Monday, January 31, 2011

Sissy Service - Part 1

Mistress insisted that I wear red. Although I’m obviously a “pink pantied little sissy bitch,” she told me that, “brazen sluts like me should always wear red.” So, after cleaning the house and preparing for our guests, I took a nice hot bubble bath, shaved extra well, cleaned myself with a sweet cherry sissy douche and got ready for a night that promised to be exciting.

After applying lotion all over my freshly shaved body, I spent over an hour putting on my makeup. I even wore false eyelashes, which I do rarely. I wanted to look especially pretty tonight. I was so completely filled with anticipation at meeting Candi that I thought of little else the entire time I prepared. I’m not exactly sure why, but she had definitely put me under her spell during our online encounters. I was like a young girl going out on a big date.

When I left the dressing room, I found that Mistress had decided exactly what I would wear. It wouldn’t just be a red dress, but red lace panties and bra too. I pulled the panties into place, neatly tucking my little clitty between my freshly shaved thighs. I was overwhelmed, much more than usual, at the warm sensation that flowed through my body as I tugged on the black thigh-high stocking, stretching them up into place just below the gentle curve of my ass.

Five inch black Hussy heels, a blonde wig and my favorite red dress completely the ensemble. I really more of a skirt type girl, I think maybe they hide my little tummy a bit better, but I had to admit that I felt absolutely exquisite in the tight, clingy, thin strapped cocktail dress Mistress has selected. The thin straps accented my smooth shoulders, and I just loved the flirty ruffle around the scoop neck. And it was just long enough to hide my stocking tops, so long as I didn’t move.

I was done dressing by 6:00 and went down the stairs to make sure everything was just right before our guests would arrive at 7:00. Mistress was having a glass of wine and listening to some old Whitney Houston tunes.

“Well, don’t you look like the pretty little slut,” Mistress said smiling.

“Yes Mistress, thank you for putting out my clothes. May I get you anything?”
“No, just come here and sit by me,” was all she said, as she patted the couch cushion offering me a seat.

We talked for quite awhile. Mistress reminded me that I would not be allowed to cum, and that I would service the other sissies in any way the guests desired. She also admonished me once again for allowing another mistress to control me, but seemed unperturbed; her main issue wasn’t the other mistress but the fact that I had done something behind her back. I acknowledged, asked for forgiveness and the matter was left at that.

Mistress could see how nervous I was, but still decided to tease me without rest. She wanted to know about Candi. I admitted that I was infatuated, and she just couldn’t let that go. I “had my first sissy crush,” she said, and I hadn’t even met the gurl. I eventually got myself a glass of wine too, and Mistress and I sat and chatted, like two girlfriends. It was nice.

It was about quarter past the hour when the doorbell finally rang. My heart leaped into my throat. “Oh my god,” I thought, and I immediately started shaking.

“Get the door, Honey,” Mistress ordered, as sweetly as she had ever.

I walked slowly to the entry, teetering just a bit as the spike heels hit the slick tile. I opened the door, just a crack, but then reeled backward as it was forced open in my face.

It was Miss Vicky, as she insists I call her, Sissy Stevi’s Mistress. She looked sizzling hot as always. Her tight tiger print dress showed off her tiny waist and fine round ass. I immediately drank in her beauty without thought, scanning from her dark black, red highlighted, hair to her shining gold heels. My instinctive reaction was to just fall on the floor at her feet. She was a goddess, but also a nasty fucking bitch!

I caught my daze quickly and turned, bending just enough to offer Miss Vicky my pantied ass. It was a little ritual that demanded of our greeting. On script, she reached up, with her thumb against my rosebud and stretched her fingers between my legs, pressing on the clitty tucked between my thighs. Just enough pressure to make sure I understood her dominion over me, and she pulled her hand away, slapped my ass and walked by me, with Stevi on a leash.

Stevi had a long trench type coat on, so I couldn’t tell what she wearing, but her tall pumps and stockings made it obvious that she was already dressed.

Before I could turn and close the door, I heard a deep, sultry voice from behind me. It was Candi standing at the doorway, her Master, Carl just behind her.

“Hey Baby,” Candi said in a near whisper, her hands framing her curvy hips.

“You must be Crissi,” were the only words she spoke as she reached back and took Carl’s hand in hers and they both stepped into the house.

It was all a little weird to me, being such a submissive little bitch. The vibe from Candi and Carl was very different.

I quickly closed the door once my guests were inside, never taking my eyes off of Candi. She was wearing a slinky black mini with a lace up back. It clung to her curvaceous hips and tiny waist like a second skin. Somehow she had failed to mention her full pert breasts, but there they were, her long smooth cleavage swelling from her neckline. Her dress was slit up each side, revealing just a hint of her round bottom. She wore no stockings, but her smooth tan legs didn’t need them. With nicely muscled thighs and shapely calves that, and tall ankle strapped heels that adorned her delicate ankles, I found it hard to believe that Candi wasn’t female.

“What the fuck are you doing, Bitch?” came the yell from Miss Vicky.

“Get the fuck over here and stop fucking around,” she commanded.

I mouthed, “I’m sorry” to Candi and ushered her and Carl into the living room.

After a round of introductions and a brief exchange of pleasantries, Mistress Staci told me to get drinks for everyone, which I did, including the sissies and myself. I served everyone and sat down in a nearby chair. Miss Vicky was on the loveseat, with Stevi sitting next to her, and Mistress was on the sofa with Carl in the middle and Candi on the far end.

The doms were talking while all three sissies remained mostly silent. Candi did chime in once in awhile, adding further confusion to the state of her relationship with Carl. Most of their conversation centered around sexual domination and what sniveling little bitches most sissies were.

Miss Vicky was, as always, the most vocal. I kind of both envied and pitied Stevi, for the way she loved to humiliate him. She was laughing, clearly enjoying herself as she told stories about all the cocks she had forced Stevi to service. She teased him about begging to be fucked, about walking home from a party with her dress torn and cum dried in her hair.

Stevi just sat there the entire time. She had taken off the coat and sat with her knees together, her calves pressed tightly against each other, her pumps touching. She was obviously nervous, as she constantly seemed to fidget, playing with her slender hands on her lap, sometimes drumming her bright pink nails. Stevi was dressed in pink, as Miss Vicky rarely let her wear anything else. She wore a halter top mini that tied behind her neck. It had a v-neck and several layers of ruffle extending from the bodice to the hem.

She looked so cute, with her petite little body and her dark hair pulled back in a ponytail. I just love Stevi.

Carl was a bit of a mystery man. Candi hadn’t told me much about him, other than that he worked for an investment firm, and that he had a thick 8 inch cock with a large cut head. He was sitting with his hand on Mistress Staci’s thigh, engaged in the conversation with the other dominants. I have to admit that he looked to be very muscular, and his short cropped hair suited his rugged face. The combination of tattoos on his large biceps and the single hoop he wore from his left ear were a bit menacing, but his smile and gentle demeanor countered the feeling, and the gleam in his eyes when he looked at Candi spoke to something deep.

After probably an hour of chit chat, Mistress finally took control of the room.

“I think it’s time to get on with the evening,” she said in a commanding voice.

“My sissy has some service to provide tonight.”

“Let us see you, Bitch. Stand up and show our guests how pretty you are,” she ordered.

To be continued . . .

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sorry Gurls

I've been gone for awhile, but not out of choice . . . sorry. Mistress Staci decided to check out my blog a few weeks ago and found that I had allowed myself to be controlled by Mistress Jessica, and all I can say is that I've never seen her so pissed.

Mistress has spanked me many times, more times than I can count, but this time it was more of a beating. It was every bit as bad as any my father gave me when I was young, even including the time he caught me in panties and stockings.

I do understand, especially now, how very disrespectful my behavior was, and I'm so very sorry. I've thanked Mistress over and again for being so kind to me and allowing me to continue to service her needs.

Mistress has taught me that being spanked is a Mistress' way of showing her love for her sissy. With each blow from her paddle or crop, she helps her bitch to lose a bit more of her arrogance, eventually destroying any lingering sense of silly independence.

"Please spank me," I begged at Mistress' command.

"Please spank your bitch!"

And Mistress was happy to respond.

I had never begged for the paddle before, although I have received it on many occasions. But this experience has taught me a new lesson. I know my place much better and fully understand just how inferior I am. I am Mistress Staci's sissy bitch slave, and begging for the strap has etched that into my person.

I am so lucky that Mistress loves me enough to teach me such a lesson and not just leave me. And I'm even more fortunate that she allows me to serve her needs.

For the past month, I've been trying to prove my devotion to Mistress. She has fucked my face, pounded my sissy pussy, and caned my panty-covered ass every day since she found out that I came at Mistress Jessica's command.

I've cleaned the house extra well and done everything and anything Mistress has asked without question. She has rewarded me with her sweet pussy nectar every day, a gesture for which I am deeply thankful.

Mistress has not been allowed me a cummie for this entire time, but because she is a kind Mistress, that will hopefully change soon.

My denial has been in part because Mistress has insisted that since I decided to submit to Mistress Jessica, I needed to follow her command. Mistress Staci has taught me that to do otherwise would be disrespectful to Mistress Jessica. And you see, Mistress Jessica had ordered me to pleasure two other sissies, who are both permitted to cum while I am not.

Having only one sissy girlfriend, this has been a trying time, and Mistress would not help me to find another sissy. But, after 4 weeks of searching, this weekend will hopefully bring my waiting to an end.

I met Sissy Candi online last week and she has been given permission from her Master to join Sissy Stevi in allowing this little slut to pleasure them both.
I will still not be allowed a cummie, which will be painfully awful, but I am looking forward to meeting Candi in person and to serving both her snd Stevi.

Mistress Jessica has commanded that after pleasuring these gurls, I post on my blog, and Mistress Staci has demanded that I obey.

So, wish me luck. I'll hopefully be making that post and creaming my panties very soon.