Monday, December 20, 2010

Only a Sissy

It had been a full week since I was allowed a cummie. Still being aroused every day, and being a femmy little sissy, this was very difficult for me. I got dressed everyday and went to work, of course wearing panties, stockings and bra under my business suit. And as soon as I'd get home, it was off with the suit and on with skirt, blouse and heels. Being alone all week, I would usually end each evening by creaming my panties, but as luck would have it, I had allowed myself to come under the control of Mistress Jessica.

Mistress had forbidden me another cummie after I had an accident while reading her sissy caps. She had given me an assignment to read 15 of her caps, obviously knowing that a little sissy bitch like me could never hold out that long, and . . . well, you know what happened.

I was reading about sissy faggots who try to hide how much they really just want to suck big, fat, manly cock, and being one of those pathetic little bitches myself . . . well, I find it so difficult to keep my hands off my little clitty, and the next thing I knew, I was writhing in my chair, filling my panties with gooey sissy cream. I confessed my lack of control to Mistress Jessica, and she was actually quite merciful in only punishing me for a few days.

By the time Friday came along, my little sissy nuts were aching for release, so I asked Mistress for permission to cum, but she had an assignment. As you all know, I posted the caps that she required in tribute to her superiority and asked again for permission. But rightfully so, Mistress did not allow this little sissy relief. I first had to beg my sissy sisters to plead with Mistress on my behalf.

I actually went to bed Friday night still hoping that my sissy sisters would come through for me, and the response was wonderful! Thank you my sisters. I awoke to find that my gurls had indeed gone to Mistress Jessica's blog and pleaded for Mistress to allow me to cream my panties. And wonderful Mistress Jessica granted permission with specific instructions.

I was wearing one of my favorite outfits, a simple white knit Candies skirt and white blouse, with white thigh high stockings and 5" white heels that wrap around my ankles. As I read the pleas offered by my sissy sisters, I couldn't help but get more aroused with each entry. Before I knew it, my legs were spread slightly and I was slowing caressing my little clitty through my pink lace panties. I love the feeling of softly dragging my long painted nails over my little knob, little more than a bump when soft, certainly no more than one inch long.

Of course my clitty didn't stay soft for long. I got more and more aroused with each begging post. "Please find a bit of mercy, please make it a humiliating cum" said one entry, making me squeeze my thighs together. Another begged to allow me to cum but also asked for Mistress to make "her drink it all up like the sissybitch she is," and knowing that Mistress had so commanded, I knew I would do as I was told with glee. Still another plea took it a step further, begging that I not only be forced to "suck up all the nasty cum," but that I also be made to "write about what a cum addicted faggot she is and how it feels to have to get all us limp wristed fairies to beg for her."

Well, needless to say, once I was done reading the many posts begging that I be allowed to cum, my clitty was straining against my satin panties, and the wet spot that spread darkly across the delicate fabric made it look like I had already spurted.

Fortunately, I had not filled my panties, and although that was the plea of my sissy sisters, Mistress had other plans for me. I got up from my chair, feeling like I might explode in my panties as I walked to the bedroom. The divine click of heels on hardwood, the cool air breathing under my skirt, the sight of my shapely legs extending from a short skirt, all the wonderful sensation that only sissies really ever experience -- I wanted to cum then and there, but Mistress had given me other instructions.

Once in the bedroom, and already extremely excited, I quickly grabbed a nice fat 8 inch dildo and dropped to my knees in front of the full-length mirror. I looked at the sissy bitch in the reflection and thought for an instant about what a pathetic little cunt I am, but the thought was lost an instant later when I kissed the fat head of the plastic cock, leaving a bright red lip print that screamed "SISSY FAGGOT!"

I wrapped my lips around the dildo, as I had with so many cocks in the past, and I knew I wouldn't last long. With the plastic cock forced deep down my throat, I pulled my hard clitty through the leg of my panties and started to stroke it. In even more ridiculous hair-trigger sissy style than usual, I felt my little sissy nuts tighten and knew I'd be spurting my girly cream in a matter of seconds.

Per Mistress' instructions, I took the cock from my hungry mouth and held it under my fully erect clitty. Placing the head against my tight little nuts, the head of my clit still reached only half way down the shaft of the man-size dildo. I pushed the plastic cock hard against my nutties, grabbed my clitty with my other hand and immediately started to squirt little sissy ropes of creamy jiz all over the plastic shaft.

In a frenzy, I pulled the cock away from my clit, still spewing sissy cum on the floor and hungrily took the cock in my eager mouth. Still holding my spurting clitty with one hand, I tightly wrapped my crimson lips around the plastic shaft and sucked the steamy cum against my tongue while pulling the cock from my mouth. I then pushed the suction cup base against the mirror and continued to lick and suck the dangling cock while the last drops of sissy cream oozed from my clitty.

Finally pulling away from the object of my obsession, I looked down at the floor below to see generous puddles of cum splattered about. Once again, I contemplated my situation, only for a moment, but still I couldn't escape my shame. Humilated by an Internet Mistress, I was on my knees, dressed like a whore, sucking my cum from a dildo -- and enjoying every minute of it.

Without further hesitation, I lowered my head and began sucking up every drop of cum from the floor. With a mouth full of sissy cream, I opened wide and pushed the white liquid out on my lips. I stared briefly at the woman in the mirror, the gurl with a mouth full of cum, and I released my tongue and swallowed.

This has been a completely humiliating experience. I've allowed a Mistress who I don't even know to take control of me. I've had to beg a bunch of "limp wristed fairies" to plead on my account. I've had my "millionth" orgasm dressed like a slut with either a cock or dildo in my mouth, and I've added yet another time to those countless from the past where I was left with a limp clitty and the taste of cum in my mouth.

Only a sissy, a fucking cock-craved, cum-sucking submissive little sissy bitch would ever allow herself to have this experience. But of course, only a cocksucking little sissy faggot would enjoy it and want more.

Thank you again, Mistress Jessica. And thank you my sissy sisters. May you all have equally humiliating experiences, wonderful cummies and all the cock you want for the holidays.



  1. glad you got to cum as the sissyslut you are babe!bet you are pleased to have a Mistress Jessica to help you be the best sissybitch you can!!!



  2. Mandie dear, it was a total sissyslut cummie, so shameful and humiliating, yet so delightfully hot and erotic -- I spurted and slurped a bucket load of steamy sissy cream!

    Thanks, sweetie


  3. well written sissy, i am glad Mistress allowed you to cummie and humiliate yourselfat the same time. maybe next time She will make sure you have a large plastic cock up your sissy puss too.

  4. Thank you Kircedes, and thank you for begging Mistress Jessica on my behalf. Maybe next time I will be made to have my sissy pussy filled too -- a gurl can only hope . . .


  5. fabulous as always your blog!!

    sissy, cum-stained kisses,


  6. You dirty filthy nasty SLUT !!!

  7. Cummy kisses to you, sissyjaime, darling.

    And Sissy Slut Natalie, as always, you know who I am because we're both DIRTY NASTY SLUTS! I'd love to share some fat, hard cock with you, sweetie.


  8. I crave the chance to share some cock with you Crissi ... Trouble is we would end up fighting over who could turn on the nastiest , sluttiest exhibition for whatever man wanted to use our hot, wet mouths or fuck our sloppy ,and well used sissy pussy's .... would love to slurp your sissy come from your wet, pink lace panties after you squirt while being taken hard from behind by a variety of gym toned and muscled studs who only care about squirting loads of steamy , sticky come into your wet and gaping sissy hole .... how humiliating and shamefull would that be xox ....Soooooooo yummy .... And then we could change places and let them use me in any nasty way that they wanted or could think of ...would adore swapping cummy kisses with you my darling as we were used by Stud after Stud after Stud and would do anything if we could be filmed by a Mistress who would then post our wanton slut delirium on the net for all to see .... As allways you have made me squirm on my plug and squirt in my panties :)

    Love You for doing that to me Gorgeous ... Sissy x's

    Sissy Slut Natalie

  9. Oh my, Natalie, you are soooo deliciously NASTY, such a totally shameful sissy slut! It would be a sight, two cock-craved sissy bitches slavishly fighting over hard cum-filled cock -- begging to be fucked like the shameless sissy whores we are -- slurping steamy cum from any cock that would have us -- our sissy pussies dripping jism, and our panties filed with sissy cream as we swallow load after load steamy cum and share wonderful cum-drenched kisses.

    My clitty is hard and wet just thinking about it!

    You better have sucked your panties clean, BITCH!

    Cummy Kisses,

  10. This nasty little sissy slut allways licks up her shamefull mess if she 'wets' her panties .... Or she squirts in her pink nail polished hand and slurps it all up from there in full view of whoever wants to watch .... Yummy ; (giggles and blushes)

    Adore your blog Crissi , Wet and Cummy kisses to you xoxoxox

    And why did Miss D take down her blog? .... She was an inspiration for sissie's such as us ..

    Once again ....I Love your Work Crissi xox

  11. Oh Crissi i am sliding deeper and deeper into sissy depravity . The more i search,the more i learn and then the more i crave total sissy submission ... This nasty little slut is now actively leaving her safe haven and venturing into the big bad world dressed in her frilliest and femmiest lingerie, spiked heels,disgustingly short skirts and with her swollen and pouting lips caked with a hot pink lippy and lots of gloss ...The shame and humiliation of mincing into a public place that accepts "gurls" like me and then to be shown to the glory hole room and encouraged to allow yourself to be be used by any man that wants you in full view of others is sooooo deliciously nasty .... This cock sucking,come guzzling sissy fuckslut simply cannot get ENOUGH !!! I want my wet and sloppy sissy cunt fucked and fucked and fucked until it is nothing more than a gaping leaking cum soaked mess ... OMG , blushes and wet Cummy kisses Crissi xoxox

  12. mmmmm this is the only way a sissy SHOULD cum don't you think? In a way that makes her feel such delicious sissy-shame and makes her feel all the more submissive and needy!

    The only thing that *might* have made it better is if you had to cream your lil sissypanties too! *blush*

  13. Tommi Gurl, you're so right. We are cum-craved little cock-whores and there's nothing but submission and shame in that -- wonderful submission and humiliating shame. I gladly submit because it feeds who I am.

    BTW, it was creaming in my sissypanties that brought me into this situation.

  14. Mmmm, Natalie, you nasty little slut. I've never had the courage to visit a glory hole, but the thought of prancing into the store, heels clicking and stocking tops showing, with everyone knowing that I'm a sissy faggot cocksucker in need of a good fucking and as much steamy cum as I can get . . .

    I hope you leave with your sissycunt sore and dripping, your stockings stained, your hair sticky, your face soaked, and the taste of cum reminding you of what a total little sissy fuckslut you are.

    You need to start a blog and tell all the rest of us sissy cocksluts about your experience.

    Yes, wet cummy kisses to you, Doll,

  15. Sissy Slut NatalieJanuary 7, 2011 at 3:12 PM

    Crissi darling you realy must try it ... The shamefull and humiliating thrill of prancing through the store in your highest heels and tiniest skirt with your stocking tops exposed and your pink lace panties showing and knowing that soon all those men that are licking their lips as they watch you pass will soon be lined up as you sqeeze your hot little sissy arse into the wet and sticky glory hole booth and wait to service anonymous cock is just the ultimate in sissy depravity .. Soooo Yummy .. To let your sissy cunt and hot mouth be used in such a way is what we were born for ... To slide your pink panties to one side,pop out your pink butt plug and then slide the first rigid and pulsating cock up and into your sissy hole as your service any other cocks that poke through the glory holes with your wet and hungry mouth is so deliciiosly nasty that it takes only a second or two before you squirt sissy cream into your wet panties ... Would love to share that experience with you Gorgeous .. Wet and Sticky cummy kisses to you also Baby xxx

  16. I can't count how many times I've licked my cream out of my sissy panties.

  17. would love to be a sissy whore like you, glad you got to cum, wish i could be trained like you, fixsal2008 if anyone wants to train me

  18. Crissi ........... Another Post PLEASE !!!! Your work is just sooooo erotic and soooo appropriate for this slutty little sissy ... Please oh pretty please post again soon . My clitty is starting to have withdrawal symptoms and my panties are not even damp x

    Kisses to you gorgeous xox


  19. How can i become such a beautifully humiliated sissy?! Somebody needs to take control of me ;) my yahoo id is jimhutch20

  20. Jimi dear,
    It all depends on who you want to humiliate you. You're obviously a wannabe little sissy slut, so all you need is to let your femininity flow. Shave your body, put on some panties and stockings, get a nice pair of heels, paint your nails, make yourself look pretty, and get on your knees. You need some hard cock, sweetie!


    1. Hello Ladies,

      I am a new Sissy Gurl, My name is Felicia, I would like too meet new friends,

      I want too learn to suck cock, as I never had a real cock before, But I want too, tired of my toy,

      HELP :(


  21. My Mommy just gave me a ruined orgasm in front of my entire family...