Friday, July 23, 2010

Feeling like a Slutty Sissy

I'm in such a slutty sissy mood today, and Mistress is away.
I'm all dressed up, with no Mistress, no cock, nobody to share with . . .

So, I'm sharing with you . . . cummy kisses

So tell me, sissy,
does this make you horny?

Do you see youself?

Dressed up and made up, clitty in hand . . .
How Many times has this been you?

You dream of looking like this hot, sexy bitch,
don't you?

Your clitty gets all wet just thinking about all the cocks
that would stand in line to fuck her fine sissy pussy

So, tell me,
are you the bitch with a cock?

Or are you the sissy slut about to be fucked?

And if you were in the room with Tara,
who's going to be on their knees?

Come on, admit it, bitch . . .
you'd be tripping all over yourself to devour that sweet stick!

Wouldn't you?

But alas, this is your reality, isn't it?

You dress up, all by yourself, a plastic cock in your mouth . . .

Go ahead, it's alright -- jack that little sissy clit

Ah, but you want some yummy cummy . . .

You've got to have some,
don't you?

Too bad, bitch!
Just do what you do . . .
lean back an jack your little clitty until you spurt

That's right . . . cream you little cunt -- now you can clean up . . .

Mmmm, so yummy!

Oh, poor little sissy . . .

This is what you really want, isn't it?

All dressed up, on your knees, feeling so pretty, so slutty . . .
a nice fat, cum-filled cock in your mouth.

It's alright, faggot!
You just need some real cock, don't you slut?

Just hold that nice hard shaft . . .
and wrap your lips around that big, fat head . . .

Oh yeah!

One hand holding the hard cock in your mouth,
while the other is busy jacking your sissy clit . . .

Your sissy mouth pleasing a real man . . .

Your sissy clitty hard as rock in anticipation . . .

Knowing that hard cock will soon reward your efforts . . .

Oh yeah! Suck that cock, you fucking cunt!

Open wide, bitch!

That stud's going to fuck your painted face!

Take that cock, slut!

Take it all!

Mmmm, bury it deep, you fucking cunt . . .

You want it all, don't you?

Suck that cock!

Make him cum!

Oh . . . mmmm . . . yes . . . swallow slut!

You are his bitch!

You are his cock loving sissy bitch!

You are his cocksucking sissy faggot!

You need his hot sticky cum!


Say "Thank you, Daddy."


  1. ~blush~

    it's like you wrote that just for me. Yes, i would be the sissy getting fucked and doing the sucking. i wanna be a whore sooooo bad...~blush~

  2. Beautiful vignette. I just love the alternatives you show. But I must note that I am always the one on my knees. I don't think I could keep sexually aroused unless I was all dolled up in women's clothing as a cute little sissy and taking the submissive role. It is sad when we are all dolled up with no one to share.
    sissy gina

  3. I did write it for you, Tonya . . . I knew what a wannabe little cocksucking whore you are.


  4. Thank you, Gina. I too love being the little submissive sissy always on her knees. It just feels to natural . . . and arousing. And I agree -- it is sad when you're all dressed up and ready to please, but there's nobody to serve.

    Kisses to you, sweetie,

  5. such hot sexy sissybitch just had to wear my pink satin sissy dress and play with my sissy clitty while looking at pics and reading your story!!enjoyed licking my cum up when i came!!

  6. Hi mandiejune,
    I was wondering where you were, sweetie. You know I luv to give you cummies . . . I know you'll always be a good gurl and lick up every last drop.

    Cummy kisses, sweets,

  7. yes please just love cummy kisses!!such hot story and pics just have to play with my clitty in my panties when i see those pictures!!!

    Cummy kisses sweets


  8. we belong on our knees, so soft, so weak, so frilly and femmy so utterly needy and dependent on our little panties and the thought of cock!

  9. So true, Tommi, so very true . . . dependent on our panties -- and the promise of cock and its creamy reward!

  10. oh my! i'm so horny. your beauty is overwhealming

  11. thanx for the email Crissi i would email or chat but do not have your could feed me your sissy cream anytime hunny..i would dive right in based upon that cute pic
    hugs, kisses and lick on your stick !
    Ass Whore Sissy J

  12. well, ty, crissi! kisses!


  13. Mmmmmm. Thank you for the Cum Daddy.

  14. Oh CumPantyBoy, you're such a good gurl -- cummy kisses

  15. Sissy - in response to your comment on my sissy faggot blog:

    I took it down while i modified it to be more gay for us sissy faggots. please check it out now, i just posted it. I am sure you will cream your panties over it you fucking queer little cocksucking sissy faggot creampuff!

    Hey - i notcied you 'borrowed' a few of my recently posted pics... naughty girl. j/k. I do it too!

  16. I can't believe that the content here is almost exactly the way I feel about myself and conveys to a "T" nearly all that I desire and strive to be in the realm of a Sissy.
    Oh, if only I could participate in even half of the themes and situations depicted here and on other Sissy sites I would be in Sissy Heaven.
    I hope you keep expressing yourself freely Chrissy, as you have a unique gift of hitting the nail directly on the head for us sissies.
    Love and Kisses,
    Tamara Lynn

  17. Crissi;

    What fantastic and true statements you make about us sissies. If I could only participate in even half of the fantasies and situations here and at other sissy sites, I'd be in sissy heaven! Keep adding to your Blog as you have a unique style that hits the nail directly on the head when it cums to us gurls.

  18. Thanks Tammy, I do my best. I'm glad you enjoy my little blog, and from sissy to another -- I just post what gets my clitty wet . . .

    Keep cumming back.


  19. Yes. You are SO right. You made my panties a bit wet!

  20. Mmmm, Heather, now you have me thinking about your wet panties . . . yummy!


  21. ooooooooo i so want to suck hazel

  22. great story...very exciting...may we have some more

  23. As always, another lovely post. You know us all too well Chrissi...

  24. I'm working on it, Sport. And Jaime, what can I say -- it takes a sissy slut to really know a sissy slut . . . you sexy little sissy faggot you.

  25. Beautiful post. You really know how to show us sissy fags for who we really are.


  26. Have you ever been with a guy before Crissi or is this just a fantasy of yours? Be honest now! Kristina X

  27. Kristina dear, I'm both embarrassed and thrilled to tell you that I can't even count how many men I've been with. I still love women, but my fasination with cock has driven me to be quite slutty at times.


  28. oh yes !!!! i would love to suck all the creamy cum and swallow it all, lol. i also would love to be fucked in my asspussy, mmmm. jacie

  29. Sissy Slut NatalieMarch 10, 2011 at 5:18 AM

    Thank you Daddy .... Thank You xxxxx
    Dont stop Now ...


  30. I would love to suck cock sooo much!
    I want to become a complete sissy, but dare not. God, I need to have my portion of nice cum. How to get it???

    Jo-Ann Pink

    1. im interested in sissies what do u look like

    2. just asak!! where all you sissies at??

  31. i want to be a sissy but i dont have a cock to practice on

  32. i need a sissy on her knees worshiping my cock like she should be ...anytakers

    1. Please Sir, please let me suck your gorgeous cock. I just go crazy for any guys stiff hard penis. i want to suck it, taste it, feel it and have it all over me, i can't wait to swallow every bit of your yummy cum and feel your cock pulse in my throat *giggle* Please let me be your cocksucking whore?

      -sissy rofique, cock sucking whore.

    2. I feel you, Rofique,
      I can't see cock without having the urge to drop to my stocking covered knees in slavish cock worship, my mouth watering in anticipation of the cummy rewards I will soon taste.

      Kisses, sister!

  33. I don't know how to take myself anymore. I'm a transexual, as well as been on hormones most of adult life, as well as cleared for sex reassignment twice in past.

    Little over a year ago, sum1 turned me onto hypnosis, as well as I became a hypno addict. My transexual friends can't understand me or my thoughts these days, nor can I.

    I find myself so drawn to sissies, faggots, femboi and Hypnos take over my world. I use to look at what women wear to try to figure out if I liked it or how it would look on me.

    Now when I do it, all I care about is how much wood or hard cock the outfit will produce. I've asked for help in beating the Hypnos . Most say impossible to beat the ever growing thoughts.

    What do you girls think?

  34. Oh Staci,
    Are you sure you're not a little sissy girl like me? I'm having trouble telling the difference. I've never seriously considered reassignment; I love my little clitty too much for that, but I do take hormones, and am very feminine. I love being a cum-craved little sissy faggot, and can't see anyway the desire ever stops . . . not that I'd want it to!


    1. It's me few years later. It's like my life is so messed up these days. It's like I find someone I really like and slowly tell her about myself n my childhood nightmares to being TS or hermy. It's like why am I so freaking stupid

  35. Rofique HussainMay 1, 2013 at 5:35 AM

    I NEED a hard, throbbing Cock in my warm wet slutty mouth every waking moment of my life!!! my only desire is to be on my knees sucking a yummy Cock.
    lol i'm a DIRTY LITTLE COCK-a-HOLIC SLUT that’s STARVING TO DEATH – and the ONLY food left on Earth is a real man's cock & cum, hehe for me cum & cock are the most delicious things in the Galaxy.

    cummy kisses^^
    sissy Rofique

    1. Yes, yes, yes!

      Big cummy kisses,
      You sissy cumslut sister,

    2. Greetings, fellow sissy cumslut sister.....
      I have finally decided to permanently change myself into a shemale bimbo slut, in both body and mind!
      I'm planning several surgeries over the next year that will change my body into the body of a slut... giant, round, fake tits, huge augmented cocksucking lips that will literally be screaming after cock and cum, even surgery on my face to give me that perfect, beautiful, dumb bimbo slut look, a face modified to be fucked!
      During all this, I will be going though a hypnosis program that will make me lose all the things that a dumb bimbo doesn't need, like education, inhibitions, or any other thoughts that don't involve pleasing men and their cocks! By the time I'm all healed up, I'll be the perfect bimbo, a useless fuck-doll for men's cocks, a sex-toy ready to play with, ready to be exposed, used and humiliated over and over again!

      #Super excited.....super excited! I can't think ... I'm so nervous, wish me luck!

      ~rofique, sissy cock-craving slut.

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