cock!

You don't want to piss me off, and I'm not asking for a favor. I'm sure your hungry little sissy slut mouth is already watering just thinking about my hard cock, so plug your tight little sissy pussy, tuck your pathetic little clitty and go give my bitch some 5-star ratings.

Go now bitches! And if you want my slut to keep getting your clitties wet, you'll make sure you come back with some comments.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sissy Fiction

I don't know how many of you ever visit Literotica, or even if you enjoy more detailed prose at all. Blogging is great, but anyone who's "read" my posts knows that I'm already at the edge of what's accepted in terms of length and detail. When people visit blogs, they don't want to spend a bunch of time reading.

For those of you who fit that description. please just ignore this post. But if you happen to be at all inclined to read more lengthy prose, I have a favor to ask that I hope might also be a treat.

Sometime ago, I tried my hand at writing sissy fiction. I posted my stories at both Fictionmania and Literotica. Fictionmania is a bit of a tempormental site, so I just kind of gave up there and focused on Literotica. But then they changed their policy and made their Top Lists only for stories that had received 100 reader ratings. Of course, that effectively limited traffic to stories that hadn't and, well . . . bummed me out so I stopped writing and posting there.

Now, I'm thinking that I may want add to the four-part series I started, but I need some readers, some ratings and some feedback. So, here's the favor I'm asking: please, please, please, go take a look at my stories, and please, please, pretty please, give me a 5-star rating . . . pwease. I need all 5-star ratings to make the Top Lists.

If you could, comments on Literotica would be great, and of course any helpful feedback here will be greatly appreciated.

The stories are:

One Dreamy Night - Chris Taylor loves all things feminine, and as he delves into his love for satin and lace, he opens a swell of desires that lead him into the steamy realm of hot sissy sex.

Facing Erika - Fresh from her first experience with a real man, Crissi must deal with her room mate, Erika. After all, it was Erika's man who our little Crissi so adeptly serviced.

Leroy's Turn - Now with her sissy desires completely in the open, Crissi is open to become the total slut of her dreams, and even Crissi is surprised by how far she will go.

The Morning After - Crissi awakes after the night of her life, stunned, dazed, and more than a little hung-over. She wonders what had actually happened and with some fear where things will go next.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thank You Mistress

Mistress forced her cock deep inside my sissy cunt and held it there until my spasms stopped and my sissy cummy subsided. She then pumped her cock twice and removed it from my ass with a pop.

"My sissy bitch loves to be fucked, doesn't she, sweetie?" Mistress knew the answer but wanted to hear me say it.

"Yes Mistress," I responded.

"Yes Mistress?"

"I fuck your tight little sissy cunt until you spurt like a bitch and that's all you have to say?"

"I'm sorry Mistress . . . yes, I do love to be fucked."

"Then what do you say, Bitch?"

"Thank you Mistress. Thank you for fucking your worthless sissy."

"That's better. Now clean up your mess," Mistress commanded, clearly enjoying her total control of the situation.

I looked back between my legs to see that my swelled clitty was still dripping my sissy cream, so I wiped the creamy slit and licked my fingers clean. Looking to the hardwood floor, it was easy to see that as long and intense as my orgasm had felt, it was obvious that I had been spurting the entire time. Large pools of sticky cum were splattered in a pattern of white creaminess. I bowed low, eagerly slurping and sucking up the gobs of jism and cleaned the floor with my tongue.

"Well, you're an obedient bitch. I'll give you that," Mistress said with a chuckle.

"That's good. Now come here, sissy."

I turned and crawled over to Mistress. She was standing tall, her smooth shapely legs spread shoulders wide, her hands on her hips. Looking down at me, Mistress smiled. "You're my bitch now, Crissi . . . Sissy Crissi."

"All dressed in white for your first fucking. Well, there's only one first. Such a sweet little virgin cunt, but no more -- you're just another sissy bitch now!"

My Mistress had been very good to me. She was right, I was her bitch, and I had begged her to make it so. She had treated me to my first fucking and had even handled my clitty -- for the first time since I had become her sissy. I would do anything she commanded.

The night ended like every other night that week -- with me servicing my Mistress' lovely pussy until she was tired of cumming and dismissed me. After helping Mistress to undress and prepare for bed, I was allowed to change into my nightie and curl up at the foot of the bed.

Laying there, on the floor, the only padding coming from a small throw rug, I thought back about the past week. My entire life had changed in a period of 5 days. I was both relieved and terribly afraid of what might happen. I was both aroused and ashamed. What would happen next? Where would this all lead?

I couldn't even pretend to be a real man anymore. For 5 days in a row, my beautiful wife had seen me dress like a slut and prance around our house like a flaming fruitcake. She had teased me about being a sissy faggot cocksucker and watched as my useless little clitty grew rock hard. I had deep throated her latex prick while she fucked my throat until I creamed like a bitch in heat. She had fed me my own cum, which I savored with wonton glee. I had even begged to be fucked, allowed her to milk my clitty and hungrily licked my cum from the big black cock she wore between her legs.

There would be no more pretenses. Mistress Samantha now knew fully well who she was married to. I hoped she wouldn’t ruin my life, for I would be ruined if all the people in my life found out what a pathetic little cunt I really was, but I was helpless to resist her domination. She was my superior, and I had always known it. I was now willingly her sissy bitch, and I would have it no other way.

I closed my eyes and thought about how Mistress had fucked my sissy ass. I thought about how she knew how to push my buttons, about how she could get me to do anything. I fantasized that maybe we could find some real man to provide Mistress with the pleasure I could not, and yes, of course, I dreamt that he would allow this sissy to suck his manly cock and for the first time ever enjoy the thrill of a real cock erupting delicious cum into my hungry mouth.

My clitty was straining in my panties when I heard Mistress . . .

“Go to sleep now, sweetie. I have a big day planned for you tomorrow.”

What might she mean? What was next? It would be our first full day without work since my “discovery.” My heart raced as I contemplated the possibilities, but somehow I trusted Mistress Samantha — I had to. She had proven her control. I was her bitch, her sissy bitch, and I had no pride left. She would do with me as she saw fit.

I closed my eyes and finally fell asleep.