Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sissy is Maid to pay

It took hours before I fell asleep but sleep did finally come. I awoke in the morning to hear Mistress Samantha already busying about in the bathroom. Being a bit more used to our new relationship, I got myself up, folded my little blanket and placed it on the bed. I smoothed the front of my red satin babydolls, pulled up my panties, slipped my feet into my matching Maribou slippers and slowly minced over to the bathroom door.

"Mistress?" I said meekly, standing outside the door.

"Good morning, Mistress."

"Oh, so you're awake. You seemed so sound asleep I didn't want to wake you You'll need your energy for your big day today."

I still had no idea what Mistress was talking about. A "big day?" It sounded ominous but interesting. I leaned against the wall and contemplated what she might have in mind, but my thoughts were scattered -- I had no real reference.

Mistress startled me as she exited the bath without warning, "Now Crissi, I want you to get ready." Mistress Samantha turned to face me. She was wearing her tallest 5-1/2 inch heels, black open-toe mules with a jeweled leather sandal. She looked down at me, standing slightly hunched in front of her, my hands together, shyly hiding the bulge in my panties.

With my head bowed, averting her gaze, I drank in my Mistress' feminine beauty. The tight fitting halter dress she wore clinged to her wide rounded hips. Her bare legs disappeared into the satin sheen of the gold printed spandex hem. Mesmerized at the sight of her bright crimson toe nails, without thinking I dropped to my knees and stared kissing her feet.

"I am unworthy, Mistress," I cried.

"How can I serve you?" The words just erupted without thought.

"Look here, Crissi," Mistress said calmly as I lifted my face.

"We don't have time for this right now. I'm going out, and you will be staying here. Now quickly -- to your feet." Mistress then reached down to me.

"I have a brunch planned," she informed me as she helped me to my feet.

"I really must be running, but first I want to make sure you're on task."

"You'll find your uniform on the lounge chair." Her tone was matter of fact, though a bit hurried. "Now, just run along and get yourself bathed and dressed. I won't be back until late afternoon, at the earliest."

She then turned and moved toward the door. Walking away, she looked back, "I left a note on the dressing table. It will fill in the gaps for you, Sweetie -- just make sure you get everything done."

"Yes Mistress, I'll make sure," was all I said, watching her fine round bottom sway from side to side as she strutted out of the room. Mistress Samantha was indeed amongst the very finest of all women. I so wished I could be her.

She waved without looking back, "Ciao," and she was gone.

The moment she disappeared into the hallway, I scurried over to see what "uniform" she had left for me. There lying on the chair was a beautiful black satin French maid uniform, with a sexy satin pinafore edged in lace and matching black panties. Next to the uniform was a full petticoat that I just knew would push the skirt out and offer a peek at my panties and stocking tops.

I felt immediately nervous and my hands started shaking with excitement as I picked up the dress and held it against my body. It was a bit odd, looking down at my red slippers contrasting with the black and white of the uniform, but still I shook with excitement. I had never worn anything so delightfully feminine, and I couldn't wait to put it on.

Also lying on the chair was a black satin and white lace choker, a white lace apron, seamed stockings and a little note that said, "I'm sure your little clitty is already aroused just thinking about how sweet and sexy you'll look as a proper maid. So, put down the dress before you have a little accident!"

Mistress knew me all too well. She was right, I was getting aroused at the mere thought of wearing the delicate uniform, and picturing myself swishing about in a full petticoat . . . well, she was right about a potential accident too.

I quickly did as I was told, put the dress down and finished the note, "Make sure you wear your highest black heels. I want to see your pretty little bottom looking it's best. Now run along and get ready. I've left another little surprise for you in the bathroom. You have a lot to do in a short amount of time." It was signed, "Your Mistress, Samantha."

Eager and anxious to get all dolled up as a French maid, I headed straight to the bathroom, where I found my "surprise" on the counter -- a rather large black cock-shaped butt plug. There was also a little note, "Start your stretching, Sweetie. Your little "pussy" will be getting used, so you'll be glad you did." There was no signature other than Mistress' lipstick print.

So, a quick shower and a touchup shave, and I was soon drying myself off. With shaking hands, I applied a generous coating of lube on the plug and slowly worked it through my tight hole. It hurt like hell, but was soon resting with its base firmly against my shaved bottom. I then applied my makeup, and was soon done with that too and another step closer to steeping into my new dress and pulling it up over my panty covered ass.

I did my hair plainly, just a little work with the curling iron and I was ready to dress. The stockings came first, and next my heels. I know it's out of turn, but I do so love wearing stockings and heels. I then stepped into the satin uniform and pulled it up over my shoulders. I flattened the dress across my tummy, tied the apron around my waist, and quickly fastened the choker around my neck.

Prancing over to the mirror, I could hardly control my excitement. I posed in the mirror, for a moment completely lost in the feminine beauty looking back at me. I had to sit down, which I did, and began to slowly fondle my little sissy clit. I thought about relieving myself, rationalizing that there was no way I could put my panties on with my clit so hard.

But then Mistress' voice rang in my ears, and I knew she would know if I came without permission. So, I jumped up and went to the dressing table to read the note she had left.

Before I reached the table, my clitty had already softened. So, I picked up the note and minced over to the lounge chair and picked up my panties. Pulling the black satin up around my legs, I tucked my still somewhat swollen little clit and sat down to read what Mistress had left me.

The note started, "Sissy, You will read the list that follows and make sure that each and every item is completed before I return this afternoon. Do as you're told and you may receive a reward. Fail to comply and you WILL be punished! Your Mistress, Samantha."

The list was nothing more than a long list of chores, I presume those things that a maid would actually tend to. So, not only was I now my Mistress' bitch, but I was also to be her servant. It seemed a small price to pay to be able to live out my fantasy. I would gladly serve Mistress Samantha.

So, I quickly analyzed the list and then rushed to get the laundry started. I was looking for the best way to get everything done and hopefully receive a reward, even though I have to admit that being punished was not entirely a turn off. I did want to make Mistress happy though, so once the laundry was started, I hurried to the next item on the list.

The kitchen was my next destination. Mistress had instructed that I make sure the counters were clean and the dishes washed and put away.

Mistress also instructed that I clean the kitchen floor, and that I do so by hand. "I want you on your hands and knees," the note said. So, I did as I was told and scrubbed the tile by hand. It was so clean you really could eat off of it.

Next was the dusting, which I actually looked forward to. Unlike the burden of elbow grease needed to scrub the kitchen floor, dusting seem so ultra French maid. I swished around, gliding from one item of furniture to the next, enjoying the crisp sound of my petticoat and the breeze on my slightly exposed panties. Moving about with feather duster in hand, I felt like such the proper little sissy.

From time to time, I did get so aroused, and being the out of control little sissy bitch that I am, each time I would stop and pull out my little clitty. The feather duster felt just divine as it tickled my thighs. I played with the handle against my little sissy pussy and drove myself close to a cummy, but I withdrew and returned to my chores.

Ironing was next, once the clothes was dry. So I folded what clothes I could and then got out the board, fired up the iron and was soon pressing Mistress' clothes.

It sure wasn't dusting, but then it wasn't scrubbing the floor either. It was at least a bit of a treat getting to handle all of Mistress' clothing and make it look smooth and pretty, but still it was mostly work not fun.

The entire day was exhausting, and the fact that I was in a near constant state of arousal didn't make it any easier. I did take my breaks, sometimes just resting for a moment. I would try each time not to think about what a hot looking little sissy maid I was, but sometimes it was just too much and I'd have to preen and prance, or pose in the mirror.

I did try to keep my hands off my clitty.

In the end, I did get everything done, and I just knew Mistress would be so proud of me. I cleaned and polished, and even did extra things that weren't on the list. All in all, it was a very nice day.

When Mistress got home, I was ready with her drink as always, but Mistress wasn't interested. She pushed past me at the door and immediately started inspecting my work.

She walked through the living room, running her fingers along the furniture edges, next was the kitchen and then up the stairs. She gave no clue of what she thought, but she hadn't put me on my knees yet, so I must have been doing alright.

After inspecting the bathroom, Mistress walked straight up to me and grabbed my ass. She pressed her fingers against the plug which I had obediently worn all day long.

"Very good, Sissy!" Mistress exclaimed.

"You've done well and deserve a reward," and with that Mistress gave me the divine pleasure of being able to show my devotion by worshipping her beautiful round ass. I kissed her smooth white cheeks and eagerly tongued her sweet bud. I knew Mistress was going to let me taste her wonderful pussy and drink her juices, but before that could happen, she stopped me.

"We'll save the rest for later, Sissy," and she turned to stop my slavish worship.

"We need to prepare for this evening," she hinted without further detail.

"I'm going to change, and then you may serve me a drink," and with that she patted me on the head and went up to the bedroom.

I did serve that drink, the whole time wondering what was to happen next. I hoped that Mistress would allow me to service her sweet pussy. And I fantasized that she would replace the plug in my sissy pussy with her fat black latex cock.

I knew Mistress had something planned, but for the moment, I was just grateful that I had been given the chance to serve my Mistress and had done well.

I was a lucky sissy.



  1. Welcome back, crissi! I'm sure I speak for us all when I say we've truly missed your postings, but this more than makes up for it.

    "I was just grateful that I had been given the chance to serve my Mistress and had done well."

    That, ultimately, is the best that any of us can hope for. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the story.

    Hugs and squeezes!

  2. Thanks Heathyr. I'm trying to get those posts out there, but as I'm sure you can tell, they take a little effort.

    Anyway, you're right.


  3. Very nice! I can't wait for the "big evening!"

  4. Yes just love being a sissymaid for my Mistress! just love wearing a frenchmaid dress!!love doing housework and other services when dressed like that!!!!

  5. Wow... what a full day! Hope she made you FULL too! :)

  6. Oh em gee, what's the name of the first sissy? So pretty <3

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