Friday, February 4, 2011

Sissy Service - Part 2

I got up and walked and posed like I was on a runway. I strutted over to Mistress first and curtseyed in front of her. “Thank you for this evening, Mistress,” I said, and turned to approach Miss Vicky. I offered her my satin covered ass again, and without fail, she gave me a grope and a hard swat. I then minced over to Master Carl, and before I could curtsey, he told me to, “Turn around slowly, I want to see what you got.”

I did as I was told, standing close to the couch, between his long legs, I slowly pivoted around giving Carl the 360 degree view. As I turned to face him again, he stopped me with both hands reaching up on the front of my thighs. He then moved his large hands around behind me, caressing my stocking covered legs as he found the curve of my ass and gave me a gentle squeeze.

I was melting in his hands when Mistress stopped the scene.

“As I said, Crissi has some service to perform.”

“So, let’s see all three of you little sluts — right now!”

Stevi sprang up without hesitation, obviously the work of much training. But Candi was much slower and more deliberate. I watched as she uncrossed her legs and then slowly slid her hand down Carl's thigh, stopping at his crotch where she gave him a squeeze before standing up. Then she looked back at Carl, placing two fingers against her outstretched tongue and sucked them into her mouth in a move that made my clitty twitch. She turned, smiled at me and sauntered over to my side in the center of the room.

The three of us then joined hands and awaited our next instruction. As I stood holding Candi's hand on one side and Stevi's on the other, I couldn't help but think about the different relationships present. Miss Vicky was often borderline mean to Stevi, and Mistress pretty much always treated me like her worthless bitch, but it was different between Carl and Candi.

Having always been a slave to a Mistress and never a Master, I wondered if it was typical of a Master/sissy relationship. I thought that perhaps it was because, unlike a sissy who serves a Mistress and must admit her inability to perform as a man, there is no such shortcoming for the sissy who serves her Master. Men just want someone to fuck who will also suck their cocks. Sissies exist to suck cock and be fucked like cock-craved whores, far more than most women, so it's really a perfect match. From what I could tell, Candi took expert care of Master Carl, and they both enjoyed it very much.

Before I came to any further conclusion, I was abruptly taken from my thoughts.

“Well, what are you waiting for, Bitch?” Miss Vicky roared.

And that was all it took for me. Without another word, I dropped to my knees in front of Candi. I trembled as I lifted the front flap of her black dress and slid my hands across her smooth thighs, reaching for her panties. With my head up under her dress, I didn’t waste a second tugging the satin down from around her waist. I stretched the band, letting it loose under her nicely shaved nutties where it exposed the scant little patch that accented her already stiffening clitty.

With shaky hands, I cupped her thigh in one while I gently wrapped the other around her growing shaft. Without thinking, I kissed the head of her nicely sized clit, the helmet head already swelling. Another second later and she was in my hungry mouth. Her sissy clit grew to at least 6 inches almost immediately, and I knew that whatever effect she was having on me, it was at least in part mutual.

Candi straightened the front of her dress, pulling it back so she could see the cock-hungry bitch who was devouring her clitty. She brushed my hair back to expose my face, and I looked up at her big green eyes. I almost let her sweet stick fall from my mouth but kept the head locked in my lips. She was smiling down at me, her faced framed with her bobbed blonde locks. "Make me cum," was all she said as she reached down to hold her hard clit between two fingers and thumb.

She rubbed her clit head on my cheek. I felt the wetness from her precum and knew that I had to taste her cream. "Kiss it, baby," she purred. "Kiss my clitty. Show me how you love it."

I had never been treated like this before. Men, at least the men that I had, always just wanted to fuck my face. I loved being made their bitch, but it was always rough. Where I often wanted to start slowly, to fondle and adore their manly pricks, they usually just wanted their cocks down my throat. I was their cumdump, and that was about it. But it was different with Candi, much different.

I slowly kissed the large head of her gorgeous clit as she had instructed, and it sent shivers between my legs. "Take it in your mouth, Sweetie," Candi whispered. "Just the tip. Now swirl your tongue, Darling." She seemed so confident.

Candi guided me through exactly how to please her best. "Lick it, Gurl," she urged. "Now take my nuts. Oh, yes . . . suck them gently." OMG, I couldn't believe what she was doing to me. I was worshipping her beautiful clitty, all the while holding her stocking covered thighs, caressing her soft, smooth skin, her full round pantied ass. I allowed my hands to slide down her legs, to her ankles, and I felt the straps of her heels as I fully swallowed her she-cock. It was such a sensual rush, and one you just don't get servicing a man.

In my lust, I had completely forgotten about Stevi, who must have felt odd just standing there while I devoured Candi’s nice hard clitty. Over the sound of my slurping and Candi’s moans, Miss Vicky rang out loud.

“Fuck that bitch, Stevi. I want to see you hump that that sissy bitch with that little clit of yours. Fill her cunt with your sissy cream!”

Completely unaffected, I continued to service Candi. I loved sucking on her little sissy nuts, so nicely shaven and absent of nasty hair. But I enjoyed her little cockette even more. It was thick enough to fill my mouth, and long enough to press in my throat, but without causing any gagging. She had the perfect clitty, and I was lost in the delight of her moans as I sucked and licked and slavishly waited for her to feed me her cream.

I almost didn’t even notice Stevi lifting my dress to expose my panty covered ass. But when she pulled my panties to the side and pressed her tongue into my sissy pussy, I felt that familiar twinge in my nutties.

With Candi’s hard clit in my wet mouth and Stevi reaming my bud with her tongue, I was in heaven. I had both of my hands holding Candi’s thighs and my head bobbing on her clit to the rhythm of her hips when Stevi decided to probe my pussy. A minute later, Candi started fucking my face, and Stevi forced her small sissy clit between my cheeks.

Miss Vicky yelled out, “Oh yeah, fuck that little sissy cocksucker!”

Stevi was quick to pick up the rhythm. Holding my hips, she started pumping her little clit into my sissy cunt as Candi pumped my face. Stevi's little 5 inch clit was perfect for the occasion. It hurt for only a brief second on entry and then just felt nice but not distracting. I was in heaven, glad that I didn't have a large manly cock fucking my sissy ass, because it left me to concentrate on my desire. All I could think about was making Candi cum.

To the cheers and taunting of Mistress and Miss Vicky, we three sissies put on a show of sissified lust.

Mistress kept tease taunting me, yelling "Suck that clit, you sissy faggot. You better swallow it all, BITCH!"

Miss Vicky was steady with almost a cadence of "Fuck that sissy bitch!"

Only Carl remained quiet, although he was plainly turned on, as he continually licked his lips.

"Make that slut cum," Missy Vicky shouted her command to Stevi, who then reached up to find my hard clit and rubbed me through my panties. "Fuck that cunt," Miss Vicky ordered. I wasn't to be allowed a cummie, but of course, Miss Vicky would make that as difficult as possible.

Candi was getting close to cumming, and judging by the pace of Stevi's humping, she was too. I tried to concentrate on the hard clit in mouth, on Candi's orgasm, to avoid spurting my own cream. But when Stevi dug her nails into my hips and forced her stiff clit as deep as it would go, I felt that I might spill. She started filling my ass with her warm juice and fortunately released her hand from my panties, giving me some relief. I pressed my ass back against her, as she shuddered, squirting her cream into my sissy cunt, and then I returned my attention to Candi.

"Oh Baby, oh Baby," Candi kept chanting as she pumped her stick down my throat. "You're going to make me cum," she cried. I looked up to see her turn to Carl and heard him say softly, "Yes you may." That was it, and Candi pulled my head toward her. With both hands holding my hair and her thumbs pinching me ears, with Stevi's clitty still inside my pussy, Candi forced her bulging clit head down my throat and started to erupt.

"You better swallow every drop," Mistress yelled out.

Candi screamed out in pleasure, still holding my head tightly, her 6 inches of masterpiece clit buried inside me. I squeezed her satin bottom and took in the perfumed scent of her pubic patch, holding her close to me. We were lost in time, suspended in ecstasy, as she shot load after load of steamy cream into my hungry mouth.

As her climax subsided, Candi gradually release her grip and allowed the head of her sweet sissy stick to find my warm mouth. I enjoyed every spurt, and with my lips wrapped around her hard shaft. I did swallow every drop, every creamy wonderful drop.

I slowly let Candi's clit withdraw, wiping it clean with my lips as she pulled out. I squeezed my lips behind her clit head, and pushed her clitty past them with my tongue. Looking up, I opened my mouth and showed Candi the last of her load sitting on my tongue. I looked into her eyes, deep soulful eyes, and I swallowed.

"Thank you Candi," I said without thinking.

"No, thank you, Crissi," she replied, and she bent over, lifted my chin and kissed me gently. She pulled back far enough to look into my eyes again and whispered, "That was absolutely wonderful . . . divine." And she held my face between her two hands, placed her lips against mine, and dropped to her knees as we kissed passionately.

Stevi then popped her little clitty from my freshly fucked ass, and I felt that familiar dripping begin. I smiled widely but was smiling even wider on the inside. It had been a long while since I was so completely turned on as I was sucking Candi's hard she-cock . . . and with Stevi fucking me at the same time -- this was supposed to be a sort of punishment, but it was far from that.

I held Candi between my hands, embracing her curves as she stood back up. I released her and sat back on my heels, looked up at the beautiful sissy standing above me and couldn't believe my good fortune. I looked down to her beautiful clit, and I knew I'd have it in my warm mouth many more times to come. I thought about her fucking my sissy cunt, and I pictured her pouty lips wrapped around my stiff clitty. Oh how I hoped this would be the beginning of a wonderful new relationship.

I turned and looked back at Stevi, "Thank you for fucking me, Honey," I purred. "It was perfect." She just reached out, pulled my skirt down, patted my thigh and smiled.

The night was young, and I knew that the three dominants weren't going let the sissies have all the fun. But for the moment, I was calm and satisfied. I had serviced both sissies. I had made them both cum, and I had not had an accident. I had sucked the cum from one clit and had another fill my now dripping sissy cunt, and I had not spurted. It may sound stupid, but for a pathetic sissy bitch like me, that was a big deal. As Mistress would say, "I'm just a stupid sissy cunt," but on this occasion, I was oddly proud of myself and that was satisfying all by itself.



  1. Yet another wonderful piece of writing from you....I just love every lasy bit of it. xxx sissy jayne

  2. Thank you so much, jayne. It's also so nice to get feedback. It's what keeps me cumming back.


  3. Wow! wish i could been there for that! So hot!

  4. Wow, so hot! Of the 3 sissies, you had the best deal, for sure!

  5. Sissy Slut NatalieFebruary 7, 2011 at 1:39 AM

    OOOOh Crissi , you have done it to me AGAIN !! ... And you call me a "nasty slut" ? .. You are just soooo adept at making me pant; and moan; and squirm on my butt plug until my little clitty squirts another load of wet and sticky sissy come into my pink lace panties ... I am just sooo wet right now ; my panties are SATURATED !!!
    And thank you so much for calling me "your little slut" ... That is just such an honour xox
    I would adore sharing hot hard cock and loads of hot, wet, come with you my dearest Crissi ..
    Lots of love and dirty nasty cummy kisses to you gorgeous xxxxxxxx


  6. Fantastic, it took me 3 different starts to get through it. my clitty was requiring attention. thank you so much

  7. Thanks Jess, I understand, but I'm really glad I didn't have to share. And Anony, you're absolutely right . . . except that my nutties were ready to burst.


  8. Natalie, my little slut, you know I'm always happy to fill your panties, Dear. And you also know that you are a "nasty little slut." Who else but a nasty little sissy slut would be wearing pink lace panties with her sissy cunt stuffed with a plug, while reading about another sissy bitch getting fucked and sucking hard sissy clit, and squirting her sissy cream so bad that it
    "SATURATED" her panties?

    So, my little bitch, you're welcome for the cummie, but you better have sucked all that sissy cream from your panties. It's absolutely of all sissy sluts.

    And I'd love to share hard cock and steamy loads of cum with you too, Honey -- so long as you could actually share.

    Cummy kisses

  9. Mmmm, regina, you're so welcome. I hope your clitty got all the attention it needed.

  10. sissycrissi,

    love the cream you bring on!


  11. yes babe just had to cum in my new pink sissy panties thinking of you with other two sissysluts!!!so very hot and sexy babe!!!!

    cummy kisses doll!!!

  12. mysster, I luv bringing the cream on.

    mandie gurl, you dirty slut -- enjoy sucking your sissy cream from those panties. And believe me, it was VERY HOT being with two other sissysluts. I get wet just thinking about the next time.

    Cummy kisses to you

  13. I always "clean up" any mess i make in my panties my dearest Crissi . Some sissies are turned on by that thought but cant do it when the time comes but this little sissy just adores cleaning her panties with her tounge .... And if i can step delicately out of my soppy panties and lick and suck them clean in front of an audience of other sissies and their men so much the better !!! Soooo shamefull and humiliating but sooooo erotically thrilling !! (blushes) .... And you know me so well Crissi .... I do find it just sooooo hard to share hot hard cock (other sissies dont like me being around their men)cos all i want is is to have my hot wet mouth and eager litlle sissy cunt stuffed full of rigid cock and both holes fucked until i am oozing spent come .... But i would share with you Crissi ; truly ....
    Your slutty little bitch always xoxoxo

  14. So let me get this straight, you like to dress up as a girl? On my

  15. Oh no, I've been found out! Yes, Teresa, I like to dress up as girl -- and act one too!

  16. Crissi - ohmymymy!
    i simply MUST add myself to the list of wet-pantied readers of your wonderful blog and this story!

  17. Oh, thank you, Tommi gurl, you're so kind.

  18. Crissi I too must add that my panties have become extremely moist while reading your exciting blog


  19. The Mistress who taught me to be a cocksucker said " you sissies are so funny . You are so nervous sucking your first one and after that its all you want to do .
    She is right

  20. I dont know about you other sissies but those photos sure got me in the mood

  21. reading your blog gets me so so wet, especially the pictures, i soooooooo want to be one of them

  22. Lindo, Linda, vc é muito linda.
    1 Tesão mesmo.

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