Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh you Nasty Gurls!

Big hugs and kisses for all you gurls who took the time to voice your preferences in my first ever poll. It's far below the number of visits on my blog, but I'm still deliciously happy to receive 239 votes. I'm just giddy to know what turns you sissies on, and I'm also happy to know that so many of you are just as slutty little sissies as I am.

So, what did the results say?

Well in strictly statistical terms, there are three options that finished very close, and one other with less than half the votes as the lowest of the three favorites.

Here's the bare results:

Which makes you feel the sissiest?

72 sissies, 30% -- He holds your head and pumps his cum down your throat.
65 sissies, 27% -- He fills your mouth letting you taste his whole load.
32 sissies, 13% -- He pulls out and shoots rope after rope on your face and hair.
70 sissies, 29% -- He starts down your throat and ends with a facial.

Obviously, the central theme here is that we sissies may have preferences on how a man fucks our pretty faces, and we may differ on how he treats us to his steamy load, but we have one thing in common -- we all love cock.

Sissies were made to suck cock! There's nothing more femininely sissy than servicing hard man-flesh. We love to be on our stocking covered knees, with our little clitties straining in our panties as we slavishly worship the hard cocks of real men.

So, why do you suppose that the fewest number of you sissy sluts prefer to have your man pull out and blast his hot load all over your painted faces? Could it be that you just don't like getting your makeup all mussed up? Are you afraid your pretty hair will get all sticky and icky?

Hmm, that seems doubtful, since the preference with the second highest vote count also ended with a nice cummy facial.

I would like to hear from some of you gurls who prefer the facial-only finale, since it's not my favorite. But in the meantime, I'll just share what I think. There are certainly aspects of this option that appeal to my submissive sissy nature.

I have to admit that I absolutely love the feeling of hot cum dripping down my face, catching it with my tongue and sucking it into my mouth. And the sense of sissy shame that goes along with a man holding my head away as I desperately try to get his hard cock back in my mouth is divinely humiliating. Being marked and wearing the proof that I am a cum-craved sissy is a powerful aphrodisiac too. But I’m sorry, I want that hot steamy jism, and to have his cock pulled out before I’m fed is just anti-climatic.

The numero uno choice amongst you sissy bitches is also a bit puzzling to me. I’ve had many men just hold my head firmly in place while they force their hard cocks deep, burying them down my throat and pumping a heavy load of man-cum. I do love the sense of powerlessness and the total feeling of submission as I become little more than a place for him to dump his load.

I’m not complaining, and I know that this is why I exist. I am a sissy cumslut, and if my man wants to just pump cum down my throat, that’s his decision. I am his bitch. But that said, I love cum. I don’t want it just forced down my throat, hoping for a taste, with my tongue pressed against his shaft and my lips wrapped tightly as he removes his cock from my hungry mouth.

The number three choice, with a respectable 27% of the vote, takes care of this problem. I know you bitches who made this choice are fucking little cum-guzzlers like me. You love the feeling of having a big bloated cockhead filling your mouth. Your little sissy clit twitches as you feel your man tense, and when he erupts you madly start swallowing. You’re hungry for cum, and you pride yourself in how you can bring a man to orgasm.

I too enjoy having a cock fill my mouth with hot cum. The truth is that I just love cum. I love to suck it from Mistress’ pussy in a nice creampie; I love to have it fed to me, especially through a nice cummy kiss. But best of all is fresh and hot and mixed with hard cock.

But you know what gurls, I’m in that 29% who love all of the above. As much as I love to taste and swallow, I want him to start balls deep. I want my man to hold my head and show me how turned on he is by forcing his cock deep down my throat. I am his bitch and need to take all he wants to give me. But I have to taste his cum.

Once I feel him start to blast, I want his load in my mouth. There’s nothing that compares with the sensation of a fat cock shooting streams of hot jiz in your mouth. “Swallow bitch,” he commands, and I greedily take all the cummy load I can.

The finish should always be a marking (conditions permitting). There is nothing that says sissy louder than a bitch on her knees with her face covered with cum.

I am a cumslut, and I will gladly take any and all loads offered. When he pulls his cock from my mouth, all I want is to take it back. But as he pushes my head away, I will instinctively open my mouth and extend my tongue, waiting for his next blast, trying to catch all that I can.

Left sitting back on my heels, savoring the taste of cum, slurping what drips down my face and makes its way to my mouth. Filled and covered, the cock I just sucked to orgasm inches from my face, waiting and hoping my man will allow me to clean his softening cock.

There is no better feeling. This is when I feel the very sissiest.



  1. yes so very right just love being a sissycum slut!1 my sissyclitty is hard in my pink panties thinking of sucking cock and yes just love to lick his cock clean after swallowing his cum best! do like a cum facial once in a while but do prefer to swllow all that yummy cum best!!!

  2. I voted number 3, personally. I want to suck him, feel him throb and pulse and catch the taste of the initial eruption. Almost organically he should pull out, cum tumbling from my lips and splashing wild scent cross my cheek and nose. I'm marked, as you say, a very proud moment.

  3. Hello Sweetheart,

    I was wondering if you might be able to give a newbie some helpful advice (besides not betting on the ponies).

    Specifically, I was wondering how to relax my throat so I can get another inch down.

    My Mistress had me pick up a 8 inch penis from the local toy store and I have been practicing because Mistress wants to be able to show my cocksucking skills off to another Mistress next week. My dilemma is that I can't seem to relax my throat enough to get that last inch. Do you have any advice to a fledgling cum slut, is there an angle to hold my head that will work better?

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Laura dear, I'm not sure what to tell you, hun. Some say that expert cocksucking is an acquired skill, but I'm convinced that it's a natural talent that's more a part of your desire for cock than anything else.

    You may find, as I did, that dildoes are much more difficult to deep throat than live, spasming cock. It's really not about position but more about wanting that rigid man meat to force its way as deep as it can get, about feeling those balls bouncing on your chin.

    My advice is that when you take that plastic penis, try to envision that it's a real cock and that the manly stud whose fucking your pretty sissy face is going to reward your cocksucking devotion with a hot load of steamy cum.

    Worship that dildo like it was a real cock -- lick it, suck it, slobber on it and take it deep -- remember, your job as a sissy is to make your man cum -- think abou him, and you will be rewarded.

    Cummy kisses.

  5. Mandi gurl, I'm a little surprised. I mean, I knew you'd be cum hungry -- you are such a sissy cumslut. But I also thought you'd be more inclined to enjoy being marked as the pathetic sissy cunt you are too.

    I can't help it; I want to swish and swallow all that yummy cum too, but I have to admit that nothing makes me feel more humiliated and pathetic than when he holds my cum-hungry mouth away and marks me as his bitch, for all to see.

  6. I've never had a facial but have been marked my men coming on various parts of me. I've always wanted a facial, guess i should ask for it. Guess when the time comes, I want to taste and swallow the cum more than wear it and since not everyone swallows the men feel the same way. As a sissy i always try to dress to request and pleasure and please how men request or demand. I really like a man that knows what he likes and isn't afraid to ask for it.... or take it.

  7. Crissi, Thanks ever so much.

    Mistress introduced me to her student tonight.

    I spent the evening with her using a strap-on down my throat; despite training away the gag reflex as much as I could for the last two weeks, I still found myself gagging as she pounded me (even though her dildo was shorter than that with which I have been training.)

    Mistress has hinted that a real cock is in my immediate future. She also has me locked up in stainless now, no easy snip to get out of this beast.

    My high point of the night was sucking Mistress' student's dildo so hard it pulled out of her harness :-)

    God I want to play with a cock, even if it cannot be mine.


  8. Laura, it sounds like you're a very lucky sissy. Your Mistress is properly training you, with both chastity and some good strap-on pounding. I have no doubt that she'll have you more than ready for real cock. Don't worry about a little gagging, hun -- we all do that when the going gets rough. The trick is to ignore it when it happens and just keep suckng that wonderful cock.

    I've found that a little, "sissy is gagging from your big hard cock," actually turns men on. And whatever the case, so long as you just keep your mind on that hot, steamy load he's going to treat you to, you'll be fine.


  9. Licking, you're so right -- we are here to serve men and worship their cocks; they will decide how they want to use use and where they shoot their cummy loads. Sissies just need to be happy that a real man is allowing them to fulfill their disires and suck a nice cum-filled cock. I'll take that load wherever he pleases, and I'll thank him for it and beg for more.

  10. Hi crissi,

    I am bouncing from anticipation. Mistress says it is tonight. In 90 minutes. I am nervous because I do not want to disappoint Mistress. I also want to enjoy it and make him beg and plead for it to stop, or to go on, or to not know what he is begging for. More info after.


  11. Oh Laura, I'm so excited for you! So, don't keep me waiting . . . are you now a little sissy cocksucker?

  12. Hi crissi,

    i am now a sissy cocksucker, but not yet a cum slut because we used protection. No one sharing nothing with nobody. Maybe next time or the time after. He was big and got bigger really fast. I couldn't help but gag. Mistress assures me that with enough training we can overcome this liability. I could feel my little clitty vibrating in its hard shell.


  13. Well Laura, I guess it's congratulations, and I'm so sorry. I've actually never sucked a protected cock, and I know I don't want to. I just luv that burst of cummy delight too much! I hope you get to experience it soon.

    Kisses, you little sissy cocksucker!

  14. I want to be a sissy cocksucking slave so bad. I need a mistress to chain me in a glory hole, where load after load is bust in my mouth and down my throat as my face is pumped all day


  16. omg! i don't think ive ever wanted to suck a cock as much as i do after reading your posts, i would love to be the girl in the last photo all that lovely creamy cum on her face, i want to taste it so much