Friday, January 28, 2011

Sorry Gurls

I've been gone for awhile, but not out of choice . . . sorry. Mistress Staci decided to check out my blog a few weeks ago and found that I had allowed myself to be controlled by Mistress Jessica, and all I can say is that I've never seen her so pissed.

Mistress has spanked me many times, more times than I can count, but this time it was more of a beating. It was every bit as bad as any my father gave me when I was young, even including the time he caught me in panties and stockings.

I do understand, especially now, how very disrespectful my behavior was, and I'm so very sorry. I've thanked Mistress over and again for being so kind to me and allowing me to continue to service her needs.

Mistress has taught me that being spanked is a Mistress' way of showing her love for her sissy. With each blow from her paddle or crop, she helps her bitch to lose a bit more of her arrogance, eventually destroying any lingering sense of silly independence.

"Please spank me," I begged at Mistress' command.

"Please spank your bitch!"

And Mistress was happy to respond.

I had never begged for the paddle before, although I have received it on many occasions. But this experience has taught me a new lesson. I know my place much better and fully understand just how inferior I am. I am Mistress Staci's sissy bitch slave, and begging for the strap has etched that into my person.

I am so lucky that Mistress loves me enough to teach me such a lesson and not just leave me. And I'm even more fortunate that she allows me to serve her needs.

For the past month, I've been trying to prove my devotion to Mistress. She has fucked my face, pounded my sissy pussy, and caned my panty-covered ass every day since she found out that I came at Mistress Jessica's command.

I've cleaned the house extra well and done everything and anything Mistress has asked without question. She has rewarded me with her sweet pussy nectar every day, a gesture for which I am deeply thankful.

Mistress has not been allowed me a cummie for this entire time, but because she is a kind Mistress, that will hopefully change soon.

My denial has been in part because Mistress has insisted that since I decided to submit to Mistress Jessica, I needed to follow her command. Mistress Staci has taught me that to do otherwise would be disrespectful to Mistress Jessica. And you see, Mistress Jessica had ordered me to pleasure two other sissies, who are both permitted to cum while I am not.

Having only one sissy girlfriend, this has been a trying time, and Mistress would not help me to find another sissy. But, after 4 weeks of searching, this weekend will hopefully bring my waiting to an end.

I met Sissy Candi online last week and she has been given permission from her Master to join Sissy Stevi in allowing this little slut to pleasure them both.
I will still not be allowed a cummie, which will be painfully awful, but I am looking forward to meeting Candi in person and to serving both her snd Stevi.

Mistress Jessica has commanded that after pleasuring these gurls, I post on my blog, and Mistress Staci has demanded that I obey.

So, wish me luck. I'll hopefully be making that post and creaming my panties very soon.



  1. Good luck, hon - and welcome back. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. glad you realise importance of serving your Mistress i know a sissybitch can get distracted into following another person's commands!being spanked is so good babe!!glad you get to play with two other sissies they will enjoy you serving their needs!!!

  3. Sissy Slut NatalieJanuary 31, 2011 at 1:15 AM

    Such a pleasure to have you back sweetheart .... There is a God , sorry , i meant Godess xox
    Missed You sooooo much
    Natalie xox

  4. Mandie, I definitely learned a few things. One was how important Mistress is to me. I would do anything for her. Another is how much I really do enjoyed being spanked. It's just so right for us sissies -- that warm feeling of a freshly paddled ass . . . we need it to keep us in line. And serving two sissies? Yes, so wonderful.

  5. Thanks Heathyr, and hi Natalie, cummy kisses to both of you.

  6. What the fuck is wrong with you queers? Don't let any fucking cunt or "domina" bully you? Kick that cunt out on the street. Why do you let these cheap slutting "mistress" cunts humiliate you? You can easily beat their ass and become a man again. Make that stupid slut wife of yours suffer twice as much as she made you. Don't take shit from anyone. You're supposed to be a man and superior to any dumb shit bitch cunt whore whimmin.

  7. Sorry Ryan, but I'm not a man. I'm a pantied ass, swiching little sissy whore who wants nothing more than to please my Mistress and serve all of the hard manly cock I can get. I belong on my knees, and my Mistress knows that. She is my superior. I am the dumb shit bitch cunt whore!


  8. Sissycrissi,

    It's wonderful your mistress spanked you for your transgressions with me. You know you deserved it. But I want to ask you, was it erotic and pleasurable to please me? Do my words and blog captivate you? If they do, then you should please me again, dont you agree?

  9. Yes, Mistress Jessica, I understand that I deserved my spankings and that Mistress was very generous and forgiving of my transgressions. And yes, it was both erotic and pleasurable to please you, and I do find your words and blog very captivating. You are, of course, right that I should therefore please you again. I submit.

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