Thursday, April 7, 2011

Are you a Sissy Slut?

OMG! Over 600 followers and 500,000 views -- I really can't believe how many eager little sissy bitches there are out there. Thank you so much!

With numbers like that, I really can't help but wonder how many clitties I've helped to make spurt. Hmm, I wonder what the ratio is between dampened panties and the fully creamed variety . . . Cum on gurls, talk to me!

I want to know when I make your clitties ooze, and I definitely want to know if a get you to cream. Are you dressed pretty when you spurt? Do you have your sissy pussy properly filled? Do you clean up your mess like a good little sissy?

Anyway, right now, I'm motivated to find out just how slutty you little sissy bitches are. So, here's a little quiz. This should help to identify how many sluts are in my audience.

Please take a look at the all of the pictures that follow and then pick the choice that best reflects your reaction. Some answers may put you in the picture and others just looking at it, but whichever the case, please don't play games.

I really want to get a feel for what resonates with you, so do what you're told, bitches, and reflect your honest reactions:

  1. Why is there a penis in those panties?
  2. I just luv sheer pink panties . . . and those nails!
  3. I don't remember posing for that photo.
  4. Mmm, would I luv to wrap my lips around that sweet clitty

  1. That guys feet sure look like a girls.
  2. I've just got to have those heels!
  3. Looking down at my clitty-cock and heels is always so erotic.
  4. That clit wouldn't stay soft long if I was around.

  1. I'd like to fuck that sissy bitch until she screams!
  2. Mmm, such a nice smooth shave, and that tan line . . . to die for.
  3. No wonder we tiny clitted bitches are sissies.
  4. Oh please, lift my legs, put that beautiful cock where it belongs and ride my sissy ass until I cum!

  1. I'd fuck the faggot bitch!
  2. A smooth shave, stockings and lingerie are a gurls best friend.
  3. So I have a hair trigger, when I feel all girlie, I just can't help it.
  4. OMG, bitch, don't waste that yummy cum; I want it!

  1. Stop fucking around and suck my cock, bitch!
  2. My hair is such a mess; I hope my makup looks okay.
  3. Mmm, I love the way a nice hard cock feels in my hands.
  4. Oh yeah, I'm going to choke on this monster and love every cum-shooting minute of it!

  1. Is that a bulge in that bitches panties?
  2. I just love thigh highs and polka dots; I hope Mistress does too.
  3. I feel so vulnernable with my legs spread up in the air, but it makes me feel so feminine that I love it.
  4. Yes Mistress, please . . . I need something to suck while you fuck me like the sissy bitch I am.

  1. Come on, clean yourself up, bitch!
  2. Wearing fishnets always makes me feel like such a whore.
  3. Mmm, freshly fucked and filled with cum, I so wish I was her.
  4. Mistress, may I please clean Daddy's cum from your beautiful pussy?

  1. That has to be a Photoshopped dick on that bitch.
  2. Oh my, that little pink cincher is just divine!
  3. Bitch! I'm so jealous; I wish I looked that hot . . .
  4. Lay back, baby, because I'm gonna suck every drop of bitch cream from that gorgeous clitty.

  1. Swallow it all, you fucking sissy Bitch!
  2. I wouldn't be caught dead in that blouse.
  3. I'm getting so wet, I'm glad I took off my skirt.
  4. Bury a hard cock down my throat and my clitty will be stiff until I spurt.

  1. That's it, bitch, play with your little clit while you suck my cock!
  2. I so wish I had her hair . . . and those gorgeous lips . . . she's so pretty.
  3. Damn, I wish I looked that hot; no wonder she has such a nice cock to suck.
  4. Better be careful with my clitty . . . I don't want to cum until he's fucking me silly.

  1. Okay, so she has a cock -- but her hand sure feels good on my cock.
  2. I wonder if he thinks I look as sexy as I feel . . .
  3. OMG, put me on my in front of a handsome stud with a hard cock, and my clitty will always show how much I love it.
  4. Oh please sir, please may I suck your manly cock; I'm a cum-craved cunt -- and I need to be fed.

  1. Take the cock or I'm grabbing your head, bitch!
  2. Better not get any drippings on that cocktail dress.
  3. Okay, so I can't resist cock, but I'm really not that fond of cum.
  4. Get the fuck out of my way if you can't throat that cock and swallow the load, let me show you how.

  1. That tranny bitch just can't seem to get enough cock.
  2. I love that scoop neck, and those peasant sleeves . . . what a beautiful top!
  3. How did I let myself get into this mess . . . two guys at once, what must they think?
  4. Oh yes, fuck me and make me cum; hold my breasts and blast your juicy load down my throat -- I'm in heaven!

  1. Get the fuck over here, bitch, and you won't need that dildo.
  2. I've never done "blonde" before but I think I might try it out.
  3. Every time I lift my leg with a plastic cock in my sissy cunt, I feel like I'm going to cream.
  4. I'm so pathetic, all dressed up and so horny for cock, but I have to settle for this fucking dildo.

  1. Beg for it bitch! Beg for my big black cock to pound your white sissy ass!
  2. I love wearing seamed stockings, but I just hate it when the seams twist.
  3. How did I wind up like this . . . on my knees, dressed like a whore, taking cock up my ass?
  4. Oh Daddy, yes, yes, fuck me, Daddy; make me your bitch; fill me with your manly seed -- oh God I love hard cock!

Okay bitches, now you need to add up your scores: one point every #1 answer, two points for #2s, etc. Once you have your total, you can read below to see where you stand . . . I mean squat . . . or is it kneel?

Scores of 15 or less

Well, you may have some sissy down deep, but at present you still think of yourself as a man. You still have a cock and not a clitty, and you still do the fucking. You might be queer, and you might not. If you are, then you're definitely a top. The only thing certain is that we both know you're not entirely straight. After all, you are reading my blog, and that means that you're turned on by little cocksucking sissy bitches like me. I must conclude that you're not a sissy but rather a sissy admirer.

We sissies love you because you love to treat us like the feminine little bitches we truly are. Please, please, please keep doing your part and fuck your sissy and let her suck your cock as much as possible. She needs it.

Scores of 16 to 22

You may not know it yet, but you are a fucking sissy. You're attracted to and aroused by the female form, but you know that you don't really measure up as a man. You might have a tiny cock or just a hair trigger, whatever the case, and no matter how you try to hide it, you're turned on by femininity, whether it comes from the person you're with or from yourself.

If you've admitted this to yourself, you are likely dressing with some regularity, but you may still also be in some form of denial. Many such sissies still think of themselves as men with a fetish, but I've got to tell you, honey -- that's some serious bullshit! You've probably already at least tried on a pair of panties and had a finger up your ass, and it's almost certain that you've fantasized about sucking a cock.

I'm sorry to be the first to tell you, but you may as well get to swishing your way down that rabbit hole. Shave your legs, put on some stockings and heels, slip into a nice babydoll nightie and cover that little cockette of yours with satin panties. If you don't soon have wet spots on your panties, then I guess I had you wrong. But we both know that won't be the case, because you are a sissy.

Scores of 23 to 37

Well, at least you know you're a sissy. You've found the thrill of femininity, the thrill of silk stockings over smooth shaven legs, of garter straps pulling across your smooth feminine bottom. You know the excitement of walking in heels, the clickety clacking on a hard floor, the coolness of air blowing up under your skirt. You're undoubtedly a mincing sissy bitch, but the lower your score, the closer to 23 it is, the less you've admitted to yourself the result of the path you're on.

Lower scorers in this range may actually still think of themselves as men, but that's an obvious confusion. The truth is that men don't wear stockings, and men don't get horny thinking about panties or high heels. The genie is out of the bottle, bitch! You are a sissy and there's likely some real cock in your future, or at the very least some nice strapon fun.

Higher scorers know full well what they truly are and have at least started down the path to realization of their full sissification. There's no doubt that you've creamed your panties while riding a dildo, but you mostly just enjoy feeling feminine. You obviously felt left out as a child when the girls all got to paint their nails and play with their hair, but you're making up for that now and you love it.

Gurls in this scoring range are all femmy sissy bitches. You're submissive to the core and unable to please a woman with your pathetic little sissy clitty. So, dress fine and dress often. If you don't have a Mistress, get one, because you need some help with your femininity. You know that you're likely a cronic masturbator who creams her panties on a regular basis. You need to be taught some discipline, and will benefit quite well from some good strapon fucking.

Scores of 38 to 53

You bitches are well on your way to being the sluts you know you truly are. You've fully embraced the fact that you're no longer men. You know that you're a mincing little sissy bitch who can't feel feminine enough. You likely keep your body shaved smooth, or at least your legs. You've spent many hours fully dressed, from high heels and stockings to gorgeous makeup and beautiful long locks.

Passable or not, you've at least ventured out briefly in public in drag, even if just within the privacy of your car. You may already be under the control of a Mistress or Master, but in any case you know that you desire cock. The cock you get at present may always be plastic, but you know you want more. If it's mostly you fucking your sissy twat with a dildo, then you'll want to step up to a nice strapon fucking. If you're already getting your sissy pussy pounded by a strong Mistress, then you'll be wanting a real cock -- one that will make you choke as it shoots strings of steamy cum down your sissy throat.

If you scored on the low end of this range, then you're probably still dreaming of real cum-filled cock. If you scored higher, then there's no doubt you already know what a pathetic little cockwhore you really are. But in either case, you have something in common -- whether it's real or wannbe, you are a sissy slut

Of course, you already know this, because everytime you dress, your mind always turns to cock. That's the true mark of a slut. You simply cannot dress like a whore and not want to be fucked like one. Gurls on the top end of this range know what it feels like to make a cock hard, and they know the thrill of bringing it to orgasm. They may not love cum, but they do love making him cum.

Scores of 54 to 60

At last! You are the truest form of sissy slut; you're cum-craved sissies, just like me. You love all the femininity that other sissies enjoy. The feel of stockings on smooth shaven legs, the pressure on your shapely calves as you walk in heels, the gentle tug of heavy breasts pulling at your chest . . .  yes, you love to feel girly and feminine, but you also know that there's nothing that makes you feel that way more than being treated like the cum-sucking sissy slut you are.

You know how much you love cock, and you know there's little you won't do for the pleasure of a hard shaft in your hand, a swollen cockhead in your mouth, and a nice hot load of man-cum.

You are a cockwhore and a cumslut, and you don't pretend to be anything else but. You've been fucked more times than you can count and can't even remember the last time you came without some sort of cock in your mouth or stuffed in your sissycunt or both. If there's a cock to be sucked, you'll beg for the privilege. If a real man or woman commands that drop to your knees, you'll waste no time, and your mouth will immediately start to water in anticipation.

Sissies with scores this high know what they are. The only thing you like better than a nice fat cock pounding your sissy pussy is a second one fucking your hungry mouth. You love fluffing your Mistress' lover and cleaning up her cream pie afterward. In fact, if there's cum to be sucked, you're the eager little slut who wants it.

Congratulations -- you're the epitome of whorish, cocksucking sissy faggotry -- you're a cum-craved sissy slut. So, bottoms up . . . legs spread and heels apart. May you get all the hard cock you want and all the steamy cum you need.