Monday, May 3, 2010

It's May, Mistress is Away, so Sissy Plays

Okay, so Mistress was away on business, and as you know, I now have a little video camera. So, what does a sissy do when she's left all alone? Of course -- she dresses up like a little slut and prances around the house, looking at herself in mirrors, while trying to occupy herself and keep her hands off her little clitty.

But then what happens if she has a video camera?

You guessed it . . . of course, she's a sissy. Have webcam, will spurt on video. There's no way she can keep her hands off anything that resembles a cock, even if it's a little sissy clitty.

I am so embarrassed that I'm sharing this with you, but you know how that goes for we sissies. The more humiliating, the harder our clitties. And I'm such the pathetic little sissy cunt. I wish I could say that I didn't squirt my sissy cream in under 2 minutes, but I'd just be lying. You see the proof. What a ridiculous little bitch I am.

In my defense, laying on my back, every time I lift my heels in the air, I get an overwhelming feeling of vulnerability. It reminds me of Mistress holding my legs up by the ankles while she fucks my sissy pussy with a fat plastic cock, or of one of her lovers making me lift my legs over their shoulders so they can pound my faggot ass. Touching myself while dreaming of my next good fucking . . . well, how long would you last?

Mistress viewed the long version of this video when she got home, and she was happy to see that I eagerly licked up my mess. Fuck! I'm such a pathetic cumslut. Sometimes it makes me feel like crying. But then I think of how I feel when I'm on my knees hungrily sucking the cum from a big hard cock, or when I'm on my back, legs in the air getting slammed . . .

This blog is mine because I am a Cum Craved Sissy. There's nothing that makes me feel so alive as dressing like a slut, begging out loud for cock and sucking all the hot sticky jiz I can get!

Sorry again for the video quality, but I'm trying . . .



  1. crissi, thank you so much for sharing this! Such a beautifully pathetic video. "The more humiliating, the harder our clitties." Truer works never spoken.

  2. oohhhhh you are such a slutty gurl!

  3. Oh Tommi darling, I know I am, but I can't help it.

    Boobie my love, I'm so happy that you understand. I am such a fucking pathetic little sissy twat -- just dress me up, offer me some cock, and my little clitty will be hard as rock until I spurt . . . which usually isn't very long.

  4. I only lasted 12 seconds !!!

  5. Lovely video! Thank u for sharing. I just love the way you cuddle up at the end...Made my little clitty so hot...I almost spurted just by watching and dreaming for some cock.

  6. What a naughty sissy, you need a good spanking for posting that,

  7. loved your video-erotic cumshot, pretty clitty too xxx Jim

  8. And Sissy Michelle, were you a good sissy and did you clean your mess up proper?

    sissydoll, I'm so sorry that you only "almost" spurted -- kisses to you, sweetie.

    Waynecoff, I know! I'm so ashamed.

    greenhawk, thank you, honey.

  9. mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes sissycrissi you made me cum in my panties watching you and your yummy clitty!1 so had to lick them clean thinking it was your cum gurl!!!!

  10. Mandiejune, you're maing my clitty hard and wet thinking about you watching me and creaming your panties . . . mmmm . . . thinking it was my cun . . . you wonderfully dirty little sissy!

    I would gladly have licked them clean for you darling.

  11. thankyou sissycrissi for offer to lick them clean doll!!would love to 69 you sometime and then frenchkiss our cum!1